Boom F**cking Boom – Fatboy Slim

Oh Fatboy Slim. A legend who has stood the test of time and still knows how to create an amazing party! I will never forget the first time I saw him on Holy Ship Feb 2015. That sail away set made the ship go bonkers. When you hear “I’m on a cruise ship bitch!” the boat went insane! My phone did not stand a chance and was gone right after that! Set the tone for the whole festival! Plus his surprise lobby set will always hands down be the most fun I’ve ever had at a festival. That was some special magic.

One thing Fatboy loves to play is something with a dirty bassline that forces you to move. You can’t help but dance with a massive smile on your face. Boom fucking boom is exactly what you’d be expecting and it’s amazing. Enjoy this booty shaker!

The Great White Caron

Heres that epic Sailaway set from Holy Ship!

Innocence – Nero

Its throwback time! Everyone can remember that one song that brought them into a new scene or genre of music. It’s a big moment as it really has the power to change you completely. Before 2010 bass and I didn’t get along too much. I was more into trance and hardstyle early in my rave days.

Then I was told by someone with great wisdom (thanks Watson) to come and see Nero. I trusted her and this was the song that made me think this whole dubstep thing is something I can get behind. Needless to say after that show a bass head was born! Now sporting the village stage on my arm it’s safe to say bass will always be a part of my life from here on in.

This song never gets old. It can still make a dance floor lose their mind. Enjoy this amazing tune!

The Great White Caron


A Future in Blue – Zoogma

I always enjoy being surprised by an artists or group. I had never heard of Zoogma before and decided to give this album a listen. And then the funk hit!!! And if you know me you know I love me some funk!

Zoogma is a 4 piece band from Nashville/Atlanta and they know how to bring the funk in an amazing fashion. They fuse a lot blues, rock, groovy bass lines and synths and it sounds fantastic!

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do! Till next time keep fit and have fun!

The Great White Caron


Saint Bass City Rockers – The Bloody Beetroots

BOOM!! It’s the second single from The Bloody Beetroots new album which is still unnamed.

This song is HEAVY. In true Beetroots fashion this is an intense electro song. The elements of hard rock help amp it up to an eleven!

Play this in a crowd and it is going to go insane. This is also amazing for working out. I cannot wait to hear this entire album!

The Great White Caron

Sunrise Sermon – Destructo

Shipfam was sadly delivered some devastating news. Our Hardfather Gary Richards aka Destructo has been forced out of Hard and all of their events, including his crown jewel Holy Ship. For those that do not know what Holy Ship is it is one of the best and crazy experiences you will ever have. It’s so amazing that Shipfam do not stop talking about it. The Ship will not be the same without Gary but we will still make 2018s sailing one for the books! It is why Shipfam is the best!!

One thing that made the ship so special was the sunrise Sermon Destructo played. Always starting late in the evening (or early in the morning) he takes you on a 3 hour journey through house music. As the sun rises it is the closest thing to a religious experience you can get while partying in the middle of the ocean. Sadly this is the last Sunrise Sermon that will be held on Holy Ship so I thought it was needed to share. Shipfam or not enjoy this amazing Sermon!

In Gary We Trust