Mini Mix- Jenny Louca

Jenny Louca…Who are you? Where are you from? Why have I never heard your music before? And how do you only have 20 followers!?

Within the first few seconds of listening to this mix I was hooked. That electronic bluesy harmonica sound is just so sexy and infectious it had me feeling tingly and wanting more. From the classic tracks by Stevie Wonder and Red Hot Chilli Peppers to beats you may not have heard before, these tunes will keep you on your toes, whether your listening for whats next or on the floor dancing. The combination of funk and swing in my ears is like eating my favourite home cooked meal made by my mom. after travelling for months and that is the perfect description for this 14 minutes and 12 seconds you are about to listen to. Get your speakers turned up loud, booty ready to shake and have a time!

Much Love!


Hot Jazz & Fire- Duke Skellington

O baby, he’s done it again, that swing and glitch combo that gets me in all the right places. From the old school sexy, suave swing sound to the heavy, head bangin’ glitchy bass goodness, this track will have you on the floor dancing in no time.

Duke Skellington, the man, legend and swing king. DJ and music producer in Future Swing, Swing House, Electro Swing, Swing, and Glitch. Duke not only produces music alone but is also apart of the group Alias “The Vaude Villainz”, which include DJ Skyler Gilmore and Professor Watson, that run an electro swing/ swing podcast called “Jitterbug Jukebox.” I am a huge fan of Duke Skellington, Jitterbug Jukebox and the electro swing world in general, if you haven’t already noticed. The fact that I can jam it with my Granny and Grandad dancing in the kitchen to a late night with my friends makes my heart so happy. If you are 6, 16, 65 or 85 you can’t help but enjoy he fusion of the infectious classic swing sound and the new age electro beat. It will put a smile on your face and get you up the dance floor before you even hear the first drop.  So whether your with a child, friend or grandparent, throw on this track, turn it up loud and cut some shapes!

Much Love!




Macaroon – BLUE The Elephant.

BLUE The Elephant. – you are so underground, I still have no idea who you are or where you came from but I dig your style. Since I can not speak to the nature of your whereabouts or your history as an artist, all I can recount is how this song makes me feel.

Easy breezy fall day, falling leaves, swirling wind, resilient attitude. This song reminds me of how I feel after a personal triumph; everything worked out and that sense of inner calm takes over as you send a gratitude thought out at the sky.

I will be keeping tabs on this artist and so should you. Soundcloud: BLUE The Elephant.

May you win your daily battles today friends. xx- Whit

Festival Mix 2017- Burchill

Here at HKFL we love supporting new kick ass Canadian DJ’s and Burchill just happened to meet all the criteria. Fresh off a 2017 tour of the Canadian West Coast festival circuit, you may have seen him this summer killin’ it behind the decks.

Back in 2008, Sean aka Burchill, decided to dip his toes into the electronic music world and had the magical experience of attending Shambhala Music Festival. During those amazing days he discovered his passion for electronic music and music culture. In 2015 he won a DJ competition hosted by BassBus and since then has been a recurring act on the talented BassBus roster. Just this year, Burchill was crowned champion of the 9th annual Dirty Tones DJ competition by using his ability to genre hop and tell a fluid story in a short time span.

This new mix is guaranteed to satisfy every limb on the body. From the super groovy funk to the dirty house baselines, it will get your booty shakin’, elbows movin’, and head bangin’. The fusion of classic rock remixes and fresh new bangers is both impressive and refreshing. I see big things in the future for this dude and will definitely be getting a ticket to his next show in town.

Peace and Love!



Cat’n Around Mix- DLIGHT

DLIGHT -and what a delight this dude is. I’m sure if you are in the festival scene you have been alarmed by Dalen’s snake or at least noticed the sexy cat loving power couple that make up Dayla. From the booming metropolis of Grande Prairie and although quite new to the DJ world, DLIGHT is no new face in the electronic music scene. Thanks to JayFresh, the music scene in Grande Prairie is very impressive and with mixes like DLIGHT has just dropped it’s about to get that much better.

“I thoroughly enjoy digging through the endless spaces of life to discover music, and then mixing these nifty tunes for the great people to hear.” -DLIGHT

This mix is a total reflection of those words. Filled with non stop top notch tracks, from Golden Era Hip Hop to funky feel good classics, its got all the right vibes. If your’e looking for a fresh new face to follow, it’s your lucky day! Give this salt of the earth a taste and satisfy those musical cravings.

Much Love