Can’t Change Crazy – Leo Napier (Defunk Remix)

Well, this home grown Calgarian has had my heart for many, many years. Not only are his tracks super consistently impressive, the last year or two I find this soulful blues infusion to be extremely captivating. As always, I am proud to brag about the Canadian music scene, and this gentlemen is worth the boast. Have you ever seen him live? The way he throws down is pretty fricken sexy — welp, he is pretty sexy all together. If you haven’t checked out Defunk before, thats bananas. Give him a follow on Soundcloud and make sure you cut some shapes if you ever get blessed with having him in your own home town. The lyrics in this track are playful and I am sure a few of you can resonate with a crazy bitch or two (can’t we all). Hands to the sky and hips to the floor, shake it for me.

Love Always, Live On The Edge.

xx- Whit


A Future in Blue – Zoogma

I always enjoy being surprised by an artists or group. I had never heard of Zoogma before and decided to give this album a listen. And then the funk hit!!! And if you know me you know I love me some funk!

Zoogma is a 4 piece band from Nashville/Atlanta and they know how to bring the funk in an amazing fashion. They fuse a lot blues, rock, groovy bass lines and synths and it sounds fantastic!

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do! Till next time keep fit and have fun!

The Great White Caron


Your Mother Was Cheaper/Twisted – Two Feet

Happy Holiday Monday Babes.

This is not the first Two Feet post i’ve written, and it certainly will not be the last. The first two songs from the Momentum EP were posted here and titled Love Is A Bitch/Have Some Drinks. Two feet dropped two new tracks this month to completed the EP’s release and those are Your Mother Was Cheaper/Twisted. Twisted is dark and enchanting; Your Mother Was Cheaper has more of a reflective tone, with a touch of wistful longing. There are many reasons why I have a steady love for this artist, but namely his musical prowess, diversity, swanky guitar, and sultry lyrics. Knowing he is from New York and connecting the lyrical story written through these tracks, a picture is painted of a powerful dance between two humans spanning the moonlit alleys, central park, the city skyline and the infinite starry dark sky.

The captivating story Two Feet tells through his music is always one of intriguing complexity. I can confidently say the momentum EP and the First Steps EP were crucial pieces of the soundtrack to my last 12 months – as I am closing the Island Chapter of my life and setting sail for the next upcoming Mountain Chapter. The release this new EP seems fitting, as it will likely help carry me through to whatever comes next, graciously making it easier to leave the ocean with a touch a momentum.

xx- Whit

Solar Therapy- Moontricks

Are you ready to fly into a galaxy far, far away and land on planet Moontricks for some serious solar therapy? Ladies and gentlemen I present to you a fusion of majestic mountain folklore and elevating electronic bass music.

This West Coast Canadian dynamic and dreamy duo originate from the West Kootenays. NOG, a producer, DJ, harmonica, and keyboard player brings his hip hop background, electrifying energy, contagious smile,  and simple yet essential bass to the group. On guitar , vocals, and banjo you have Sean Rodman. This dude sure knows how to serenade his audience with every soulful strum and captivating choral. Together these two make a perfect melting pot of roots, blues, and electronic music, bursting boundaries in the festival scene. Their smooth, sexy, soulful sound and signature style will captivate audiences of every shape, size, and colour.

So do yourself a favour, give these guys a follow, and let your self drift off to their planet full of feel good music so you feel their sunshine on your mind.

Blasting Off


Breaking Blues – Various Artists (Compiled by Dj Eliazar)

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

The follow link is pure gold. This album – Breaking Blues – is an album up for donation download (you choose what you would like to donate for it) on Speakeasyelectroswing’s Bandcamp. Breaking Blues takes electroswing for a stroll down the blues alleyway. This entire playlist is gold. Jpod led me here, and the rest of the artists had me forward my mail and set up shop. If you need a swanky hour of music that will have you elbow dancing and wearing suspenders in no time– follow the playlist down south.

Happy Swanky Saturday Babes,

xx- Whit