Kicky – Chet Atkins (Senor Griff Remix)

There’s something beautiful about simplicity, and in the context of this song I mean the kick, snare, and hi-hat. Now I am kinda biased because I do play drums and I’m a sucker for groovy beats such as this, but you gotta admit that the breakbeat, stop-and-start playfulness of the track gets your foot stomping immediately. Aaaand if it doesn’t, please check your pulse 😉

This remix is a very small departure from the original song, with a slightly faster tempo and a crunchy snap from the drums. Atkins is something of a guilty pleasure in my record collection, alongside other country/folk/bluegrass legends such as Les Paul, Jerry Reed, Hank Williams, and Django Reinhardt. Chet really was a legend – the guy’s nickname was literally Mr. Guitar and he ended up getting inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Country Music Hall of Fame, and the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum. My favourite fun fact about the man: as a child Chet suffered from severe asthma and thus slept in a chair to breath properly…he would play his guitar until he fell asleep each night, still grasping the instrument in his hands. No wonder he could play so flawlessly.

Lest we forget the genius behind this track – Señor Griff. From his soundcloud BIO: “Long time collaborator and resident DJ of the UKs longest running club funk and soul promoters, Jelly Jazz. Also exploring new style of clubbing with Rambunctious Social Club project in the southwest of Britain. Recently returned from 16 months in latin America traveling with my wife and collecting sounds as I go with a Sony PCM D50 handheld field recorder. We made a baby in Peru who was born back in England last June…a daughter! So time is short now…I’ll be fitting music whenever I can.”

Awesome human, wicked musical taste, check him out!

• Keto 🙂

I Will Wait – DJ Quads

DJ Quads is Johan Lilja and he’s from Sweden. I can’t really tell you much else about the guy other than the fact that he makes wicked beats – lots and lots of wicked beats! You can scroll his Soundcloud page for ages and not find the end. Lots of hip hop, jazz, old soul, swing and such to keep your malleus, incus and stapes vibrating. Get it in ya!

• Keto

Trutothegame – BRYX

BRYX is a boss. The guy’s from Nelson but now resides in Victoria, and if you’ve been lucky enough to see him spin you know it really is something special. In the world of electronic music it is rare to see a DJ spinning as flawlessly and raunchily as this guy. He scratches every itch on the wheels of steel and his snippets, samples and overall style are deep rooted in the classic hip hop and instrumental scene. Listening to a BRYX mix whilst working out might just make you pull a muscle, so do yo’ dam stretches folks! Get this guru all up in your ears.

* Keto

All My – Humans (Smalltown DJs Remix)

Two rad dudes from Calgary who whip up seriously great music and know how to rock a crowd. Straight from the BIO off their website: “The Smalltown sound is fun bass-heavy house music, combining the spirit of Canada’s outdoor electronic music festivals such as Shambhala & Bass Coast, with the sound they cultivated at the legendary Hifi Club in Calgary (which they own and operate). The boys have released music most recently on various labels including Fool’s Gold, Sweat It Out!, Mad Decent, Main Course, and more. They have played shows across the globe from the Mad Decent Block and Boat Parties, to Fabric in London & U-Hall in DC, and Bestival in Toronto.”

I vividly remember their set at Motion Notion 2013, especially when they blasted Whole Lotta Drop by The Funk Hunters and Skiitour. I was in a wheel chair that year with a broken foot and bruised tailbone but this was one set where I could not stay seated. In fact, this post now MUST include that song, because it is easily one of the best songs of the last 5 years of electronic myoozik … and it successfully remixes Led Zeppelin – mad respect. I originally planned to post Smalltown’s Hooke Camping Mix, because it’s most def the best compilation of classic rock that I know of, but that mix is no longer available on Soundcloud soooooo I posted the tracklist for all y’all to sink your teeth into instead. That being said, I was torn between 3 different songs by these guys (Good People, Blow, and WIN WIN), so I decided to scope their page and discovered this tune for the very first time! It’s got that classic wobble and proper BPM to get your knees shaking and your head bouncing, along with some wicked vocals from Humans, two more classy fellas from Vancouver . Please do yo’ dam self a favour and listen to at least 2 tracks from this little excerpt. Stop reading, START LISTENING!

PIECE & LUHV • Key-Toe

Track List up in hurr:

Shakey Jake – Humble Pie
Everybody Knows this is Nowhere – Neil Young
A Million Years – Alexander
Furr – Blitzen Trapper
Midnight Rider – The Allman Brothers
Forever Young – Bob Dylan
Jackass – Beck
It’s All Over Now Baby Blue – Them
Let it Bleed – Rolling Stones
No Destruction – Foxygen
Rambling Man – Waylon Jennings
California Stars – Wilco & Billy Bragg
Box Of Rain – Grateful Dead
Keep in the Dark – Temples
I Ain’t Never – Blue Mountain Rangers
Spirit in the Sky – Norman Greenbaum
Hate Street Dialogue – Sixto Rodriguez
Suite Judy Blue Eyes – Crosby Stills Nash & Young
Ooh La La – The Faces
Moving to the Left – Woods
Shotgun Willie – Willie Nelson
Tonight I’m Staying Here With You – Bob Dylan
Passing Out Pieces – Mac Demarco
Amie – Pure Prairie League
That’s the Way – Led Zeppelin
Wigwam – Bob Dylan