Pirates, Punks & Politicians -The Bloody Beetroots (feat. Perry Farrell)

I have mentioned it before but I’ll repeat it again I am SO STOKED for The Great Electronic Swindle, the new album from Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo aka The Bloody Beetroots! From the few songs released so far you better believe we are in for some heavy electro/punk sound ready to smash dance floors!

Pirates, Punks & Politicians is one of the songs released out so far and well I think it more or less speaks for itself. It’s hard hitting, heavy and awesome. So turn it up loud and enjoy!



Electrify (feat. Scott Mellis) – Oliver

Oliver (Vaughn Oliver and Oliver Goldstein) just released a delicious electro funk album “Full Circle” that has a retro feel that brings instant nostalgia of the 80s. Electrify is one of my personal favourites from the album.

The synth in the beginning is something straight from the 80’s and when the vocals from Scott Mellis come in with the drum beat this song takes off! This beat makes you want to primal stomp with your best friends, lip curled and knarly faced. Check out the rest of the album and more here Oliver

Crank this one up and get Electrified!

The Great White Caron


Saint Bass City Rockers – The Bloody Beetroots

BOOM!! It’s the second single from The Bloody Beetroots new album which is still unnamed.

This song is HEAVY. In true Beetroots fashion this is an intense electro song. The elements of hard rock help amp it up to an eleven!

Play this in a crowd and it is going to go insane. This is also amazing for working out. I cannot wait to hear this entire album!

The Great White Caron

My name is thunder – The Bloody Beetroots feat. Jet

The Bloody Beetroots will always be one of my favourite artists. I was just getting into electro when I first heard Cornelius and from then I’ve been a fan. Have only been able to see Sir Bob once and it still is fresh in my memory even 8 years later.

Well the Beetroots are back making new music! A new mask (looking like a tribute to spawn) and a new tour to add as well! Their first single is teamed up with Jet and they produce one heavy track. This has the classic Bob Cornelius sound to it. So if you’re a fan of The Bloody Beetroots, enjoy this!

1 2 whoop whoop!