Katy On A Mission – Katy B

Alright its throwback time!!

This morning I put on a Dubstep essentials playlist for my impending run. One of the songs on the playlist is this absolute amazing tune by Katy B! Hearing her incredible vocals kick the track off brings me right back to 2010. The year I became a Basshead. 2010 was a big year of change for me and I began to get deeper into the electronic scene. The bass scene blew me away and after my first show (Excision at the Starlite Room) I cannonballed into the bass!

But back to the song shall we? Do you have it on yet? Ok if you dont no worries but do it now! Ill wait :)……….ok now that its on lets get into it! If your a dub fan this really has it all. A solid build up, that wobble that just makes your body vibe and groove so fluid. Katy’s vocals bring elegance and make this a complete banger! Hopefully this takes you back to those early days friends!

The Great White Caron


No Escape – Ganja White Night X Dirt Monkey

Happy Monday music lovers! If you are feelin the Monday blues and need something to kick up the notch a bit look no further! Ganja White Night dropped his new album The origins and bass heads you will not be disappointed. I had a feeling this track would be a banger with the help of Dirt Monkey. Heavy filthy wub wub for your tummy! These two have some of the best sounds of dubstep lately.

I could go on and on and ramble all day about this. But who wants to hear that? So instead, enjoy this filthy track, and primal stomp in your apartment so loud you get a noise complaint!

The Great White Caron


Audible Edibles – Freddy Todd (GRiZ Remix)

Fresh out of the kitchen today with a healthy dose of dubstep on the menu this evening ladies and gents. This is much heavier than anything recent GRiZ has put out, and I’m loving it. Talk about that old-school dubstep grimy get low and grind it out type of vibe.

Turn it up and grind it out!


Dub5tep 101 – Dirt Monkey

Friends, Dirt Monkey has been BUSY lately. I still have Wubula in my high rotation and he just released his new EP Wobble Like This and he delivers another amazing set of dubstep tracks. The single is Dub5tep 101 and let me tell you he is taking us back to school on how Dub should be sounding. The soundbite he uses nails the current state of alot of dubstep. I have mentioned my views on this in a previous post so I wont dive into that more. But, lets get back to the song shall we?

There is a massive build to this song. The intensity increases more and more creating energy that is sure to have dancefloors exploding into madness! This has taken me a while to write because every time I hear this song I go nuts! I am sure you will know what I am talking about as soon as you hit play. The Dubstep scene better look out because Dirt Monkey is going to take it over with the resurgence of the Wobble!

Enjoy this and get your bassface ready for this one!

The Great White Caron

And to make life easy here is the rest of the EP!


On The Run – NGHTMRE (feat. PASSEPORT)

NGHTMRE has been one of my favorite producers the last few years. He brings a fresh sound into the bass scene and keeps proving time and time again his skills as a producer are only getting better with each release. If you have the chance to see him get your butt on the dance floor and get ready to bust loose!

On The Run throws a lot at you and it all fits so well together. Starts with some amazing vocals from PASSEPORT. A heavy guitar riff slams into a big drop that only escalates into an eruption of bass! Bass face fully engaged here! Enjoy this one bass heads.

The Great White Caron