Monty – Grinny Grandad

Oooo this song has me grinnin’ from ear to ear with it’s clever overlaying of samples and super groovy psychadelic rollwithitness. That opening lyric and the guitar solo later in the song is from none other than Fleetwood Mac’s 1969 release titled “Oh Well.” You might be thinking, “Wait, that sounds nothing like Fleetwood Mac?!” Precisely correct, my fellow audiophiles; before Stevie Nicks , Lindsey Buckingham, and the McVie’s were ever part of the band this young Londoner named Peter Green formed the group and it was the blues to the core. Ever heard that little jingle from Santana called Black Magic Woman? Green wrote and recorded that first! (listen here) We’re talkin’ late 60’s my dudes, when some of your parents were still running around in diapers! Fast forward to 4 years ago when Chris Morton AKA Grinny Grandad utilized that hook in a super stylish and funkafied fashion. Chris is also an English chap and he is/was involved with Freshly Squeezed UK and Finger Lickin’ Management for some time but hasn’t put out anything new in recent months. Either way, get lost in this track but be warned that one listen will not suffice.

PS – I have yet to figure out who the female vocal is immediately following “Oh Well” but she reminds me of a young Dolly Parton without that characteristic twang. Her lyrics are cool to boot.

Peace & Love  – Keto


Shambhala 2017 Mix – JPOD (the Beat Chef)

Oh my god, it’s JPOD! This has got to be one of the happiest, bounciest, and most positive humans on this planet. He’s been in the ghetto funk scene since its inception and never disappoints with his distinct wompy synths, groovy soulful remixes and energetic stage presence. I mean, the guy dances harder than a lot of the people who go to his shows, and I’ve always loved seeing somebody truly enjoy what they do – it’s a special and beautiful thing. If you’ve been to Shamb or Basscoast, you may have seen this guy rolling around on his off-road motorized skateboard or hamming it up with the legendary Stickybuds. JPOD is the epitome of a good time – always smiling, always stoked, and always throwing down some tasty tracks in his well rounded and well grounded mixes. From bangin’ original beats to reworks of notable artists like Al Green, Nappy Roots, Ray Charles, Little Richard, Stevie Wonder, and Sublime, JPOD consistently fills the dance floor and gets the good vibes flowing. If you’re feeling zesty, head on over to his YouTube channel and fill your auditory canals with his Mambo & Motown as well as the Blues & Bebop mixes from 2 and 3 years ago. I can personally guarantee you will not be disappointed. Happy Monday, and may the funk be with you!

• Keto

Festival Mix 2017- Burchill

Here at HKFL we love supporting new kick ass Canadian DJ’s and Burchill just happened to meet all the criteria. Fresh off a 2017 tour of the Canadian West Coast festival circuit, you may have seen him this summer killin’ it behind the decks.

Back in 2008, Sean aka Burchill, decided to dip his toes into the electronic music world and had the magical experience of attending Shambhala Music Festival. During those amazing days he discovered his passion for electronic music and music culture. In 2015 he won a DJ competition hosted by BassBus and since then has been a recurring act on the talented BassBus roster. Just this year, Burchill was crowned champion of the 9th annual Dirty Tones DJ competition by using his ability to genre hop and tell a fluid story in a short time span.

This new mix is guaranteed to satisfy every limb on the body. From the super groovy funk to the dirty house baselines, it will get your booty shakin’, elbows movin’, and head bangin’. The fusion of classic rock remixes and fresh new bangers is both impressive and refreshing. I see big things in the future for this dude and will definitely be getting a ticket to his next show in town.

Peace and Love!



Ska Party – Skamanians (Cockney Nutjob remix)

Heyy ya’ll remember ghetto funk?! Sometimes I foolishly do until I recall how much fun it is to throw down to! If it doesn’t get your feet moving you better check yourself cuz you might be a paraplegic 😜  But seriously Cockney Nutjob is definitely worth a solid scope for upbeat party beats and funky ass tunes! Just love the grimy trombone in this one but honestly had a hard time choosing just one out of his repertoire to post, and the other beauty aspect is most of his tracks are available for free dl on his Soundcloud which is always nice. Hope you like!


Fractal Forest Mix- Shambhala 2012 – Stickybuds

I couldn’t think of anything better to represent a musical orgasm than a Stickybuds set. Stickybuds has been a resident of Shambhala’s Fractal Forest for the last 12+ years and is a definite crowd favourite. His stoke level while playing is always contagious, and his flow flying around while he head bangs never gets old. The tracks throughout this mixtape are mostly produced by Stickybuds, and include a unique mixture of funk, reggae, drum n’ bass, broken beats, and exclusive acapella selections.

This set is from Shambhala in 2012, and is my favourite thing to come from the funky fresh production of Stickybuds. It not only brings pleasure to my ears but also makes my brain melt, bringing back the memory of dancing with by best friend Whit, alongside Stickybuds himself on stage while he ROCKED OUT this epic set.

Do yourself a favour, the next time Stickybuds is playing a show in your city or a set at a festival you’re at, make time for this high spirited, funky, west coast Canadian babe and all around genuine human.