Innocence – Nero

Its throwback time! Everyone can remember that one song that brought them into a new scene or genre of music. It’s a big moment as it really has the power to change you completely. Before 2010 bass and I didn’t get along too much. I was more into trance and hardstyle early in my rave days.

Then I was told by someone with great wisdom (thanks Watson) to come and see Nero. I trusted her and this was the song that made me think this whole dubstep thing is something I can get behind. Needless to say after that show a bass head was born! Now sporting the village stage on my arm it’s safe to say bass will always be a part of my life from here on in.

This song never gets old. It can still make a dance floor lose their mind. Enjoy this amazing tune!

The Great White Caron


Headnod – Pigeon Hole

Presenting some heavy flavor from the West Coast, here I offer you Pigeon Holes newest track Headnod”. Highkicks loves featuring artists that are homegrown and this duo has been on our radar for a few years. Native to Victoria, BC these 2 have expanded further than their place of origin. Playing festivals all over North America they’ve been smashing dancefloors at Shambhala, Astral Harvest, Motion Notion Rifflandia, and Tall Tree. This track was signed on with Saturate! Records out of Hamburg Germany.

Experimenting in trap, hip-hop, and dubstep, blending DJ-ing and MC-ing this duo has crafted a bass heavy sound that creates the West Coast bass movement. The sounds are industrial, the layers bend and grind against each other. Big bass lines and swooping progressions, a cheeky drum ‘n’ bass riff provoke that menacing dubstep attitude that makes you just wanna fuck shit up.





Where the Wild Things Are – Zeds Dead & Illenium

Brace yourself for this one! The initial build up is incredible and this song explodes! This is a great blend of Zeds Dead signature dub with Illeniums ability to make an emotional song.

Enjoy and turn it up!



A Million Bux – Stylust Beats

I was feeling far from a million bux this morning, but I will gladly admit after jamming this track – each time at one increased decibel on my speakers – I approached feeling like a casual million bux.

Stylust Beats is from Vancouver, Canada – and spun his way onto the scene in San Francisco underneath the bass music umbrella. This genre renegade DJ explains: “My goal is to make timeless bass music: I try to make every track an epic melodic adventure through many different genres.” I can taste the layers of his musical prowess as I move down the list of tracks on his soundcloud page. This fresh track is nothing short of a tasty bass sandwich I hope you enjoy as I did today – putting a pep in my step and a twerk in my trunk.

xx – Whit

Horizons – Bassnectar & Dorfex Box

Hey friends! If you have ever seen Bassnectar live you know how he has the ability to make you feel the music like no one else can. My favorite memory of seeing him was at my first shambhala, when I could feel my entire body vibrating to the bass.


Although he is most known for bringing it heavy, he also creates some beautiful music. This track still has enough bass to make you vibe, but is best listened laying down. Escape for a few minutes with this beautiful track from Bassnectar!