Hang Glide – Anomalie & Rob Araujo

This tune will charm your hear with classy piano layers. Elevating your spirits into a heartfelt state. Hang Glide makes you want to vibe slowly with someone that rubs you in all the right ways. From the pulsating city of Montreal, Anomalie shows the soul of Canadian music producers. Collaboration with pianist producer Rob Araujo from L.A., who I’m going to keep an eye on because the sounds of piano are always a mental reset for inspiration. Their tune is the jazzy creation of 2 indisputably talented pianists. Both classically trained, could you expect the keys in Hang Glide to be anything but mesmerizing? At Highkicks we have massive love for instrumentals looped into our tunes. We’ll place this one in the vault for a classy dinner party. Thank you Anomalie and Rob Arajuo for your brilliant collab.