Monty – Grinny Grandad

Oooo this song has me grinnin’ from ear to ear with it’s clever overlaying of samples and super groovy psychadelic rollwithitness. That opening lyric and the guitar solo later in the song is from none other than Fleetwood Mac’s 1969 release titled “Oh Well.” You might be thinking, “Wait, that sounds nothing like Fleetwood Mac?!” Precisely correct, my fellow audiophiles; before Stevie Nicks , Lindsey Buckingham, and the McVie’s were ever part of the band this young Londoner named Peter Green formed the group and it was the blues to the core. Ever heard that little jingle from Santana called Black Magic Woman? Green wrote and recorded that first! (listen here) We’re talkin’ late 60’s my dudes, when some of your parents were still running around in diapers! Fast forward to 4 years ago when Chris Morton AKA Grinny Grandad utilized that hook in a super stylish and funkafied fashion. Chris is also an English chap and he is/was involved with Freshly Squeezed UK and Finger Lickin’ Management for some time but hasn’t put out anything new in recent months. Either way, get lost in this track but be warned that one listen will not suffice.

PS – I have yet to figure out who the female vocal is immediately following “Oh Well” but she reminds me of a young Dolly Parton without that characteristic twang. Her lyrics are cool to boot.

Peace & Love  – Keto