Better 4 U – The Floozies

Whoa Whoa Whoa. This track is all kinds of awesome. Did you know that The Floozies are brothers? This duo is fresh out of Lawrence, Kansas. They bring some wild upbeat vibes layered with smooth vocals and a distinct funk punch. If you want to own their music – you are in LUCK. They have everything up for download on their site !!!! Shit Yeah!! Show them some love and follow them on The Floozies SoundCloud.

The wildest thing about this track is it makes me want to star in my own cartoon where my special feature is the badass ability to YoYo like a boss.

xx- Whit

Got The Love (feat. Jennifer Hartswick) – Big Gigantic {The Funk Hunters Remix}

Some beautiful female vocals dance amongst the jazzy/funk flow in this new track by one of my favourite duos. Big Gigantic has always been one of my most liked artists in this genre of electronic, but the Funk Hunters really take this one to the next level. You’re going to love the upbeat nature of this tune, but when those drops hit – I know you’ll be weak in the knees taking it down to the floor. Here’s to the end of a fantastic summer, and the beginning of an even better winter. It’s this bouncy, funky, glitchy kinda music that is the fuel to my ultimate snowboard shred days.

Cheers to one day closer to snow fall.


If I Could Find – GoldFish

Father forgive me, for I have sinned. It has been 9 days since my last submission. I promise to make this one extra delicious to satisfy the ears of all HFKL listeners. Now, not that this is an excuse, but I did just graduate university last week, and my new gypsy chapter begins today – with everything I own neatly rammed into my car so I can take the ferry off this absolutely stunning island I have called home for one year. Enough about me. Lets talk about Goldfish. This is a South African duo which mixes in live instruments and floods the scene with sounds of saxophone, double bass, some swanky basslines and sexy synths. It’s hard to imagine having a bad day once you’ve listened to this track. Can we talk about how fucking cool the duo is outside of simply the tracks they produce? Apparently before all this album creation stuff “Dom and Dave” were just two surfers/music students living in Cape Town. Once they did decide to do the album stuff, they locked themselves in a bedroom and just hashed it out – instruments in hand.

I am happy to say this is only the second single of their new album Late Night People – so we can expect many more tasty  ear treats in the very near future. Whaahooo! Stay tune for those.

That’s all for today kids, give Goldfish a follow & send me positive new chapter vibes if you are feeling it.

One Love – Whit

Small World- Def3 (Produced by Late Night Radio)

Happy Hump Day Humans! I am super stoked to share this colossal collaboration of the Canadian hip hop word smith, Dj and visual artist, Def3 and legend producer and entertainer, Late Night Radio. Being an old school hip hop lover, this album really makes my heart happy. It’s so nice to see new hip hop hit the scene that brings you right back to the golden era and all its glory.

Danny Fernandez, the man behind the wicked words, charming face and coolest childhood you ever did hear about. From 4 -10 years of age, Def3 lived on board a hospital ship with his mother, father and brother. At age 6 he began performing in a song and dance group called Ship Kids that entertained hundreds of people in some of the world’s poorest nations where Mercy Ships offered free surgeries and medical help. In his preteen years the family travelled to 27 different countries including the Caribbean, Europe and West Africa, giving Danny a very diverse view on life. With both parents having musical backgrounds, with latin rhythm from his Chilean father and a flair for words from his mother, Def3 naturally had dreams of producing his own brand of music from a very young age. After living in East Texas for a year, the family decided to move to Regina, Saskatchewan, where Danny really began to make his mark and became a major contributor in the Saskatchewan art scene as a one of a kind MC, super sick spray paint artist, and the most dope, down to earth DJ.

This month Def3 dropped the album, Small World, which has entirely been produced by Late Night Radio, who includes Alex Medellin and Tyler Crawford Unland (drums) from Denver, Colorado. With profile production, innovative experimentation and determined dedication to the craft, Late Night Radio have been earning recognition of fans and peers of the electronic music melting pot scene. Over the years Alex has put in his time in the industry, making his way up in Texas, California and now Colorado. His success today shows not only his ability to create tasty, top-notch original tunes, but to also bring them to life on stage, promoting what he preaches -guided by the mantra “emotion over energy.”

With biography’s like these, it’s no wonder this album is so magical. Thank you Def3 for creating new hip hop that has soul and groove and to Late Night Radio for continuously breaking the boundaries in the music scene, producing fresh, new tunes and adding  genres under the umbrella of the electronic scene.

Hope you enjoy!



God Damn- Zac Slater

I introduce to you Zac Slater, a fresh fusion of upbeat acoustic rythyms, badass hip hop flow, and soulful vocal melodies. Tasmanian born and proud, this wicked one man show is now kickin it and killin it in Melbourne, Australia.

“From the age of 2 I had drumsticks in my hands following the steps of my father (drummer) and mother (singer) so very early on I knew what my dreams were.” -Zac

It always gets my soul stoked watching one human captivate a whole audience with nothing but their voice and guitar, and this self taught multi- instrumentalist does just that. His memorizing sound and passionate live performance will have you locked in from beginning to end. So buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Peace and Love!