Trails – BLU J (ft. Axel Mansoor)

You know its cool seeing artists evolve and master their craft more and more with each track they put out. A common thing for me to say whenever¬†BLU J¬†release a new song is “These guys just keep getter better and better!” So whenever I am about to listen to something new from the duo I am ready to hear their best.

Well they did not disappoint with “Trails”! The beginning sets the mood for something powerful to happen. Axel Mansoors’ amazing vocals pulls you along to an exploding climax that will bring a smile to your face from ear to ear. Close your eyes to get the full effect. You’ll be riding that glorious music high for the rest of the track…..which will probably make you hit repeat. Enjoy another fantastic track by BLU J!

The Great White Caron

Trutothegame – BRYX

BRYX is a boss. The guy’s from Nelson but now resides in Victoria, and if you’ve been lucky enough to see him spin you know it really is something special. In the world of electronic music it is rare to see a DJ spinning as flawlessly and raunchily as this guy. He scratches every itch on the wheels of steel and his snippets, samples and overall style are deep rooted in the classic hip hop and instrumental scene. Listening to a BRYX mix whilst working out might just make you pull a muscle, so do yo’ dam stretches folks! Get this guru all up in your ears.

* Keto