Medication – Nick Murphy (Chet Faker)

Chet Faker has been a massive presence in the downtempo/electronica scene since 2012 – and a the singer/songwriter from Melbourne Australia . This track is fresh off the press 10 hours ago and it just fit my vibe perfectly today. Sometimes all you want is a little medication to numb the emotions, or you want be the medication so he can be the patient. Regardless of the fight you fight, this song flows well with it’s message & filled me with a touch of connective-emotion, those lingering feelings like you aren’t alone.

Sit back and enjoy – Whit

Lowtemporary Vol. 3

👽Hello Fellow Music Aliens 👽

Gramatik started this label called Lowtemp which he boasts was “created by artists for artists”. What a great slogan. Music is meant to be shared, experienced, and be the soundtrack for the epic moments in our lives. I listened to this compilation 4x since I bought it yesterday and couldn’t bring myself to pick one, two or even three key songs to share with you. Therefore, I was basically obligated due to music quality to share it all. As Gramatik expresses – and I would have to agree – he provides a platform for innovative forward thinking artist to share their sounds with the world. This compilation is fresh off the press and for sale on Itunes for 10.99 – get it in ya! I feel some deep connection to the song It Ain’t Love – for no particular reason today it left me feeling swanky and full of life.

Let music move you & let your Friday soundtrack include these gloriously smooth beats. These tasty ear-treats pair well with a bottle of wine and your Soul-Family. To each of the members of my soul-family out there (you know who you are) I love you more than words can express.

xx- Whit

Shout Out To All The Artists:

@whynnel @adamdeitch @carneyvalmusic @jacksonbreitmusic @beat-fatigue@klabnz@teo-collori@anomaliebeats@gramatik@adrianlau

Prais’ Ya- Mildly Curious

Leave it to Mildly Curious to wash away those hump day blues that tend to creep in every once in a while. Those downtempo breakbeats and funky bass lines just hit you in all the right places, turning the struggle to make it to the end of the week into having a drink or two to celebrate its almost the weekend.

Just like her name, after spending some serious time researching anything about her, I am left curious to who this babe of a DJ is. The mystery behind the name along with the wicked art and sick beats displayed on her page leaves me with quite the lady crush on this beauty.

So go ahead, press play and get stoked for the weekend ahead! Happy Hump Day Humans!!

Much Love,


Syncopated Love Letters – Stickybuds

Syncopation: melody in which one would take a series of notes of equal durations, cutting the duration of the first note in half, and shifting the rest early by that half duration. This results in a rhythmic pattern which occurs on strong beats or strong parts of the beat, instead of on weak beats or weak parts of the beat.

Love Letters: Thing you write to Stickybuds because you love him, because he is sexy, because this mix is unreal, because he let you crash on his couch with your best friend during a festival circuit once…

Now that we adequately understand the terminology associated with this post; the mix itself is unlike anything he has ever published. It follows along the lines of the Pleasensations vibes by Neon Steve, the Chillax mixes by Funkanomics, or the Coma Dose vibes by Mt. Doyle. This mix takes some quintessential Sticky songs and downtempo remixes them. If you follow my posts you  know I love those lovesauce vibes. Here is another one for your swanky summer nights with the person(s) you love.

Glitter & Sunshine,


Slow Down Vol. 005 – CloZee

Music producer from Toulouse, France, CloZee, stands out on her labels Gravitas Recordings and Otodayo Records. Her worldly influenced sounds captivate and take you on an adventure.  She is part of the music/art/design/lifestyle movement Slow Down, which focuses on collaborating and interconnecting creativity. The Human Experience, Android Jones, Random Rab, Autumn Skye, alongside other equally as talented artists are also part of the movement. Check it out!

CloZee really slows things down with this beautiful mix of downtempo worldly bass.

This mix features layers of classical instruments, glitchy synths and funky wooden percussion. Majestic and beautiful throughout. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and escape into the journey of this set.

Now imagine hearing this on some Funktion-Ones… I would melt.

xx B