Good Vibrations – Bellaire


This is not the first track I’ve posted by the versatile music maestro who calls himself Bellaire, and I can guarantee you it won’t be the last. Get these good vibes in your brain and by all means don’t be shy to gyrate those hips a little. Get loose with some orange juice!


Eclipse – Fi7i

This track is 80’s step-aerobics on the beach at sunrise, it’s relentless fist pumps while playing laser tag, and it’s disco pumping out of a 1972 Lincoln Continental – with ALL the chrome. Have you ever heard of Vaporwave as a genre of music? I certainly have not, but apparently it’s huge in Malaysia and this guy is a legend in the game. This song makes me laugh and dance, so I hope that effect is somewhat mutual in your brain. Give it a go!

• Keto

Groovin’ – Bellaire

Bellaire is a fresh 19 year old producer from France who is straight killin’ it these days. He plays house/disco/jazz under the Bellaire monicker and then switches gears to instrumental hip hop/trip hop under another name (Boubou). CHECK THEM BOTH OUT. From his cloud bio: “I  love music, people, coffee and sunsets.” Once again, simplicity and balance are a few keys to happiness, and that’s just how his music will make you feel. It may also make you feel like WTF was I doing when I was 19!? Have a gander 🙂

• Keto

The Man – The Killers

Happy Sunday you wonderful bunch of weirdos! You probably would never have thought The Killers would end up here but their new single The Man is too good not to share!

This has disco flavour all over it. Right from the get go your hips and shoulders just start to move! I’ve been huge fans of The Killers from their first album and love this new sound they have!

Bring on that funky disco sound!

Till next time, keep that booty shakin on the floor!




Pushy Pushy – Cause & Affect

This song is a representation of the reason why we all love the music we do. Its an oldie, but more than a goodie. With a happy-go-lucky bassline, and an artist who has never done us wrong, I bring to you with love our first post as a congregation of likeminded music enthusiasts on this platform. Along with our music posts, we intend on having a weekly booty picture post, so where better to start than with our own!! For your visual and auditory pleasure,

xx – Whit & Jams