Higher – Tash Sultana

THIS CHICK IS SERIOUSLY BADASS! Easily one of the most talented and unique music magicians I have come across this year, and also a turbo babe. Rooted in the busking lifestyle and hailing from Melbourne, I believe Tash gained mass popularity through live recordings done in her home and then put on YouTube for ze world to see. The songs “Jungle” and “Notion” were picked up by the Triple J radio station for good reason (GO LISTEN TO THEM RIGHT NOW PLEASE) and the rest is history. Her voice is almost haunting in the best kind of way and her creativity with looping and various effects pedals is unlike any other. This song in particular slapped me in the face. It’s raw. It’s real. It’s amazing. Happy listening you beautiful humans!

• Keto

John the Revelator (Son House) – Charlie Beale

Edward James House Jr. (AKA Son House) is a true legend of the delta blues. He started as a preacher and a pastor and transitioned smoothly into slide guitar playing and singing at the age of 25. Recording under the Paramount label during the Great Depression didn’t exactly boost album sales but nonetheless, Eddie became a massive influence for other musicians like Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Alan Wilson, and Jack White. Fun fact: Around 1927 or 1928, he had been playing in a juke joint when a man went on a shooting spree, hitting House in the leg, and he allegedly shot the man dead. House received a 15-year sentence at the Mississippi State Pen, of which he served two years.

Ok, history lesson aside, Son House was and still is an epic and bad ass musician of the last century. Charlie Beale, on the other hand, is a bold mother- for remixing this tune. With a string of releases on the Freshly Squeezed label, Beale’s fiery blend of funk, swing jazz and delta blues jumped up with 21st Century production is gaining him a worthy reputation.While this song clearly has biblical references which aren’t my regular cup of tea, I love the raw emotion that House sang with and the groovy guitar plucks. The change in tempo at 2:30 is also an interesting twist. Be sure to check out Beale’s other tracks as it took me 2 days to decide on which one to post!

• Keto

Hey Old Friend – The Beatknitter

Ok so first off, the guy’s name is “The Beatknitter.” With a claim like that he must be quilting beats in his basement without even using a thimble! I particularly appreciate wordplay and in another life I became a strictly vinyl DJ with the alias “Tyannosaurus Decks.” I can’t find any info on this guy but I do know this – the bassline is supah funky, the kick is crisp, and the display pic is amazing. Feel good tune fer’ sheeeerrrrr!

PS – Sarry for not posting in so long, summer time is BUSY!!

• Keto 🙂

Brewski – Bonus Points

This guy’s name is Chris. He’s from St. Louis. He makes super chillin beats, and he’s awesome! Chillhop Music from Netherlands who are also super dope (I think they’re a label? … https://soundcloud.com/chillhopdotcom) turned me on to this guy. Sit back with a cold one and max out to some super stylish and groovy beats. Happy Tuesday! (said no-one ever :))

• Keto

One & Two – Mounika

Sometimes YouTube is my best friend. I discovered this song in a mix called “Best of Trip-Hop & Downtempo & Lofi & Hip-Hop Instrumental Vol. 3” and the track selection in the mix is ON POINT, including artists such as Poldoore, RJD2, L’Orange, and Aroto (there’s also an Alan Watt quote mixed in as well – always a bonus). This track really stuck out to me in its beautiful simplicity and I checked out Mounika on the cloud immediately. I had heard her featured in a song with Mr. Woox called “My Love is Strong” and totally forgot about her until now. Needless to say I am stoked to have discovered her page, as her catalogue of tunes is amazing and her style is just straight up interesting. This song comes off her September 2015 album called Basket Sounds Part. 3 and I can not find any other information on her anywhere! Either way, check this track out as well as Mr. Woox and L’Orange, especially if you dig Trip-Hop.

Peace & Love • Keto