Stop it – FISHER

Well Melomaniacs another year and sailing of HOLY SHIP! has come and gone and now Shipfam are left decompressing and reminiscing on how incredible their experience was. I was on 10.0 and that was hands down the best Holy Ship I have sailed on. Sure we didnt get our island parties…..again, but Shipfam does not let that get us down. Not one bit. The overall vibe on that boat was so happy. Everyone I met was so incredible. That Lane 8 sunrise set was one of the happiest times I have ever been at a festival. Shipfam you are all truly something special. It was also my graduation year so you will be seeing me rockin my OG robe at future shows and festivals!

If you’re needing something to take you back to the ship look no further here. This was one of the songs of the ship (there will be another one coming soon!). Paul Fisher aka FISHER, producer/dj part of the DIRTYBIRD crew brings this tech house jam that can get any floor shall I say, movin up and down side to side like a rollercoaster!

Every time someone dropped this song on the ship the crowd went bananas! Smiles ear to ear, every time! The steady bassline keeps your body movin and that line is the one that you lock eyes with someone, say it together and then proceed to but some serious moves on the floor. Enjoy this track team!

The Great White Caron