Dirty Zones – Visage Music


I think most of you will recognize this vocal, it’s gained momentum as a classic. Most of us first heard it in Bassnectars Cozza Frenzy which is unarguably a dancefloor anthem. Here’s a deep house revamp for you to bang on 18’s. Visage Music storms from Brazil, his music is featured on Elevation Music Records (Brazillian record label). If you’re unacquainted with Brazillian Bass, acquaint (Alok, Illusionize, Vintage Culture, Religare, Bhaskar will get you started). The country has taken deep house, worked in psytrance tones and produced a style of house music that’s taken the adored 4 on the floor to a new level. A level with abysmal basslines, deep robotic vocals, and colossal open soundscapes. The production is sharp, unpolluted.


Homegrown Artists Edmonton Sessions: Vol. I Bass Tasty

HKFL skyline

Kicking off Volume I of HKFL’s Edmonton Sessions is our own homegrown, Bass Tasty. What can we say, we love Bass Tasty. Armed with an extensive music collection this guy has a true ear for the dopest tracks within about any genre (except top 40, that shit makes him queezy). From his early days of neon hair to his most recent flare, a purple afro, Bass Tasty has an explosive passion for the scene and adds groovy energy to any dance floor whether he’s on the decks or moving with the crowd. It started with vinyl in ’09, playing great parties for friends. Not surprisingly this purveyor of party music landed gigs like opening for Basement Freaks in 2011 and played Astral Harvest numerous times (of notable mention was his banger Wakah Chan set in 2013).  If party music of the house, breaks, and funk flavor is what you crave, Bass Tasty is your guy.  He’s a dynamic artist who can drive the party into the early hours then offer a sunrise set filled with psychedelic downtempo and liquid drum & bass to wind down with. Try and catch his sets as often as you can, his dancefloors are filled with smiling faces. Without further adieu we are pleased to present, for your listening euphoria, our first homegrown artist: Bass Tasty.

Want more? No problem. Check out Bass Tasty’s Soundcloud and tune into Ravers Delight, his 3 part album featuring house, drum ‘n’ bass, and psy-trance.


Don’t Stop – Kasey Riot


Kasey Riot: if house turns you on, give this woman’s music a head first jump into the audio rabbit hole. Her production is deep and crisp with vocals craftily folded into hard basslines and mesmerizing fade outs that pull you back in. Musically influenced by powerhouse women in EDM such as Maya Jane Coles, Hannah Wants, and Flava D. If you vibe to the music by any of those 3 Dj’s, check Kasey Riot out. Her music will fulfill all your house needs and who can resist a woman behind the decks.

Incredible music production aside, Riot cares about the EDM community. Dynamo’s like her on the scene help drive forward this wild community.  While being one of the most inclusive atmospheres it’s also undeniably male dominant. Hotline is Riots warehouse series aiming to connect female artists by providing opportunities for women to get behind the decks and slay a dance floor.

Riot is back in Canada after a career move to London where she rocked sets at Ministry of Sound and Ibiza. With loads of mixes on her Soundcloud I encourage you to pick one, I’ve done 3 and they’re excellent. You can catch her at Chvrch of John on January 12 for a Strictly Female Dj Night Series.



Dynamite – David Keno & Dalson


Really excited to share this tune. It’s good like the Friday night vibes of your favorite dance floor. Bouncy and sharp with funky ass synths this track keeps the dance alive. And that vocal sample? James Brown’s CNN  interview on Sonya Live! 1988 is the comedic gold of the 80’s. David Keno and Dalson chop it up craftily layering it into their beat. Keno is a German producer with his own label Keno Records.  His tunes are also on Relief, Toolroom, Simma Black, Mother Recordings, and Data Transmission. All powerhouse labels behind the House music movement. Dalson are a duo also hailing from the house and techno loving land of Germany. Their album Plastic Forest is an attention-grabbing listen. I’d actually love to hear Dalson at Basscoast Electronic Music and Art Festival, I think their tunes would blend in seamlessly with Basscoasts dance floor culture. Gipsydrop at Slay Bay? Yes please.

David Keno’s remix of Lars Mostons Good Times was posted on Highkicks earlier this year, a great deep house track with a gnarly beat and a sexy vocal. Keno is a music producer with something original to offer regularly and Dynamite proves he’s always a satisfying listen. If you know whats good for ya, press play on both tunes.


Hang Glide – Anomalie & Rob Araujo

This tune will charm your hear with classy piano layers. Elevating your spirits into a heartfelt state. Hang Glide makes you want to vibe slowly with someone that rubs you in all the right ways. From the pulsating city of Montreal, Anomalie shows the soul of Canadian music producers. Collaboration with pianist producer Rob Araujo from L.A., who I’m going to keep an eye on because the sounds of piano are always a mental reset for inspiration. Their tune is the jazzy creation of 2 indisputably talented pianists. Both classically trained, could you expect the keys in Hang Glide to be anything but mesmerizing? At Highkicks we have massive love for instrumentals looped into our tunes. We’ll place this one in the vault for a classy dinner party. Thank you Anomalie and Rob Arajuo for your brilliant collab.