Strobe – Deadmau5 (Kayoh Remix)

I’m going to throw it back a little this fine Tuesday evening. Ya’ll remember ‘Strobe’ from the one and only Deadmau5? One of my absolute favourites dating back to 2009! The original song builds so slowly. It’s layers build atop one another creating this really encapsulating experience. I had just ventured into the electronic world and would think to myself, “how can a ten minute song with no lyrics have such a beautiful story to it?” I think it must have been the first time I really let my mind wander away with the music.

This remix is something completely different from that. Kayoh takes this old cherished song of mine and flips it into something fresh. He takes that classic soothing melody Deadmau5 created and spices it up with some massive flavour. Finely balancing that calming original sound with some heavy bass, Kayoh really knocks this remix out of the park for me.

You’re going to want to crank this one way up.