2017 Shambhala Fractal Forest Mix – Slynk 

All the way across the world from Brisbane AU, Evan ‘Slynk’ Chandler brings the funk to our beautiful country, now settling in the coastal city of Vancouver. From his huge stylin’ framed glasses, twisted snap back hats, and massive energy filled tunes it’s clear why this guy is to many ‘the funkiest DJ on the planet.’ Does he ever really settle though?! He’s constantly bouncing around spreading his sickness – that is, his turntable scratching, hip-swinging, smile inducing, love facilitating sickness that’s personally got me ill to the core! I need no antidote. Just give me more of that funky stuff!

Slynks roots begin with a drum kit and piano lessons, which quickly spun into turntables (pun intended) and playing sets across Australia. It wasn’t long until big names like Shambhala Music Festival caught wind of this groovy dude.

Shambhala holds a special place in my heart, for a multitude of reasons. I know that for Slynk, that special feeling resides in him too. Shambhala was his first ever music festival, as well as his first trip over seas. I guess the vibes over here in western Canada were just right. Taken on by Danio Management , Slynk will continue to grow and evolve. What a treat that this unreal artist is so close to home.

Below you’ll find his 2017 Fractal Forest mix, and a short interview giving us a more intimate introduction to Evan Chandler, his take on music, and how his career has progressed. This mix is seriously addicting and high energy. He throws down some glitch, drum & bass, breaks, house, and killer drops – all concocted into a nice big majestic funky potion of – get the fuck up and move your body! Take one sip and I promise the only cure you’ll find for the Slynk sickness, is more Slynk.

Buckle up and prepare to get funkified! 

Enjoy this mix as much as I do. Much love!


Late Night People – GoldFish

New music out from the South African duo GoldFish. Back in September one of my co-authors Whit did a fantastic write up of the single from this album – If I Could Find. The album follows suit with more funky, blues, instrumental, bassy goodness. There are even a few tropical house type vibes in here. Great vocals throughout and every track flows nicely into the next. This is a perfect feel good album to transition us back to the real world after a long weekend.

Maybe Whit will be a little choked I snagged this one, maybe she won’t. If she is, then maybe she’ll think twice about posting any new music from my future wife – REZZ. Muahaha.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Funk Jesus – TheFloozies

Brand new album out from TheFloozies . The duo out of the states does it again with their voice-box synthesized, instrumental cut, all over the place funky unique sound. This album has a little hip-hop, some feel good lyrics, slow jams, lathered with the classic Floozies funk signature.

These guys make me feel the way I think people felt about disco music when it first came around, but that’s just me. Enjoy!


Fractal Forest Mix- Shambhala 2017- JFB

It’s that time of year again, summer, festivals and warm sunny days have all come to an end, and although that may seem sad and depressing, it also means that all the festival sets you have been waiting for are ready to be released! The first summer of 2017 mixtape I have for you comes from the king of the decks, the god of scratching, Mr. JFB.

Born and raised in Brighton, United Kingdom, JFB is recognized worldwide with 3 DMC Championship titles and RedBull3style World Finalist. His ability to rock any party, jumping genre to genre like its going out of style, keeps the audience engaged, amazed and fully stoked. If you scour JFB’s catalog you will hear everything from Jazz to Funk and Hip Hop, Dubstep, Glitch Hop, Breakbeat, Drumstep, Drum n’ Bass, Ghetto Funk, and Electro Swing. With a list like that it’s no wonder he has been signed with so many record labels including Skint, Ghetto Funk, Hot Cakes, Jungle Cakes, Hospital, Surface Noise One Eye, Central Station, and Rat Records.

In true JFB fashion, this Shambhala set comes with a super stylish intro, a wide variety in sounds and genres and crazy, wicked scratching that will blow your mind. He takes dope, legendary classics and puts a new groovy and unexpected twist to them. When you can listen to a set front to back more than 3 times in a week, you know its gold, and thats exactly what JFB has done.

If you have never seen JFB live I highly recommend it, there will be no disappointment. For now, I have added a video of him, so if you weren’t already convinced he is a must see, you will be after watching the video.

Happy Monday Melomaniacs!



See you again – Tyler, The Creator (Louis Futon & GRiZ flip)

Well I have always thought that creating music with GRiZ would be an incredible experience. Griz shared this experience while himself and Louis Futon creating this amazing flip to Tyler, The Creator’s track “See you again”. It looked like they were having such a fun time making this and it shows with what they did to this already great song.

It starts off with a nice funky beat and slowly builds as more instruments get layered in like a delicious cake. Then GRiZ hits us with that sexy sax and it’s all good from there! Enjoy this chilly yet groovy and funky track!

The Great White Caron