Recharge EP – Tryptich



If you like breaks, if you want bass, if you crave futuristic sounds of the outer space- this is for you. Tryptich’s Recharge EP is 4 breaks tracks bringing the revival of breaks on with a psychedelic twist.




HighKicks has a new Friend. That’s what this person (man or woman I’m not entirely sure) goes by. There isn’t much information I can share about this individual, other than their music is very well produced. This music is smoking a corn cob pipe, sitting around a fire, feet up with a drink in hand. This is a road trip with your best friends, taking in the beautiful sights. This is some really relaxed listening; every song. I hear banjo, guitar, harmonica and best of all – BASS. Do yourself a favour and follow this artist. Whoever you are, Friend. , and wherever you’re from, meet your new fans. This first song, ‘Catharsis’, is only two days old. It takes the Glitch label without a doubt. I also want to specifically share ‘Homestead’ and ‘The Whistler.’ Both of these tunes are less than six months old, more relaxed, and the instruments really stand out. Trust me on this – listen to the ‘Whistler’ real loud. That bass doesn’t disappoint.

ps. How about that album artwork, am I right?

Easy listening


Smokescreens & Somersaults – Cheshire

Instantaneous love ensued after hearing the mini mix previewing this album. Stuck a friendly reminder in my phone to spread this jam upon it’s release date. Meet Cheshire and his album “Smokescreens and Somersaults”. Released on Westwood Recordings (you know, the powerhouse driving much of the West Coast scene) – at this stage if one see’s Westwoods charm on some music, you just hit play. No questions.

Cheshire absolutely slays production on this album. He loops all your most beloved instruments, electric bass/guitar, saxophone, and keys while folding in good mood vocals and ramming it up with that glitchy, neo-soul, head banging but also lightheartded grooving sound that only our main squeeze EDM achieves all at once. This album is a backyard bbq, a road trip, a mountain cruise, a house party, a winter jog, its your get up and go. Really everything you could ask for.

Can I get a round of applause for this dude and his babely sounds?

Enjoy melomaniacs, you deserve good music.



We Only Got – Nvt

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to some FRESH NEW glitch. It’s been a while since my last quintessential glitch track, but damn does it feel good. This track was signed to Adapted Records which is based out of Australia, and this artist – Nvt – is from Prague. Although I can’t find much on the World Wide Web I would definitely suggest giving this dude a follow or two as he has 194 followers and deserves about 3000 more, pronto.

Make sure you stretch before you play this track on a good set of speakers.

xx- Whit

Fly Beat – K+Lab

Banger, but really when are K+Lab’s tracks not? This dope human hails from New Zealand but has been a big presence on the West Coast circuit for a few years. Collaborations with Stickybuds, Alias, The Mic Smith, Sascha Vee, Delhi 2 Dublin, Fort Knox 5 display diversity but his style of glitch is hard and big. I was lucky to catch him at Motion Notion 2013, still one of my favourite sets to date. He stood up ripping a keytar and had The Mic Smith in the middle of the dancefloor throwing down his lyrics to “The MotherShip” (a timeless banger you must listen to if you don’t know it). With a heavy foot on the metaphorical glitch mobile gas pedal K+Lab’s contributions are one of the reasons why I love this genre so much.