Eclipse – Fi7i

This track is 80’s step-aerobics on the beach at sunrise, it’s relentless fist pumps while playing laser tag, and it’s disco pumping out of a 1972 Lincoln Continental – with ALL the chrome. Have you ever heard of Vaporwave as a genre of music? I certainly have not, but apparently it’s huge in Malaysia and this guy is a legend in the game. This song makes me laugh and dance, so I hope that effect is somewhat mutual in your brain. Give it a go!

• Keto

Thriller – Scandroid

Happy Halloween Melomaniacs! Fitting for the day upon us I am sharing not only an awesome take on a classic, but also the need to share this amazing new project from Detroit producer/artist Klayton called Scandroid! If you have been following my posts you will see a commoin theme of retro synth sounds. Well as his bio says on his soundcloud Scandroid is Klaytons “love letter to the 80’s”. He has done an incredible job infusing a new sound using the classic 80’s synth. His album Monochrome takes you on a journey fusing the 80’s with the present. If you dig the sound will you for sure love the album.

Thriller is a classic. Normally classics are almost untouchables since people hold them on a higher level. Well dont worry about this one because Scandroid did an UNREAL job remixing this. He really makes this his own, not an easy thing to do. If you are throwing a Halloween party tonight, or wanna dance while waiting for the trick or treaters put this one on!

And seriously check out the album. Click on that link up there. Dont be afraid 🙂

The Great White Caron

Live @ Motion Notion 2017 – Kill3rhertz

Life is such a tale of beautiful interactions and synchronistic moments if you just pay attention

kill3hertzYou know those epic humans you meet where you just immediately feel like you have been friends for years? The killer artist of this mix and his partner in crime are those genre of people. How freaking rad is it that this mix is created by one of Edmonton’s own! Filled with house of all subtypes – it’s sure to get your heart racing and your elbows jiving. Man do I have a bit of envy that I was not at this set live at motion this year. Motion has a special place in my heart as it was my first festival ever, with some of highkicks own members back in 2010. Kill3hertz included a track list – which is always dope, and I can confirm he lays down the dirty sexy beats for the entire hour and a half. Make you sure check out his soundcloud page here: Kill3hertz. Shout-out to all those interactions that leave you feeling inspired and full of life!

One love & Happy Halloween kids

xx- Whit

The Great Electronic Swindle – The Bloody Beetroots

Melomaniacs! The day has finally come! Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo aka The Bloody Beetroots has presented us with The Great Electronic Swindle. It has been a few years since Rifo has released music under The Bloody Beetroots and it has been worth the wait! This genre bending, hard hitting mix of electronic and punk rock mix magnificently together, and I’ll warn you make sure you have the volume turned all the way before hitting play!

The album blasts off with My Name is Thunder, a collab song with rock band Jet. This song sets the tone for the entire album. Vintage in your face electro sound that The Bloody Beetroots are known for with the combined heaviness Jet can throw. This is a rager for sure! The next 3 tracks (Wolfpack, Nothing But Love and Pirates, Punks & Politicians) keep the momentum going strong but also displays how good Rifo is at making melodies inside some pretty hard hitting tracks.

Then he surprises with a beautiful song with the help on vocals from Greta Svabo Bech with Invisible. She has worked with Rifo before (Chronicles of a broken heart) and delivered amazing vocals creating a lot of emotion.

But don’t think The Beetroots are getting soft on us. All Black Everything is next and this is a filthy dubstep track. Get ready to rage out to this one!

The following tracks the classic sound that The Bloody Beetroots are known for but with vocals in these tracks they really help build each song and make them more powerful. Greta returns to help with the vocals on The Great Run, a heavier song but still beautifully written.

Kill or be Killed has some heavy retro synth sounds. This is a perfect song to get a dance floor movin hard. Saint Bass City Rockers speaks for itself. Don’t be laying down when this one is on.

Hollywood surf club is the track that stands out on its own on this album. Some major Daft Punk influence here. The album finishes hard with the last tracks The Day of the Locust, 10 000 Prophets, Drive and Crash.

All in all it is damn good to have new music by The Bloody Beetroots. This one will be on repeat for the foreseeable future. Bob Rifo managed to blend a lot of different genres together keeping his trademark sound present in each. That’s not an easy task. Enjoy friends!

The Great White Caron


Pirates, Punks & Politicians -The Bloody Beetroots (feat. Perry Farrell)

I have mentioned it before but I’ll repeat it again I am SO STOKED for The Great Electronic Swindle, the new album from Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo aka The Bloody Beetroots! From the few songs released so far you better believe we are in for some heavy electro/punk sound ready to smash dance floors!

Pirates, Punks & Politicians is one of the songs released out so far and well I think it more or less speaks for itself. It’s hard hitting, heavy and awesome. So turn it up loud and enjoy!