Stronger Than Me – Amy Winehouse (DJ Devastate)

To say that the passing of Miss Winehouse was a critical blow to the musical universe would be a massive understatement. Hate it or love it, you can’t deny her music as fundamentally raw, her voice unforgettable and her catalogue diverse and impassioned. I only started listening to Amy in recent years and I find myself coming back to her more and more often. Yet another musician that makes you wonder … what if she didn’t die,  where would she be today, how many more albums would she have put out, who would she have collaborated with, and how would her sound have evolved?? DJ Devastate takes on the first track off her debut album (Frank) and spins it into a sexy, silky, smooth rendition. Close your eyes, turn this one up, and please for your own sake have a listen to some of her original tunes.

• Keto 🙂