Homegrown Artists Edmonton Sessions: Vol. II Kill3rhertz

HKFL skyline vol2

Have you ever met people in your life you just connected with immediately and knew they were a creative genius? I met Kill3rhertz & his partner at the back of the crows at a locally thrown (Mahsi Fellowship) halloween party in Edmonton. After realizing that he was a DJ and our crew had a music blog, the natural progression was to listen to all his mixes over and over again throughout the last 3 months. Kill3rhertz is an Edmonton based DJ who has played at Motion Notion, Mahsi events, local parties and now here for a HKFL exclusive. Kill3rhertz is not restricted by any genre, generating mixes to fit the flow of the audience; from tropical house, to summer chillwave, to electro house, DnB, and heavy bass. This mix is a bass house heavy set with some sexy DnB sprinkled in.

The amount of local talent and bomb music that comes out of Edmonton is amazing. Let HKFL show you just how epic the sounds are with our Monthly Homegrown Sessions.

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One Love, Whit & The HKFL Crew

Set List: 1. Galantis – No Money (Clones Flip) 2. Chris Lake – I Want You 3. Valentino Khan – Pump 4. Nitti Gritti – Fear 5. Gustavo Mota & Dual Channels – To The Drop 6. Cazztek ft Kiyoshi – If You Really Wanna 7. Cazztek ft Kiyoshi – LIT 8. Lion – Got Gas Crushed 9. Cazztek – I’ve Got The Power 10. Ill Phil – What You Talkin About 11. ATICA – Fire 12. Duko – Fumar 13. Featurecast – Keep On Jumping 14. Michael White & Brig – Freeze 15. Tambour Battant ft Pauline Diamond – Vision (BADJOKES Remix) 16. Wolfgang Gartner – Dubplate 99 17. NINO ft Zenyth – Move To The Beat 18. Lion & Dollhouse – Smokin’ 19. Wax Motif & Neoteric – Go Deep (Torro Torro Remix) (KillaGraham DnB Edit) 20. Tantrum Desire – Gravitate 21. Matroda – On My Mind (VIP DnB Edit) 22. Zeds Dead & Jauz – Lights Go Down 23. What So Not – Touched

Riddim Commission – Battle ft Newham Generals & Mr Hudson (Cause & Affect Remix V.I.P)


Cause & Affect, always driving that big grimy UK bassline. Previously the dirty bass house conglomerate was made of Chris Lorenzo and mononymous Kane. Kane is now the gun behind the sound of Cause & Affect with Lorenzo pursuing solo endeavors. But with a shared studio space, these mad geniuses are without a doubt part of the driving force that defines UK bassline music. Whether you roll with the genre title bass house, speed garage, bassline; if it melts your ears into a wobbly mess it probably had something to do with these 2. As Kane says in an interview with UKF “Well, I guess you’d call it house. House with fucking shit loads of bass….”.

Stomp on speed gremlins

Live @ Motion Notion 2017 – Kill3rhertz

Life is such a tale of beautiful interactions and synchronistic moments if you just pay attention

kill3hertzYou know those epic humans you meet where you just immediately feel like you have been friends for years? The killer artist of this mix and his partner in crime are those genre of people. How freaking rad is it that this mix is created by one of Edmonton’s own! Filled with house of all subtypes – it’s sure to get your heart racing and your elbows jiving. Man do I have a bit of envy that I was not at this set live at motion this year. Motion has a special place in my heart as it was my first festival ever, with some of highkicks own members back in 2010. Kill3hertz included a track list – which is always dope, and I can confirm he lays down the dirty sexy beats for the entire hour and a half. Make you sure check out his soundcloud page here: Kill3hertz. Shout-out to all those interactions that leave you feeling inspired and full of life!

One love & Happy Halloween kids

xx- Whit

Live At Nocturnal Wonderland – This Ain’t Bristol Stage – Billy Kenny

Billy Kenny’s sound is heavy. If you’re looking to stomp this mix has some gnarly basslines. In the background the crowd goes nuts. We start off with some weirdo tech-house which brings out the quirky dance moves. 30 minutes in we find ourselves launched into none other than dirty bassy house.

My notable drops are 30.00, 34.00, the mix at 43.00 between “Don’t Go” by Dusky/Justin Martin and “Hit Me With Your Laser Beams” by Green Velvet/Harvard Bass is DOPE, and “Be Sincere” by MJ Cole which is fucking timeless.

Enjoy House Heads, I love this shit!



Bass Sick – Religare

Is calling into work “Bass Sick” a thing? Im feeling “Bass Sick” today, I’ll be in tomorrow after I cure this case of the bass.

Yea it’s a thing. Religare is seemingly off the radar and as I didn’t call into work “Bass Sick” today, I don’t have a lot of time to rabbit hole this one. So turn it up and rock the fuck out because this is a banger.