Stronger Than Me – Amy Winehouse (DJ Devastate)

To say that the passing of Miss Winehouse was a critical blow to the musical universe would be a massive understatement. Hate it or love it, you can’t deny her music as fundamentally raw, her voice unforgettable and her catalogue diverse and impassioned. I only started listening to Amy in recent years and I find myself coming back to her more and more often. Yet another musician that makes you wonder … what if she didn’t die,  where would she be today, how many more albums would she have put out, who would she have collaborated with, and how would her sound have evolved?? DJ Devastate takes on the first track off her debut album (Frank) and spins it into a sexy, silky, smooth rendition. Close your eyes, turn this one up, and please for your own sake have a listen to some of her original tunes.

• Keto 🙂

Goodie Bag – Still Woozy

This track sounds so wonderful – like a mix of FrenchKiwiJuice and Chet Faker. I fell in love at first listen. Still Woozy is one rad dude from Oakland California. Not much info is out there in the worldwideweb about him, but taken straight from his facebook page “Hey yall, I’m working to combine electronic and acoustic elements for good. I record, mix, and produce everything, hmu for scores or collabs or whathaveyou”. Give this artist a follow on Soundcloud: Still Woozy

This song makes me want to be in love. It makes me want to sip apple cider and paint pictures in my loft apartment in the mountains in the dead of winter. It makes me want to dance under the cold night stars. Close your eyes and jam this beauty track and let it make you feel alive.

xx- Whit.


This track will bring you to your knees with pleasure. The vocals are incredibly on point, the basslines and smooth electronic vibe make it sensual. Masterfully crafted into a swanky – sexy – soulful 3:02 minutes. Moodlite has basically no bio or information on the world wide web, but I will say they rep a vibe which flows like Marian Hill mixed with Goldbloc. All that has been revealed is that behave was “written by Katie Schwiener and arranged and produced by Evan Fleming, Tor Carlson, EJ Orschel & Jacob Shafi.” As always, give them a follow on Soundcloud: Moodlite &  allow this beauty to guide you into your weekend with grace and style.

xx- Whit


Medication – Nick Murphy (Chet Faker)

Chet Faker has been a massive presence in the downtempo/electronica scene since 2012 – and a the singer/songwriter from Melbourne Australia . This track is fresh off the press 10 hours ago and it just fit my vibe perfectly today. Sometimes all you want is a little medication to numb the emotions, or you want be the medication so he can be the patient. Regardless of the fight you fight, this song flows well with it’s message & filled me with a touch of connective-emotion, those lingering feelings like you aren’t alone.

Sit back and enjoy – Whit

Lowtemporary Vol. 3

👽Hello Fellow Music Aliens 👽

Gramatik started this label called Lowtemp which he boasts was “created by artists for artists”. What a great slogan. Music is meant to be shared, experienced, and be the soundtrack for the epic moments in our lives. I listened to this compilation 4x since I bought it yesterday and couldn’t bring myself to pick one, two or even three key songs to share with you. Therefore, I was basically obligated due to music quality to share it all. As Gramatik expresses – and I would have to agree – he provides a platform for innovative forward thinking artist to share their sounds with the world. This compilation is fresh off the press and for sale on Itunes for 10.99 – get it in ya! I feel some deep connection to the song It Ain’t Love – for no particular reason today it left me feeling swanky and full of life.

Let music move you & let your Friday soundtrack include these gloriously smooth beats. These tasty ear-treats pair well with a bottle of wine and your Soul-Family. To each of the members of my soul-family out there (you know who you are) I love you more than words can express.

xx- Whit

Shout Out To All The Artists:

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