Dirty Zones – Visage Music


I think most of you will recognize this vocal, it’s gained momentum as a classic. Most of us first heard it in Bassnectars Cozza Frenzy which is unarguably a dancefloor anthem. Here’s a deep house revamp for you to bang on 18’s. Visage Music storms from Brazil, his music is featured on Elevation Music Records (Brazillian record label). If you’re unacquainted with Brazillian Bass, acquaint (Alok, Illusionize, Vintage Culture, Religare, Bhaskar will get you started). The country has taken deep house, worked in psytrance tones and produced a style of house music that’s taken the adored 4 on the floor to a new level. A level with abysmal basslines, deep robotic vocals, and colossal open soundscapes. The production is sharp, unpolluted.


Bass Sick – Religare

Is calling into work “Bass Sick” a thing? Im feeling “Bass Sick” today, I’ll be in tomorrow after I cure this case of the bass.

Yea it’s a thing. Religare is seemingly off the radar and as I didn’t call into work “Bass Sick” today, I don’t have a lot of time to rabbit hole this one. So turn it up and rock the fuck out because this is a banger.