LoveSauce – Winter ’17


This is the first chapter of a seasonally compiled playlist designed by HKFL own author Whit to flood your ears with LoveSauce tunes from beginning to end. The LoveSauce genre was initially coined by Pumpkin:

“Simply put, this is music to fall in love to.”

There is no shortage of music with this particular vibe, and I find the feel of this playlist will give you a sense of what I mean by my take on the LoveSauce genre. These playlists are designed to be shared, enjoyed, and inspire deeper connection. Whether that connection is deepened between you & your soulmate, your best friend, or even your own inner voice. Love is the answer to most of the questions asked in this world; Love is the master key which opens the gates of happiness. Let my playlist fuel you to feel alive.

Artwork drawn and edited by Me! Shoutout to all the epic artists featured!!

Spread Love – Whit



History – Let’s Mars


History – is the first track ever released by Let’s Mars, and is just a taste test for their upcoming album – Always 15 Minutes Late . Let’s Mars is a musical duo comprised of Talia Londoner (vocals) and Oren Emanuel (electronic and instrumental mastermind). Together they have created this beautifully dark and complex future bass track with rich lyrics and a tasty bassline. “Suddenly I want to touch you when I know I should be saying goodbye”. A sentiment most of us can completely identify with at certain points in our lives. I am incredibly excited to see what else these two offer up with the album drop and feel like so should you. Give these babe’s a follow on soundcloud to stay on top of it: LET’S MARS

“Everything about this project has been a surprise” says vocalist Talia Londoner, “ I never thought I’d ever be part of something like this, but now I can’t imagine life without it”.

“ It came out of nowhere”, agrees her musical partner Oren Emanuel . “ We started this thing with no expectations,  but it took on a life of it’s own and became more important to us than we could have ever imagined”.

Let their excitement for this project spill over into your own life, and inspire yourself up a cocktail of creativity today.

One Love – Whit

Ethereal Moments – Dreamers Delight

Ethereal: intangible, immaterial, relating to regions beyond this beautiful earth; fragile and light in a way that seems to perfect for this world.

Moment: a fleeting second, a brief period of time; in physics moments are defined with respect to a fixed reference point.

Ethereal Moment: an incredible album which captures the fleeting feelings experienced in defined moments where perceive surroundings are larger than life. This album is the soundtrack for those seconds when you feel as though all things are right, all things are perfect, all things seem intangibly inexplicably flawless beyond earth itself.

Dreamers Delight is a Los-Angeles based artist with roots in Denver Colorado. The first few stages of his tunes were released under Lowtemp Records (Gramatik’s label) and he has absolutely blown up since his first national tour kicked off in 2015. This album is INCREDIBLE. It makes you want to be a part of the bigger picture. Shout out to my favorite track off the album Loving You. Make sure you follow this beautiful human on Soundcloud to keep your dreams alive and inspire those fleeting feelings of epicness.

One Love – Whit

Macaroon – BLUE The Elephant.

BLUE The Elephant. – you are so underground, I still have no idea who you are or where you came from but I dig your style. Since I can not speak to the nature of your whereabouts or your history as an artist, all I can recount is how this song makes me feel.

Easy breezy fall day, falling leaves, swirling wind, resilient attitude. This song reminds me of how I feel after a personal triumph; everything worked out and that sense of inner calm takes over as you send a gratitude thought out at the sky.

I will be keeping tabs on this artist and so should you. Soundcloud: BLUE The Elephant.

May you win your daily battles today friends. xx- Whit

Restless Sea (feat. Opia) – Louis Futon

Louis Futon needs zero introduction, as a king of the future bass movement and a master of the collaboration. Opia on the other hand is a little newer to the scene and is an indie electronic crew of two who hit it big on their supporting tour with Marian Hill (no wonder I love them, Marian Hill is a personal fav). These two met like many duo’s i’ve looking into – at University. Not just any university this this tho, Ivy league Yale. Boom. Doomed for greatness they have been making waves since they formed in 2016.

This track is filled with the ever increasingly popular – monstrous guitar riffs. Intertwined with sexy vocals, and a hint keyboard – I suggest enjoying this track with a healthy dose of champagne. Get at these artist’s on SC: Louisfuton  & Opia-official

xx- Whit