Holy Ship! 2018 Official Mixtape – Subset

With 40 days to go until Holy Ship! 10.0 it is only fitting to be sharing this amazing mix by none other than Subset aka Mark Martinez. If you have never heard of him before that is ok you are now! This man is a legend to us Shipfam! He is best known for making renegade sets happen all over the place when he is at a festival. My first time experiencing this was on my first sailing of Holy Ship! February 2015. It was the first night and my friend and I were roaming the boat in the wee hours of the early morning. The sun was beginning to rise and we could hear some beats on one end of the ship. We found a small group of partiers dancing around while Subset was doing his magic, making his own sunrise set happen. It is still not only one of my favorite moments on Holy Ship! but just one of my favorite festival moments of all time. It really set the tone for my first Holy Ship. A year later Subset was rewarded with his own set time in the Theatre. If you were there you know how much fun that one was! If you ever see him at a show, festival, or just walking down the street dont be afraid to give him a hug. Subset is one of the most positive people in this industry. He has a saying that Subset gets it. He really does.

This mix is in a series to get us Shipfam all ready to once again create an amazing experience in the middle of the ocean. The sound clips he throws in periodically are so well timed and make so much sense for Holy Ship it gave me happy chills down my spine. Subset is amazing at being able to play many genres, usually in one mix. This one will have you bouncing and moving with a huge smile on your face. Shipfam or not enjoy this amazing collection of house tunes. Be sure to check him out on soundcloud (click that link above!).

The Great White Caron

Say Something – The Funk Hunters feat. LINKS

Melos! The Funk Hunters have a fresh tune out of the oven and oh my is this one good! If you are not aware of The Funk Hunters they are from the West Coast with Westwood Recordings. As their name states they are bringers of the funk. Playing stages and festivals from all over the world, they are some of the best DJ’s at mixing different styles together in a way that creates an amazing fun vibe. If they are in your town be sure to see them!

With the help of LINKS on the vocals this jam hits you more in the feels than the funk. This is one of my favorite tracks from the duo. Keep it up Funk Hunters!!

The Great White Caron

FTS (Hard mix) – Showtek

Its throwback time! This time were going back to the first rave I attended. Green Energy at Edmonton Events Centre in 2008. This exposed me to the rave culture and I fell in love wth the scene. That night was incredible. Swedish House Mafia were the headliners which is a good way to set the bar for your first rave. I recall being wayyy over dressed but danced my ASS off! If you went to these raves you’ll remember the Sky Lounge was always set for music of harder styles. I did not know this and when I stumbled in I was blown away. The music was hard, fast, intense and everyone was raging with huge smiles on their faces. I dont remember which Dj played this track but when it came on everyone went nuts, so I knew it was going to be a good one.

This is one of those hardstyle songs you show your friends if they ask about this genre. Showtek were masters at making some fast, hard music. They also were great with the messages they put in, and this is probably the best. The rant is epic, speaks to the scene, and if you played this at a hardstyle show you bet your ass people would go nuts! This may not be for everyone but this song helped me dive into the electronic scene. Enjoy!


Shambhala Fractal Forest 2017 – Fort Knox Five and QDUP Four Deck DJ Set

Hey you wonderful people! It is time for another amazing Shambhala set from the Fractal Forest, the craziest and most happy stage in music! Sadly I was not back on the Ranch this year, and after hearing this mix it makes me wish I was there even more. Ladies and Gentlemen, Fort Knox Five and QDUP serve up an amazing mix here. These guys are legends in our community. Some of the best on the wheels of steel you will ever come across. But more on that in a second.

I first saw Fort Knox Five at Shambhala. Most of my favorite artists have come from seeing them at Shambhala. There is a reason why Shambhala sets are so frequent and some of the best mixes you will hear all year. Everyone brings their A Game to Shambhala. It would be hard not to get up and play your very best at this festival. It is one of the most beautiful and positive places you will ever go.  Most of my best friends and I met there. It really brings everyone from all walks of life together to do one thing. DANCE! Although the Village is my go to there is ABSOLUTELY nothing like the Fractal Forest. The stimulation in that stage puts the Vegas strip to shame. Its the one stag where you enter with your squad and 2 mins later you have lost everyone. But dont worry, you will make plenty of new friends as you are shakin your booty to the funkiest beats around!

Que Fort Knox Five and QDUP. Hot damn this is a funky mix! Rockin 4 decks, something not many can rock but QDUP and Fort Knox certainly are in that select few. This is an hour and thirteen minutes of funk bliss. Would you expect anything less? The energy in this mix is cranked at an 11 and doesnt budge once at all. Fort Knox Five and QDUP will have you movin up/down, side to side and bouncing off the floor! Id recommend stretching those glutes before playing this mix. This will bring enough heat to warm us up from this early slamming of winter. Enjoy Melomaniacs!

The Great White Caron

Thriller – Scandroid

Happy Halloween Melomaniacs! Fitting for the day upon us I am sharing not only an awesome take on a classic, but also the need to share this amazing new project from Detroit producer/artist Klayton called Scandroid! If you have been following my posts you will see a commoin theme of retro synth sounds. Well as his bio says on his soundcloud Scandroid is Klaytons “love letter to the 80’s”. He has done an incredible job infusing a new sound using the classic 80’s synth. His album Monochrome takes you on a journey fusing the 80’s with the present. If you dig the sound will you for sure love the album.

Thriller is a classic. Normally classics are almost untouchables since people hold them on a higher level. Well dont worry about this one because Scandroid did an UNREAL job remixing this. He really makes this his own, not an easy thing to do. If you are throwing a Halloween party tonight, or wanna dance while waiting for the trick or treaters put this one on!

And seriously check out the album. Click on that link up there. Dont be afraid 🙂

The Great White Caron