Homegrown Artists Edmonton Sessions: Vol. II Kill3rhertz

HKFL skyline vol2

Have you ever met people in your life you just connected with immediately and knew they were a creative genius? I met Kill3rhertz & his partner at the back of the crows at a locally thrown (Mahsi Fellowship) halloween party in Edmonton. After realizing that he was a DJ and our crew had a music blog, the natural progression was to listen to all his mixes over and over again throughout the last 3 months. Kill3rhertz is an Edmonton based DJ who has played at Motion Notion, Mahsi events, local parties and now here for a HKFL exclusive. Kill3rhertz is not restricted by any genre, generating mixes to fit the flow of the audience; from tropical house, to summer chillwave, to electro house, DnB, and heavy bass. This mix is a bass house heavy set with some sexy DnB sprinkled in.

The amount of local talent and bomb music that comes out of Edmonton is amazing. Let HKFL show you just how epic the sounds are with our Monthly Homegrown Sessions.

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One Love, Whit & The HKFL Crew

Set List: 1. Galantis – No Money (Clones Flip) 2. Chris Lake – I Want You 3. Valentino Khan – Pump 4. Nitti Gritti – Fear 5. Gustavo Mota & Dual Channels – To The Drop 6. Cazztek ft Kiyoshi – If You Really Wanna 7. Cazztek ft Kiyoshi – LIT 8. Lion – Got Gas Crushed 9. Cazztek – I’ve Got The Power 10. Ill Phil – What You Talkin About 11. ATICA – Fire 12. Duko – Fumar 13. Featurecast – Keep On Jumping 14. Michael White & Brig – Freeze 15. Tambour Battant ft Pauline Diamond – Vision (BADJOKES Remix) 16. Wolfgang Gartner – Dubplate 99 17. NINO ft Zenyth – Move To The Beat 18. Lion & Dollhouse – Smokin’ 19. Wax Motif & Neoteric – Go Deep (Torro Torro Remix) (KillaGraham DnB Edit) 20. Tantrum Desire – Gravitate 21. Matroda – On My Mind (VIP DnB Edit) 22. Zeds Dead & Jauz – Lights Go Down 23. What So Not – Touched

Dehydrated Funk – High Contrast


These words resonate deep with me; music is an exquisite escape from reality and a universal language that permeates the very fabric of our souls whether we are aware of it or not. High Contrast’s song Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was the first Drum’n’Bass song I ever heard, and it single handedly turned me on to DnB. Hell, it changed the way I danced at shows, and it changed the way I listened to the drums in all music from that point forward. Years later, I am writing a blog post about this incredible DJ and producer known formally as Lincoln Barrett. I didn’t really know anything about the guy until I read the BIO on his website, but he’s a very interesting character. His musical influences are vast and when he started out he was actually more interested in film than music. Thankfully for us he chose the latter as his main vocation, and the rest is history. If you have a minute, please go read his story and jam some of his tunes, this guy really is a legend.

If you don’t have a minute, at least let me perk your ears to some other classic beat-makers that I only just discovered through him:

Theo Parrish

Depth Charge

Grooverider, and this track for something a little darker

DJ Zinc

High Contrast has remained relevant and far ahead of the curve through his dynamic  stylizations of sonic sound waves. With 6 albums in tow and some seriously dope music coming out of 2017, I don’t think we will see him stop any time soon. This track in particular comes off his Questions EP from March of last year and it is a beautiful piece of work. Clear some space in your living room and have a flail session!

Peace and Love >>> Keto

Dark Crystal – Minnesota

DarkCrystal-3000x3000Alright team huddle in. This is about to get intense. Minnesota is comin in big with this new track Dark Crystal. Dont be fooled by the groovy  opening. You will get lost in the movement, and then WHAMMY! Some heavy glitch gives you some sweet shin music and you’re doing backflips until you crash into your wall. A perfect imprint of your flailing body will always remind of that time Minnesota smashed the fuck out of you! Think it wont happen? Go ahead hit play, but dont get mad at me when your Mom’s favourite China is shattered on the ground.

Just when you think you are going in for another round what does Minnesota do? Does a 180 spin into some delicious drum n bass to ramp the energy level to an 11! This one will be out in full force in festival season next year, get ready to rage to this one!

Note: Events reported above are only mere speculations…..or are they???

The Great White Caron


Shambhala 2017 Mix – JPOD (the Beat Chef)

Oh my god, it’s JPOD! This has got to be one of the happiest, bounciest, and most positive humans on this planet. He’s been in the ghetto funk scene since its inception and never disappoints with his distinct wompy synths, groovy soulful remixes and energetic stage presence. I mean, the guy dances harder than a lot of the people who go to his shows, and I’ve always loved seeing somebody truly enjoy what they do – it’s a special and beautiful thing. If you’ve been to Shamb or Basscoast, you may have seen this guy rolling around on his off-road motorized skateboard or hamming it up with the legendary Stickybuds. JPOD is the epitome of a good time – always smiling, always stoked, and always throwing down some tasty tracks in his well rounded and well grounded mixes. From bangin’ original beats to reworks of notable artists like Al Green, Nappy Roots, Ray Charles, Little Richard, Stevie Wonder, and Sublime, JPOD consistently fills the dance floor and gets the good vibes flowing. If you’re feeling zesty, head on over to his YouTube channel and fill your auditory canals with his Mambo & Motown as well as the Blues & Bebop mixes from 2 and 3 years ago. I can personally guarantee you will not be disappointed. Happy Monday, and may the funk be with you!

• Keto

Fractal Forest Mix 2017 – Stickybuds

**** DISCLAIMER – Whit and CDOG are extremely biased towards Sticky ****

If you haven’t had the pleasure of getting sweaty and sore during a Sticky throwdown, let us introduce to you every Fractal frolickers main man, the one and only Stickybuds. Born and raised in Kelowna, this West Coast babe now calls Calgary home, which we have no complaints about. Over the years of being in the Canadian West Coast Electronic scene, and being the total gypsy’s that we are, we have both got to know Sticky aka Tyler on a personal level. This dude is the definition of genuine and down to earth. Now let’s talk about this absolute killer of a set. Is moombahton making a comeback? Halle-Fucking-lujah. When moombah made a quick and dirty appearance on the electronic scene, keto and the two of us experienced love at first ass shake. Thank you Sticky for the three moombah breakdowns in this mashup. Next on the gratitude list – the heavy hitting DnB. Although DnB is quintessential for Tyler’s sets, the 2017 set throws DnB in within the first few tracks which is bound to get your heart racing. Throw in some Hip Hop, Female vocals, Funk, and hard hitting bangers and you have yourself a full meal deal that will fill your soul with nothing but happiness.

The Stickybuds shambhala set release is like christmas morning. We look forward to it all year long and can confidently say he is the most listened DJ in our cars, while we snowboarding, during runs, ect. ect. Sticky is such a dope dude, and so it’s no surprise that the company he keeps is also phenom. His management partner Tomas (Danio Management) is the most lovable, genuine, positive, one of a kind type humans. These two make quite the pair. Danio started out with Stickybuds and has taken on many other westcoast talents such as JPOD, Timothy Wisdom, Slynk, Basement Freaks, D-Funk, Pimpsoul, Mr. Bill and Wood ‘n Soo. From the very beginning of our roots in the electronic scene, it’s so rad to have had the pleasure of turning music into a community of our friends. From wednesday nights at twist to sham sets in the forest, we have been showing our love for nearly 10 years. Shout out to all you like minded funk soul brothers out there – We Love You!! Lace up your stomping boots and press play for an hour of epic tunes.

xx- CDOG & Whit