Grouch In Dub – Grouch

Soon to be released on Shanti Planti, this album is beyond cool. It’s layers are complex and captivating, basically one doesn’t stumble upon music of this caliber often so please spread it far and wide. This will undoubtedly activate your goosebumps. Keep an eye out for when this drops and show Grouch some mad love in the meantime.


Creature From The Lost World – Freedom Fighters & Ivort (Mandragora Remix)

With Halloween approaching we begin to think of the creatures we’ll transform into for a night, the parties we’ll lurk around. With every experience we have music is at the forefront to set the tone. For Halloween naturally ones audio receptors become perceptive to creepier synths, heavier kicks, and darker basslines. Within the world of Psytrance these elements are found 365. Dig it or hate it, up to you of course. Psytrance isn’t easy listening but in the right context it will slay a dancefloor.

Freedom Fighters is Shahaf Efrat. His debut album ‘Rebel’ hit #1 on Beatport and rocked ‘Top selling albums’ for a notable period of time. He’s a heavy hitter in the Trance world.

Mandragora is a creative dude who as far as he’s concerned is “a time traveller from 1354, while I was looking for weeds in the forest I fell into a wormhole, I traveled through infinite alternate realities for like a year, after I got bored of all that cosmic crap I decided to camp on year 2012, then I found this weird music making box and I knew something big was coming.” Hahahaha I dig where his heads at.

Toss this remix on. With apocalyptic blasts, an erie radio static littered vocal, twisted synths, a robotic purr, echoed basslines, and progressions that sound like a walk through a haunted alternate reality you are sure to find Halloween spook here.

Be weird and dance on.



So Flute by St Germain (Mozambo Remix)

Happy music = happy people.

Ok maybe not that simple but not far off. This tune is happy, it’s soaked in sun and runs with a smile. To feel uplifted by a song is one of the most comfortable and enchanting states to be in. So enough chit chat, hit play, and feel good.

Music … will help dissolve your perplexities and purify your character and sensibilities, and in time of care and sorrow, will keep a fountain of joy alive in you.
-Dietrich Bonhoeffer


PS Free Download!


Recorded Live @ Fabric – Dj Marky

“SOMEBODY MAKE SOME NOI-SE!!” … Not a problem with Dj Marky 🙂

20 minutes of drum ‘n’ bass gold (a quick listen). This is a portion of a 3 hour session Marky did at Fabric. Ladies get your swagger on! Female vocals (an obvious hook) and an MC that drives the hype. This mini mix is outstanding, this DJ is a legend. During my romp around Outlook Music Festival I caught the tail end of his sundown set and it catapulted vibes to the next level. The set was Marky & Friends. Him and his MC’s brought such a kickass comradely vibe to the show. Flipping the deck upside down and scratching to singing along with the last track there wasn’t a single face that didn’t have a smile. Just look at the smile on his face in the photo. Cool dude. Catch Marky at The Needle Vinyl Tavern in Edmonton on October 8th.

Instant reload!


Sky Turns Black by Satl, Larch, and Anthony Kasper

I bet you’ll instantly fall inlove with this one. A beautiful melody with wavy background soundscapes, a dreamy vocal, and velvety instrumentals. Something about this tune sings along blissfully with this lovely fall day.

Almost a year later and this tune still sits in the top 5 on Fokuz Recordings Beatport page. Based in Amsterdam, this record label has been around since 1999 proving that drum ‘n’ bass truly is a timeless genre. You can’t go wrong with Fokuz releases and these artists come together to create a truly euphoric piece of music.


Ps Purchase this to hear it’s entirety but the Soundcloud release is still over the moon.