So Flute by St Germain (Mozambo Remix)

Happy music = happy people.

Ok maybe not that simple but not far off. This tune is happy, it’s soaked in sun and runs with a smile. To feel uplifted by a song is one of the most comfortable and enchanting states to be in. So enough chit chat, hit play, and feel good.

 will help dissolve your perplexities and purify your character and sensibilities, and in time of care and sorrow, will keep a fountain of joy alive in you.
-Dietrich Bonhoeffer


PS Free Download!


Recorded Live @ Fabric – Dj Marky

“SOMEBODY MAKE SOME NOI-SE!!” … Not a problem with Dj Marky 🙂

20 minutes of drum ‘n’ bass gold (a quick listen). This is a portion of a 3 hour session Marky did at Fabric. Ladies get your swagger on! Female vocals (an obvious hook) and an MC that drives the hype. This mini mix is outstanding, this DJ is a legend. During my romp around Outlook Music Festival I caught the tail end of his sundown set and it catapulted vibes to the next level. The set was Marky & Friends. Him and his MC’s brought such a kickass comradely vibe to the show. Flipping the deck upside down and scratching to singing along with the last track there wasn’t a single face that didn’t have a smile. Just look at the smile on his face in the photo. Cool dude. Catch Marky at The Needle Vinyl Tavern in Edmonton on October 8th.

Instant reload!


Sky Turns Black by Satl, Larch, and Anthony Kasper

I bet you’ll instantly fall inlove with this one. A beautiful melody with wavy background soundscapes, a dreamy vocal, and velvety instrumentals. Something about this tune sings along blissfully with this lovely fall day.

Almost a year later and this tune still sits in the top 5 on Fokuz Recordings Beatport page. Based in Amsterdam, this record label has been around since 1999 proving that drum ‘n’ bass truly is a timeless genre. You can’t go wrong with Fokuz releases and these artists come together to create a truly euphoric piece of music.


Ps Purchase this to hear it’s entirety but the Soundcloud release is still over the moon.


Live At Nocturnal Wonderland – This Ain’t Bristol Stage – Billy Kenny

Billy Kenny’s sound is heavy. If you’re looking to stomp this mix has some gnarly basslines. In the background the crowd goes nuts. We start off with some weirdo tech-house which brings out the quirky dance moves. 30 minutes in we find ourselves launched into none other than dirty bassy house.

My notable drops are 30.00, 34.00, the mix at 43.00 between “Don’t Go” by Dusky/Justin Martin and “Hit Me With Your Laser Beams” by Green Velvet/Harvard Bass is DOPE, and “Be Sincere” by MJ Cole which is fucking timeless.

Enjoy House Heads, I love this shit!



Mercy Falls – CharlestheFirst

CharlestheFirst (big fan of the name) resides just south of the border in Lake Tahoe, California. True to the West Coast sound he blends hip hop with psychedelic experimental melodies. His beats drop determinedly fused with mesmerizing layers from a dream state. He is a beautiful blend of bass face and the eyes closed sway.

Mercy Falls is off of a 6 track EP called The Reach released in August. I’ve been on repeat with Mercy Falls for a couple days but every track is phenomenal. In May he played alongside Tipper, July/August he collaborated on shows with Clozee (check out the track The Mist for something beautifully uplifting), he played The Grove at Shambhala this year, his summer was stacked with festivals (Lucidity, Enchanted Forest Gathering, Lighting in a Bottle, Sonic Bloom, Oregon Eclipse), and his fall schedule continues to be stacked with shows. A driven musician, which is subtly reflected in vocals he layers into his tracks (listen closely).

Well CharlestheFirst, its been a pleasure! Please keep Edmonton or Calgary on your radar for a show. We’d love you!!