Medication – Nick Murphy (Chet Faker)

Chet Faker has been a massive presence in the downtempo/electronica scene since 2012 – and a the singer/songwriter from Melbourne Australia . This track is fresh off the press 10 hours ago and it just fit my vibe perfectly today. Sometimes all you want is a little medication to numb the emotions, or you want be the medication so he can be the patient. Regardless of the fight you fight, this song flows well with it’s message & filled me with a touch of connective-emotion, those lingering feelings like you aren’t alone.

Sit back and enjoy – Whit

A Moment Apart – ODESZA


Odesza is so well known, they barely need introduction. This duo is from Seattle and was formed in 2012 by Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight. These dude met in their first year of University where they were studying math, physics and graphic design (Nerds). Fun fact, they named themselves after Mill’s uncle’s sunken vessel where all but two perished in the incident.

This album is their third, and it debuted September 8th.  The tracks have such a wide variation in sounds, vibes, and flow. Sprinkled in this album are some big name collaborations like Leon Bridges and Regina Spektor, which add to the smooth but vast sounds. Odesza has a distinct flavor and these 16 tracks DEFINITELY do not disappoint. A Moment Apart makes me feel like I am dancing under a starlit sky while twirling barefoot in a rose garden. If you need some vibes to smooth out the kinks of your daily grind – this album is for you.

Spread Love – Light – & Gratitude.

xx- Whit

Thru Tel Aviv – Kutiman

Well, the YouTube rabbit hole pulled through for me yet again. This time I discovered one of the coolest music/video montages of all time. Ophir Kutiel [AKA Kutiman] is a musician, composer, producer and animator from Israel who started learning instruments at the age of 6. In 2006, he was signed to German music label Melting Pot Music (which also hosts numerous other notable tune-smiths like Suff Daddy, The Hi-Hat Club, and FloFilz) and in 2009 he released “Thru You,” an online music video project featuring a mash up of samples from numerous YouTube videos. The project received more than 10 million views in just over two weeks, which is insane in YouTube terms. Along with Tel Aviv, there are also videos of Hamburg, Israel, Krakow, Istanbul, Tokyo, and Jerusalem. Each one has a distinct flair, incorporating musicians from those places and echoing the traditional style of music that at some point in human history was only heard live.

This video is so much fun, and the music that accompanies it is incredibly unique. It’s not often you get to hear a Hang drum, synthesizer, electric Saz, MPC machine, Clave blocks, a brass section, vinyl scratching, didgeridoo, AND throat singing in one song. If you have an hour to kill, check out this guy’s YouTube channel as well. The videos really make the songs come alive and I can’t imagine how much work goes into every single project this guy takes on. For that I thank you, Kutiman.

Also, in the hour or six you spend in the Youtube rabbit hole, check out another project he was a part of at It’s a fully interactive website that allows you to choose from different cities and produce your own mixes from the existing samples. Go pretend to be a DJ for a bit!

Peace – Keto

Left Hand Free- Alt-J (SAFIA cover)

I’m always hungry for a fresh new take on a track I already love and SAFIA hit the spot, serving me this cool, contagious cover. I’m sure lots of you know the English indie rock band, Alt- J that originally did this song, Left Hand Free. If not, I have a few fun facts about them for you. The band members include Joe Newman, Thom Green and Gus Unger-Hamilton and their band symbol is a capital letter delta ∆, which is traditionally used in scientific study to indicate “change” or “difference”. The ∆ symbol can be typed on an Apple Mac with the key sequence Alt + J. I give you all permission to use this fun fact and take full credit for it… the secret is ours!

SAFIA is an Australian electronica indie pop band formed in Canberra. The soothing and sexy voice you hear comes from band member Ben Woolner. On drums and production you have the marvellous Michael Bell and Harry Sayers killing it on guitar, synths and production. Since I’m handing out fun facts for the day, here is another for your pocket. The name SAFIA comes from a song they wrote called “Saphire” but it had no meaning at the time. Since then the band found out that safia in Arabic means serenity.

Well that’s all the fun facts for today. Hope your hungry, cause this cover is the full meal deal!

Much Love


Black Fur / Garden – Elder Island

I’m really excited to share this find. Few artists do this style well, if you like The XX have a listen to Elder Island. I chose 2 tracks to post, both really encompass the emotion and style I primarily keep an ear out for while beat cruising. Katy Sargent’s sensual and calming voice confess lyrics that are enigmatic to mull over. David Harvard and Luke Thorton are the gentlemen completing this powerhouse trio. Their music is a complex blend of organic instrumentals recorded, looped, and stitched together at varying segments along each track. Utilizing guitar, bass, keys, and cello plugged into MPC sampling creates a style that’s difficult to define. While balancing high energy and that intoxicating above the clouds sound that electronica defines, Elder Island is a musical gem exuding funky grooves, enchanting vocals, and sultry synths.

Curious about their name, a quick search revealed Elder Islands is located in the Canadian Artic! A “happy coincidence” says the group from Bristol. But they enjoy the connotation of their music existing as a small remote island.

These 2 tracks exude musical depth that can be tricky to find. At times electronica can sound too layered, too scattered. These 2 are blended so well it’s impossible not to get lost in them. I hope you enjoy these as much as do. Big ups to Elder Island.