Empire EP – Defunk


Hey humans,

This fresh EP by Defunk is definitely not one to miss. Bass heavy, sexy funk music will fill your ears for all 4 of these beautifully mastered tracks.  Shout out to one of Canada’s own, from Calgary Alberta, he has become more than just a local favorite; his tunes are spreading like fire around the EDM scene. I’ve personally seen Defunk throw down at festivals such as Shambhala and Motion, and highly advise anyone who hasn’t seen him check him out at the closest feasible occasion. As always head on over and follow him out on Soundcloud here: Defunk.

One Love,


Ethereal Moments – Dreamers Delight

Ethereal: intangible, immaterial, relating to regions beyond this beautiful earth; fragile and light in a way that seems to perfect for this world.

Moment: a fleeting second, a brief period of time; in physics moments are defined with respect to a fixed reference point.

Ethereal Moment: an incredible album which captures the fleeting feelings experienced in defined moments where perceive surroundings are larger than life. This album is the soundtrack for those seconds when you feel as though all things are right, all things are perfect, all things seem intangibly inexplicably flawless beyond earth itself.

Dreamers Delight is a Los-Angeles based artist with roots in Denver Colorado. The first few stages of his tunes were released under Lowtemp Records (Gramatik’s label) and he has absolutely blown up since his first national tour kicked off in 2015. This album is INCREDIBLE. It makes you want to be a part of the bigger picture. Shout out to my favorite track off the album Loving You. Make sure you follow this beautiful human on Soundcloud to keep your dreams alive and inspire those fleeting feelings of epicness.

One Love – Whit

Restless Sea (feat. Opia) – Louis Futon

Louis Futon needs zero introduction, as a king of the future bass movement and a master of the collaboration. Opia on the other hand is a little newer to the scene and is an indie electronic crew of two who hit it big on their supporting tour with Marian Hill (no wonder I love them, Marian Hill is a personal fav). These two met like many duo’s i’ve looking into – at University. Not just any university this this tho, Ivy league Yale. Boom. Doomed for greatness they have been making waves since they formed in 2016.

This track is filled with the ever increasingly popular – monstrous guitar riffs. Intertwined with sexy vocals, and a hint keyboard – I suggest enjoying this track with a healthy dose of champagne. Get at these artist’s on SC: Louisfuton  & Opia-official

xx- Whit

USB 2.0 – Pretty Lights

Ouuuu Pretty Lights just sent out a nice treat here! Rarities from songs he plays live! If you have never seen him live you should move that to the top of your list. His shows are incredible. It is one of the most fun shows you will go to. His music is always so moving.

Enjoy this playlist friends!


Word to Spread feat. Tom Thum Remixes – The Funk Hunters & Chali 2na

Westwood Recordings killing it once again! These remixes are taken from their album coming out this summer called ‘ILLectric REMIXED’ that will bring together a diversity of  talented producers from around the world serving you the sexy sounds of Drum n’ Bass, House, Glitch, Hip Hop, Funk, and more.

My personal favourites are from the first two artists Maha Quest (Leo) and Smalltown DJ’s.  Maha Quest is a producer from  Bristol that has the funk and glitch hop vibe that Westwood Recordings love to spread. Smalltown DJ’s have been in my library for years and never disappoint. Whenever the fun bass -heavy house music from them hit my ears I can’t help but get up and dance.

Take a listen to these 6 different but equally awesome remixes and choose your favourite!

Peace and Love