Watch (Xie Remix) – Billie Eilish


What an absolutely beautiful remix of Billie Eilish‘s song Watch. I personally am a bit of a tough crowd when it comes to remixes of songs that I’ve already fallen head over heals in love with… BUT Xie delivers a rework of synths and future bass – groove, while holding on to the essence of Billie’s vibe. Something super rad about this babe Xie: she is a trained producer, she sings, and she is a multimedia artist. What a full meal deal! With that set of skills don’t be surprised if you see her release an album to which she designed the cover art, and created every sound contained within.

I suggest looking out for this beautiful human in the near future to blast through into the spotlight’s of festivals such as EDC and Coachella. Follow Xia to stay connected:


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