We Only Got – Nvt

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to some FRESH NEW glitch. It’s been a while since my last quintessential glitch track, but damn does it feel good. This track was signed to Adapted Records which is based out of Australia, and this artist – Nvt – is from Prague. Although I can’t find much on the World Wide Web I would definitely suggest giving this dude a follow or two as he has 194 followers and deserves about 3000 more, pronto.

Make sure you stretch before you play this track on a good set of speakers.

xx- Whit

Can’t Change Crazy – Leo Napier (Defunk Remix)

Well, this home grown Calgarian has had my heart for many, many years. Not only are his tracks super consistently impressive, the last year or two I find this soulful blues infusion to be extremely captivating. As always, I am proud to brag about the Canadian music scene, and this gentlemen is worth the boast. Have you ever seen him live? The way he throws down is pretty fricken sexy — welp, he is pretty sexy all together. If you haven’t checked out Defunk before, thats bananas. Give him a follow on Soundcloud and make sure you cut some shapes if you ever get blessed with having him in your own home town. The lyrics in this track are playful and I am sure a few of you can resonate with a crazy bitch or two (can’t we all). Hands to the sky and hips to the floor, shake it for me.

Love Always, Live On The Edge.

xx- Whit


A Future in Blue – Zoogma

I always enjoy being surprised by an artists or group. I had never heard of Zoogma before and decided to give this album a listen. And then the funk hit!!! And if you know me you know I love me some funk!

Zoogma is a 4 piece band from Nashville/Atlanta and they know how to bring the funk in an amazing fashion. They fuse a lot blues, rock, groovy bass lines and synths and it sounds fantastic!

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do! Till next time keep fit and have fun!

The Great White Caron


Hey Old Friend – The Beatknitter

Ok so first off, the guy’s name is “The Beatknitter.” With a claim like that he must be quilting beats in his basement without even using a thimble! I particularly appreciate wordplay and in another life I became a strictly vinyl DJ with the alias “Tyannosaurus Decks.” I can’t find any info on this guy but I do know this – the bassline is supah funky, the kick is crisp, and the display pic is amazing. Feel good tune fer’ sheeeerrrrr!

PS – Sarry for not posting in so long, summer time is BUSY!!

• Keto 🙂

Lowtemporary Vol. 3

👽Hello Fellow Music Aliens 👽

Gramatik started this label called Lowtemp which he boasts was “created by artists for artists”. What a great slogan. Music is meant to be shared, experienced, and be the soundtrack for the epic moments in our lives. I listened to this compilation 4x since I bought it yesterday and couldn’t bring myself to pick one, two or even three key songs to share with you. Therefore, I was basically obligated due to music quality to share it all. As Gramatik expresses – and I would have to agree – he provides a platform for innovative forward thinking artist to share their sounds with the world. This compilation is fresh off the press and for sale on Itunes for 10.99 – get it in ya! I feel some deep connection to the song It Ain’t Love – for no particular reason today it left me feeling swanky and full of life.

Let music move you & let your Friday soundtrack include these gloriously smooth beats. These tasty ear-treats pair well with a bottle of wine and your Soul-Family. To each of the members of my soul-family out there (you know who you are) I love you more than words can express.

xx- Whit

Shout Out To All The Artists:

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