Medication – Nick Murphy (Chet Faker)

Chet Faker has been a massive presence in the downtempo/electronica scene since 2012 – and a the singer/songwriter from Melbourne Australia . This track is fresh off the press 10 hours ago and it just fit my vibe perfectly today. Sometimes all you want is a little medication to numb the emotions, or you want be the medication so he can be the patient. Regardless of the fight you fight, this song flows well with it’s message & filled me with a touch of connective-emotion, those lingering feelings like you aren’t alone.

Sit back and enjoy – Whit

Rum & Honey – Daisy


Whoah, do not even bother listening to this until you can turn it up – and let the bassline take you to the Stratosphere; dance amongst the stars, become one, infinitely move through space and time. Daisy’s sound is like Twofeet and Billie Eilish combined. The sweet LoveSauce nectar of the gods. This beautiful human is the singer, the songwriter, and the producer of her music. Hailing from Los Angeles, this powerhouse is destined for some GREAT things. Catch her on her ascent to stardom. Soundcloud: Daisy

xx- Whit

Okay, Let’s Be Honest — You Want More. Here is her newest EP: d.t.w

(Wine/Poison is ESPECIALLY good)

Right To It – Louis The Child (feat. Ashe)

~Sippin’ so much Goose that you could call me geese~
~Feel like I can fly when you are next to me~

Louis The Child needs zero introduction. This song is sexy, happy, simple. This song is slow grinding on a new crush with a drink in hand at noon. This song is speeding down a beach trail towards an empty bedroom with the person you love. Sit back and enjoy the sound of lust, desire and hip shaking.

xx- Whit


Side Note** What is it with artists capitalizing everything these days?

This album just dropped on Westwood  Recordings label, which features a fair few of the heavy hitters of the Canadian scene. These two PINEO & LOEB are no exception. They originate from Halifax, Nova Scotia!!! Their names are Mitchell Pineo and JR Loeb – which obviously was the root of their musical alias. This album took 3 years to write, which is understandable considering the abundance of collaborative works, the live instrument work, and the electronic production overlay. As the artist aimed to achieve an album where each song has it’s own identity, I am happy to report my opinion would be they were abundantly successful. From the irish feels of Foggy Dew (with rap overlay), to the sexy introspective lyrics in Attension (mixed with a deep bassline) – this track list will keep you on your toes. (Fun Fact – My favorite track on this album us Attension). Give PINEO & LOEB a follow on SoundCloud, and while you are at it check out Westwood  Recordings also, as they create an epic platform for some super fucking talented musicians (cough cough; Cheshire, Moontricks, Defunk, The funk hunters…)

xx- Whit

Escape – Jamie Berry feat. Jemio

This is so off-brand for Jamie Berry. In true Jamie fashion tho, it’s still phenomenal. Here in our HKFL family each author has one or two artists who is their personal “dibs” all the time new track posts. Jamie is my only permanent request. This dudes sounds flood every inch of my soul with life. His new EP is out in December and I don’t know if I have ever been more excited to hear all that stupid christmas trash in the grocery stores- because that means not only snow but the Frenzy EP are on route. Anywho, let this track fill you with… your personal favorite filling (from the inside out) — whatever that may be. 😉

xx – Whit