Pretty Face- easyruckus


Pretty Face is the newest track from the Canadian based duo – easyrucks – taking root in Golden, BC. These two are close to my heart and I am stoked to be able to give them a shout out for this super dope track just dropped a few weeks ago. Music is something that’s connected so many souls in this universe; I hope for nothing more than that – if you are reading this- your heart is filled with connection and compassion for other humans, daily.

Give these beauties a follow: easyruckus

xx – Whit


Who Cares! – Sundial

sundial - who cares! COVER ART

This flowy – happy – tropical track is brought to you by the duo Sundial! Sundial is made up of jisu and dorothy; these two are classically trained artists who became a couple at Berklee College of Music. Their music fits the Lovesauce flow so well, and has been making waves through channels like MrSuicideSheep and EDM sauce. Look out for these two in the upcoming months and make sure you follow them on Soundcloud: Sundial.

Sit back and enjoy with a healthy dose of love.

xx- Whit

Unity Project Pt. 3 – Culprate

Unity pt3 Cover

Culprate is an epic artist currently based out of Bristol in the UK. This originally dubstep producer took electronic above and beyond his roots dipping into all aspects of production and showcasing. He has recently been releasing a Project Series aimed at collaborating with different producers and songwriters which are part of his Twitch community. What is his Twitch community you ask? Well Culprate has a channel on which he talks about music production and shares different tips and tricks for the EDM community. The purpose of these EP’s is to highlight some upcoming talent from artists who have been learning and growing through the Twitch platform.

Part 3. is a collaboration between Culprate and Quok, Aether, Frequent, Protostar, Bloom and Keota & Sophie Meiers. This EP is not restricted to any genre or tempo. Is is all over the galaxy and beautifully eclectic. Sit back and enjoy a track for every color of the rainbow. Be sure you check out the affiliated soundcloud: Culprate and you can support all of the Unity Projects here:

xx- Whit



Celestine, the Remixes (Volume 3) – Little Star

Little Star

Little Star is a celestially inspired conduit for the currents of the Universal. A visionary musician and alchemist of sound, she gracefully and powerfully transmutes the resonance of Spirit into symphonies of song. With her voice as her predominant medium, she creates many layered compositions, weaving rich tapestries of melody, harmony, and word, to create soul-stirring offerings of poetry and prayer. She believes music to be a powerful medium for healing and transformation, and crafts all of her music with the intention of anchoring and offering the resonance of the highest self within all who listen. Her live performance intertwines song and ceremony, truly creating sacred space and powerful containers for inner journey. A voice for the subtle currents that run through All Things, Little Star’s etheric soundscapes guide listeners to spaces beyond themselves, beyond space and time, and deep within.  “

I had the intention of developing my own description of the way Little Star projects her sound into the world, but alas – the description written on her webpage was so incredibly eloquent, I could not. I will however tell you how this beautiful remix EP makes me feel.

Have you ever laid on the top of a car and stared at the star filled sky in the middle of nowhere? As time passes and you gaze, the corners of your vision pull inwards and you feel consumed by the vast, endless space.

That is how Little Star makes me feel when I listen with closed eyes: and integral yet small piece of the puzzle that is creation. Follow this beautiful human on Soundcloud, and feel free to let your mind wander as you dive into galaxy’s with this EP.

Hang Glide – Anomalie & Rob Araujo

This tune will charm your hear with classy piano layers. Elevating your spirits into a heartfelt state. Hang Glide makes you want to vibe slowly with someone that rubs you in all the right ways. From the pulsating city of Montreal, Anomalie shows the soul of Canadian music producers. Collaboration with pianist producer Rob Araujo from L.A., who I’m going to keep an eye on because the sounds of piano are always a mental reset for inspiration. Their tune is the jazzy creation of 2 indisputably talented pianists. Both classically trained, could you expect the keys in Hang Glide to be anything but mesmerizing? At Highkicks we have massive love for instrumentals looped into our tunes. We’ll place this one in the vault for a classy dinner party. Thank you Anomalie and Rob Arajuo for your brilliant collab.