No Escape – Ganja White Night X Dirt Monkey

Happy Monday music lovers! If you are feelin the Monday blues and need something to kick up the notch a bit look no further! Ganja White Night dropped his new album The origins and bass heads you will not be disappointed. I had a feeling this track would be a banger with the help of Dirt Monkey. Heavy filthy wub wub for your tummy! These two have some of the best sounds of dubstep lately.

I could go on and on and ramble all day about this. But who wants to hear that? So instead, enjoy this filthy track, and primal stomp in your apartment so loud you get a noise complaint!

The Great White Caron


Atlas – Lane 8

Lane 8.jpgWarning: It is about to get really happy in here. If you’re not wanting to smile and dance around with your friends laughing and hugging maybe skip this one. Lane 8 just dropped his new album Little by Little and it seriously takes you to such a happy place. Its the kind of album you want to listen to while laying in grass on a warm day, or dancing in the middle of the ocean. This track Atlas is a prime example of the escapism this album offers.

This song builds slow leading to a climax that leaves you with a big goofy smile on your face. I could keep talking about it but I can only say happy so many times. You have to experience it for yourself and then you will understand, So close your eyes, let go and enjoy this beautiful song.

The Great White Caron


Stop it – FISHER

Well Melomaniacs another year and sailing of HOLY SHIP! has come and gone and now Shipfam are left decompressing and reminiscing on how incredible their experience was. I was on 10.0 and that was hands down the best Holy Ship I have sailed on. Sure we didnt get our island parties…..again, but Shipfam does not let that get us down. Not one bit. The overall vibe on that boat was so happy. Everyone I met was so incredible. That Lane 8 sunrise set was one of the happiest times I have ever been at a festival. Shipfam you are all truly something special. It was also my graduation year so you will be seeing me rockin my OG robe at future shows and festivals!

If you’re needing something to take you back to the ship look no further here. This was one of the songs of the ship (there will be another one coming soon!). Paul Fisher aka FISHER, producer/dj part of the DIRTYBIRD crew brings this tech house jam that can get any floor shall I say, movin up and down side to side like a rollercoaster!

Every time someone dropped this song on the ship the crowd went bananas! Smiles ear to ear, every time! The steady bassline keeps your body movin and that line is the one that you lock eyes with someone, say it together and then proceed to but some serious moves on the floor. Enjoy this track team!

The Great White Caron


Swing it – DEFUNK

Alright yea its cold outside. Ya were colder than the north pole right now. But DEFUNK is bringing enough heat with this to warm us up! Im going to keep thid write up short because this track speaks for itself. Put it on and go nuts friends!

The Great White Caron


Who is Malaa? #19 – Malaa

Alright Melomaniacs get your ski mask on it’s time for another edition of Malaas mix series Who is Malaa #19! With less than two weeks until Holy Ship! This will get you stoked to sail away and dance dance dance! Whoever he is he always puts out solid house music and his mixes are top notch. If he is in your city do not miss him!

The Great White Caron