Pirates, Punks & Politicians -The Bloody Beetroots (feat. Perry Farrell)

I have mentioned it before but I’ll repeat it again I am SO STOKED for The Great Electronic Swindle, the new album from Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo aka The Bloody Beetroots! From the few songs released so far you better believe we are in for some heavy electro/punk sound ready to smash dance floors!

Pirates, Punks & Politicians is one of the songs released out so far and well I think it more or less speaks for itself. It’s hard hitting, heavy and awesome. So turn it up loud and enjoy!



On The Run – NGHTMRE (feat. PASSEPORT)

NGHTMRE has been one of my favorite producers the last few years. He brings a fresh sound into the bass scene and keeps proving time and time again his skills as a producer are only getting better with each release. If you have the chance to see him get your butt on the dance floor and get ready to bust loose!

On The Run throws a lot at you and it all fits so well together. Starts with some amazing vocals from PASSEPORT. A heavy guitar riff slams into a big drop that only escalates into an eruption of bass! Bass face fully engaged here! Enjoy this one bass heads.

The Great White Caron

Don’t care! – Wokezan

Wokezan, consisting of Dirk Phelps and Connor Wilson share some very similar interests in music taste as me. One thing I love about this blog is the artists that we are stumbling upon! These gents from Michigan create some sick guitar riffs and blend them with some heavy, yet groovy bass to please all of the cochlea in your ear.

Don’t care! beings with a hell of a riff which sets the tone on how in your face this track will be. It’s glitchy, heavy all this to make a bass head like myself happy.  They don’t let down for too long and really keep rhythm high. Give these guys a listen and you’ll be hooked just like I did!

The Great White Caron


Jaws – AC Slater feat. Acid Mouth

Calling all Night Bass fanatics!!! The captain has some new music to tear up dance floors across the globe! If you have never seen AC Slater I highly suggest you do so. Don’t wear anything heavy because it is guaranteed to get sweaty. One of my all time favorite sets I have seen was AC leading the Night Bass night in the Black and White lounge on Holy Ship! That was a An incredible night of house music with AC really stepping it up!

“Jaws” is featured on his new release Outsiders which has many collabs with some pretty great names. If you had to guess the album is fantastic. Jaws is one of the songs that really caught my attention. It opens with a lot of different sounds moulded so well together none clash. The drop is grimy. Lip curling, booty shaking grimy. Get up for this one you melomaniac! Ya I’m talking to you!

The Great White Caron



See you again – Tyler, The Creator (Louis Futon & GRiZ flip)

Well I have always thought that creating music with GRiZ would be an incredible experience. Griz shared this experience while himself and Louis Futon creating this amazing flip to Tyler, The Creator’s track “See you again”. It looked like they were having such a fun time making this and it shows with what they did to this already great song.

It starts off with a nice funky beat and slowly builds as more instruments get layered in like a delicious cake. Then GRiZ hits us with that sexy sax and it’s all good from there! Enjoy this chilly yet groovy and funky track!

The Great White Caron