Lattice – Tipper

Dave Tipper stands out from the realm of electronic music in the sole fact that there is nobody else like him – he creates music so distinct and unique and he has arguably crafted his own genre[s]. Little did I know he’s released 12 albums and 14 LPs (of which 18 combined were released under his own label, Tippermusic) over the past 20 years, an impressive portfolio on all accounts.

I’ve listened to this song for a few weeks now and I can’t quite put my finger on how to describe it. It’s weird but organic and yet mildly discombobulated, and all of his music makes me think about outer space. Sometimes the audio stimulation a song provides is simply more than enough, and no explanation is necessary. Have a gander at his tunes on bandcamp and get lost in his musical ambience.

> Keto

Kun EP- Luxas

Have you heard of Gramatik’s Lowtemp label? Luxas has just released an EP called “Kun”  which consists of five ambient electronic tracks. If you are a fan of Portishead or Massive Attack, it’s your lucky day.

Space suit is on, stoke level is high, I am ready for blast off into outer space. I have always dreamt of walking on the moon, dancing in the stars and finding another planet full of life. Time to explore, see what we can find as we float around the galaxies. First the moon, as I have always found it so beautiful and magical. As I dance across it, my foot prints remain, there is no wind to blow them away. It’s everything I wanted and more. Onto the planets, is there life like I imagine? Where are these so-called “aliens”?  l come across one, full of animals that can talk and no wi-fi or internet can be found. Everyone is talking and having a good time. There are gardens everywhere, fresh food at your fingertips. Am I in the future or the past? What planet is this? I am getting hungry from looking at all the delicious fruit. I guess it’s time to head home, back to reality I go.

Are you ready to close your eyes, blast off and let your mind go free? For twenty minutes and thirty seconds this EP takes you on your own journey wherever that may be. Let your mind go and soul soar as Luxas guides you to the land where dreams become reality.

Sweet Dreams!