A little bit about each of our Badass music contributors:

Whitney Watson

First thingsIMG_3871 first, it’s Whit. If you are reading my bio, we are now on short name basis. Music has had a massive role in shaping my life, connecting me with the most beautiful people, influencing my creative flow, my style, my vibes and the pace with which I head bang whilst driving. With roots in the timeless drum & bass genre, I started kicking up dust nearly 10 years ago around the Canadian Westcoast electronic scene. Dubstep was a huge catalyst in my descent into festival culture, inspiring badass raging outfits and many late nights. Along with my love for dance music, I also craft anything and everything, design festival outfits, paint, play piano/sing and create festival inspired jewelry. This music culture has shaped who I am; through the friends that feel like home when I am with them, to the glitter that litters the corners of my life. My hope for you is that you connect with our music, and build a possy that becomes your unconditional life long family, as mine has. For the posts you see written by me, my main-bitch genres include: electro-swing, jackin’ house, future bass, and of course dirty dirty drum’n’bass. Also, I have a guilty pleasure for the softer-flowy-heart-touching electronic; some call it chillstep, some call it indie electronic, I call it Lovesauce — as an omage to pumpkin.

The Great White Caron

Yo! The Great White Caron here. In 2008, one fateful night involvingFullSizeRender Daft Punk’s Alive 2007 made me cannon ball into the electronic world. After my first rave later that year I knew this was the scene for me. My best friends have all come from the festival scene, which has taken me from the Kootenays to the middle of the ocean! I’ve dipped my toes into most genres, but bass always has a special spot for me. From dubstep to drum n bass to funk, if the bass is heavy you better believe you’ll see me going all out! My posts have songs from all genres, but majority consist of funk, dubstep, drum’n’bass, house (future, deep, tropical), electro.

“Just get on the floor if you got that booty!”

Keto Beers

Aaaaall-rHighKicksFaceLicksighty then! The name’s Keto and if you’ve landed on this gold mine of a site I am not only proud of you but also second hand stoked for you. My true escapades into electronic music started with Datsik in 2009 and came to fruition at Astral Harvest 2012, prompting the snowball of ensuing events in which I would dance my pants off and meet some of the most beautiful and amazing humans that I am so lucky to have in my life right now. I’ve always loved live music and have realized that dancing is the most raw and authentic way to express oneself. Aside from dancing I love to paint, draw, teach, toss the frisbee, and cut grass! You’ll see a wide array of tunes in my posts, but if I had to choose my top 3 genres they’d most def be Ghetto Funk, Electro Swing, and Fidget House…if it’s funky, if it’s wobbly, if it’s groovy – I’m there. That being said, don’t be surprised when you see a track from the early 20th century lingering around and getting you on your feet. Bust a move people!

Jams Renko

ShanJams, a self styled pseudonym for the sake of music. My musical palette is varietal, folk and psytrance can be found residing on the same street in my library. But you will almost always find beautiful female vocals and deep layers within the music I listen too. Jumping into EDM at a questionable age I almost entirely abandoned every other genre, my love was instantaneous. It lead me to my first dance party, dressed in white, from there I found myself very low to the floor at dubstep shows, and naturally I stepped into the world of music festivals. Through music I’ve been lucky to make friendships with some of the most wikid humans. The festival dance floor bonded us and lead us to our own distinct niches. In my corner you’ll find deep house, bass house, world infusion, glitch, and the odd psytrance track plus whatever else lights up my auditory receptors. Spread the music you find here to your friends. Best enjoyed together. For the curious: my first “electronic” track was Hella Nervous by Gravy Train!!! And it is hella weird.

Mathew Steven

Mat here, pluggingIMG_7110 in! I fell into the electronic world in 2012 in a time when Korn, Slipknot, Tool, and Disturbed ranked most played in my library. My music taste was heavy and dark – fitting for the melodic wave Bassnectar, Caspa, Zeds Dead and Flux Pavilion enveloped me in. Fast forward to now – my main dish is funk, with glitch-hop on the side, paired with a nice bottle of those dubstep throwbacks and deep layered m(h)ouse for dessert. Sprinkle that with some instrumental soul beats and voila! Welcome to HighKicksFaceLicks, where we’ve gathered the freshest ingredients from a multitude of genres. I hope you’re hungry.

Christie Dominiuk

IMG_4200Hello all you beautiful souls! It’s CDOG hittin up the blog! Music and dance have always been a huge part of who I am and have helped create the most magical and memorable moments in my life. My first true love in the electronic scene was Ghetto Funk due to the fact that the first mixtape I knew every lyric, drop, and MC line to was Funk Hunters’ Open Season. From there I jumped head first into every high energy and non judgemental dance floor I could find from Wednesday nights at Twist, to weekends at Edmonton Event Center, to festivals all across the west coast of Canada and beyond. Most often I can be found at any dirty, dusty dance floor gettin grimy and groovy in the most minimal of clothing and the most worn in stomping boots. Although my library is a very large buffet I tend to serve more Ghetto Funk, Electro-swing, Drum n Bass, Jackin House, Old School Hip Hop, and any live instruments that can get my body movin and my soul sailin. So sit down, grab a plate, and get ready for the most tasty of beats.

“Peace, love, music and boobies = a happy world.”