Frenzy – Jamie Berry

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Jamie Berry‘s newest album Frenzy has been released for your listening pleasure. My oh my what a pleasure it is. One of the most notable features of these 9 songs (& an outro) is the sheer diversity between songs. From reggae vibes, to moombahton there is something for every taste palate. True to his original vibes, there is no shortage of vintage samples, and that definitive bassline which easily distinguishes Jamie from others.  Many epic collaborations tie in the female new age spice, all the while still making you want to paint your lips red and lace up your swinging shoes. The wait for this delectable album is over, and it is with so much love that I post it for your listening pleasure today. Buy these tracks on Beatport here: Frenzy

As always, follow Jamie on Soundcloud to ensure your friends until the end. ❤

xx- Whit                                         PS. JAMIE BERRY PLEASE COME TO CANADA!!!!

Hot Jazz & Fire- Duke Skellington

O baby, he’s done it again, that swing and glitch combo that gets me in all the right places. From the old school sexy, suave swing sound to the heavy, head bangin’ glitchy bass goodness, this track will have you on the floor dancing in no time.

Duke Skellington, the man, legend and swing king. DJ and music producer in Future Swing, Swing House, Electro Swing, Swing, and Glitch. Duke not only produces music alone but is also apart of the group Alias “The Vaude Villainz”, which include DJ Skyler Gilmore and Professor Watson, that run an electro swing/ swing podcast called “Jitterbug Jukebox.” I am a huge fan of Duke Skellington, Jitterbug Jukebox and the electro swing world in general, if you haven’t already noticed. The fact that I can jam it with my Granny and Grandad dancing in the kitchen to a late night with my friends makes my heart so happy. If you are 6, 16, 65 or 85 you can’t help but enjoy he fusion of the infectious classic swing sound and the new age electro beat. It will put a smile on your face and get you up the dance floor before you even hear the first drop.  So whether your with a child, friend or grandparent, throw on this track, turn it up loud and cut some shapes!

Much Love!




Let’s Fall In Love- incontroL

If Jamie Berry, Kid Koala and Moontricks had a magical, musical child, you would get incontroL’s newest album, Lets Fall In Love.

This electro- swing, antique beats, swing house and ghetto funk producer and artist comes from New Caledonia and has spent half his life on the European music scene. IncontroL’s music has such a raw, fresh and unique sound due to the fact that he produces his music with samples, recordings of himself, nature, and often invites guests to help him on his compositions. One of his specialties is jumping into a musical time machine, taking influences from blues, jazz, gospel, soul, and New Orleans and putting a new spice on old gems, producing retro future tracks flavoured with tech or urban moods.

If you’re hungry for some refreshing and tasty new beats, check this dudes Soundcloud page, from top to bottom its a delicious and delectable five course meal you won’t want to miss.

Bon Appetite!




Well, MIYLLO is a ghost – nowhere to be found even in the depths of the internet. The label this was released on – Occult – is a fresh label kickstarted in 2017 & is based out of London, UK. This label has 346 followers — one of which was me just signing up to see where they will take these genre spanning vibes. Holy moly do I dig this track. Its got some serious swing flavor with raunchy bass I can shake it to.

Give this artist a follow, and be sure to check out the Occult label also.

xx- Whit

Empire – Electric Swing Circus (Aries Rmx)

Swing & DnB together? Enough said.


However, I will still say more.. Electric Swing Circus is a 6 piece band from Birmingham, UK. They base their sound around that swanky 20’s swing, paired nicely with new-age electronic beats which include: breakbeats, dubstep, DnB, house & even dipping into the reggae from time to time. The girl duo that produce the vocal samples for this ensemble truly capture that 20’s sound which will get everyone from your grandma to your tiny humans snapping along with a grin.

These guys are on my top 5 acts to see before I die. Enjoy!

xx – Whit