Shambhala Mix Series #18- Wood n Soo

Good morning and happy Tuesday humans! Today I have some home grown bass house picked out for you from the one and only Wood n Soo.

This veteran duo from Vancouver joined forces in 2004 and have been killing it ever since, playing festivals and shows around the world. Known for their genre defying mix tapes and 4 turntable performances, these seasoned crate diggers are quite the epic and entertaining sight. You can find them showcasing an array of styles from past to present , laying down anything from hip hop, house and funk to disco and reggae. The future classics and exclusive bangers that Wood n Son throw down are the perfect ingredients to make up the ideal rager recipe.

So, whether your driving to a festival, rocking out at home or putting on a party, this mix will be sure to feed all those who are hungry for some fresh beats.

Peace and Love,



Cobra (Philly Blunt)- Serum & Voltage

CDOG on the blog with some drum and bass in your face! Voltage, a pioneer in the Jungle/ Drum and Bass scene and Serum the new generation and forefront of its continued growth and popularity have come together to create a mixture of innovative crafted remixes and fresh new production that will surpass your satisfaction.

Philly Blunt Records is a part of many record labels, producers and DJs that played an integral role in the evolution of the genre. Before the birth of hi- speed internet they collected new followers show by show, town by town, and country by country. The label was created to tag alongside Bryan Gee and Jumpin’ Jack Frosts’  already very popular V Recordings in 1994. Fast forward to 2016, with just 25 releases in 22 years Bryan Gee decided it was time for the Philly Blunt’s debut album project. Now 2017, Voltage and Serum have their newest creation ,Cobra EP, ready to be released and raged to.

Solidly sticking to its quality over quantity formula mixed with prime production skills to match their high energy DJ sets it is no surprise that between them they have gained attention from around the world. This flashy four track EP will have you throwin’ down with the biggest grin on your face from start to finish. So get ready and be prepared cause your about to get struck by a Cobra!

Much Love Music Lovers


Prais’ Ya- Mildly Curious

Leave it to Mildly Curious to wash away those hump day blues that tend to creep in every once in a while. Those downtempo breakbeats and funky bass lines just hit you in all the right places, turning the struggle to make it to the end of the week into having a drink or two to celebrate its almost the weekend.

Just like her name, after spending some serious time researching anything about her, I am left curious to who this babe of a DJ is. The mystery behind the name along with the wicked art and sick beats displayed on her page leaves me with quite the lady crush on this beauty.

So go ahead, press play and get stoked for the weekend ahead! Happy Hump Day Humans!!

Much Love,


Spring Swing 2017- Kiwistar

Happy Friday fellow followers! What a better way to start off the weekend than with a groovy electro swing mix! This hip swaying, head bobbing and all around awesome mixtape was released yesterday and I have listened to it 4 times front to back!

Kiwistar is a French – Indian DJ and producer born in Paris and now based out of Lyon, France. If you follow the electro swing scene at all you are very familiar with Kiwistar and his reputation of bringing funky electro swing to a whole new level, melting it live with a wide variety of genres, blending happy vibes with heavy hitting big bangers. Whether you’re in the mood to get the party started on a Friday night or chill out on a Sunday afternoon, Kiwistar has it all.

I hope this mix gets your body movin’ and soul groovin! Happy listening humans!

Love ya!


Bran Van 3000 – Drinking in LA (JPOD & The Funk Hunters Remix)

This song reminds me of being a kid riding in the back of my dads 4Runner jammin’ ‘Big Shiny Tunes 2’. Damn those were good CD’s eh? This well known remix by two of my favourite artists never gets old. Read the song profile on SoundCloud for a backstory blurb on how it was created. Enjoy.