Frenzy – Jamie Berry

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Jamie Berry‘s newest album Frenzy has been released for your listening pleasure. My oh my what a pleasure it is. One of the most notable features of these 9 songs (& an outro) is the sheer diversity between songs. From reggae vibes, to moombahton there is something for every taste palate. True to his original vibes, there is no shortage of vintage samples, and that definitive bassline which easily distinguishes Jamie from others.  Many epic collaborations tie in the female new age spice, all the while still making you want to paint your lips red and lace up your swinging shoes. The wait for this delectable album is over, and it is with so much love that I post it for your listening pleasure today. Buy these tracks on Beatport here: Frenzy

As always, follow Jamie on Soundcloud to ensure your friends until the end. ❤

xx- Whit                                         PS. JAMIE BERRY PLEASE COME TO CANADA!!!!