The Ride EP – Megan Hamilton

Voice of an angel coming at’cha! Megan Hamilton dropped her new EP off Westwood Recoordings earlier this morning, and let me tell you – it’s unreal. Her SoundCloud bio reads – “Causing funky riots and catchy bass tunes.” Bass most certainly fuels all six of these songs, along with Megans vocals, her own produced music, laced together with live instrumentation. The next 21 minutes and 84 seconds are just that – a ride. This beauty is out of Minneapolis, and now signed on with our Canadian dudes ‘Westwood Recordings.’ She’s made a name for herself bringing a European feel to her sound on our side of the world, releasing with Buygore, Mixmash, Ghetto Funk, and Audiophile, to name a few labels. On social media, she labels her identifying genre, “funk butter.” -LOL. Oh, and how ’bout that album artwork? It’s killer 😉

Megan, if you’re reading this, please come play in Edmonton, Alberta. We appreciate your music!

Have a great weekend melomaniacs


No More – Dirtwire (ft. Moontricks)

As a recap, Dirtwire consists of David Satori of Beats Antique, Evan Fraser of Bolo and Mark Reveley of Jed and Lucia. This song is so nice and relaxing on the eardrums. Our Kootenay boys Moontricks pepper this with their instrumental world feel.

Dirtwire just dropped their new album, ‘Blaze.’ I’ve got that posted for you down below as well. It’s chalked full of great vocals, and what these three consider their forte – traditional instrumentation, world percussion, soundscapes, and electronic beats, all nicely strung together to make a really amazing group of tracks.



Audible Edibles – Freddy Todd (GRiZ Remix)

Fresh out of the kitchen today with a healthy dose of dubstep on the menu this evening ladies and gents. This is much heavier than anything recent GRiZ has put out, and I’m loving it. Talk about that old-school dubstep grimy get low and grind it out type of vibe.

Turn it up and grind it out!


Strobe – Deadmau5 (Kayoh Remix)

I’m going to throw it back a little this fine Tuesday evening. Ya’ll remember ‘Strobe’ from the one and only Deadmau5? One of my absolute favourites dating back to 2009! The original song builds so slowly. It’s layers build atop one another creating this really encapsulating experience. I had just ventured into the electronic world and would think to myself, “how can a ten minute song with no lyrics have such a beautiful story to it?” I think it must have been the first time I really let my mind wander away with the music.

This remix is something completely different from that. Kayoh takes this old cherished song of mine and flips it into something fresh. He takes that classic soothing melody Deadmau5 created and spices it up with some massive flavour. Finely balancing that calming original sound with some heavy bass, Kayoh really knocks this remix out of the park for me.

You’re going to want to crank this one way up.



Hands Up (Raise Your Fist) – The Funk Hunters (ft. Leo Napier)

New big tune! Nick Middleton and Duncan Smith – aka The Funk Hunters dropped a single from the new upcoming album releasing soon. It features the amazing vocal artist Leo Napier and thumps with a strong baseline around the lyrics.  These guys make Canada proud in the electronic music scene taking their big bass, funky sound across the world from Burning Man to Envision and of course to our own Shambhala Music Festival. These guys rank among my favorite artists. Take a listen and you’ll find out why. 

This track is a party. This track is loud and groovy. This track is a bump n’ grind get low kind of sound to take your weekday stress away. 

Enjoy this one loud enough that the neighbors complain. 


**Fun fact – did you know Nick Middleton founded the record label Westwood Recordings back in 2013? This has now turned into the most thriving record label in the electronic scene on this side of the country. Stay tuned for the Funk Hunters new album release and more info on how Westwood started and what they’re all about.