The Panther Dance – THePETEBOX vs. Free My Soul – Dub FX

The art of beatboxing is perhaps one of the most underrated and underrepresented musical genres in the world. However, taking a plunge into the YouTube rabbit hole will amaze you with endless street performers, buskers, Ted Talkers, living room legends, and mouth-percussion magicians. You will soon realize that this style is alive and well, hidden in plain view. I just went deep into that hole and I’m having a hard time deciding what to show you cats today, so I’ll just provide you with an onslaught of videos to tickle your fancy with! I have included two tracks from my two personal favourite beatboxers, and I absolutely encourage dipping your toes into others. Actually just skip the toes and go straight to full body submersion!

Peace & Love – Keto 🙂

Pete’s website :

Pete’s TedX :

Dub FX’s site:

Tom Thum’s TedX:

Sonny Boy Williamson’s Bye Bye Bird:

Human Beatbox :

Another semi-unrelated yet incredibly awesome youtube clip: