Atlas – Lane 8

Lane 8.jpgWarning: It is about to get really happy in here. If you’re not wanting to smile and dance around with your friends laughing and hugging maybe skip this one. Lane 8 just dropped his new album Little by Little and it seriously takes you to such a happy place. Its the kind of album you want to listen to while laying in grass on a warm day, or dancing in the middle of the ocean. This track Atlas is a prime example of the escapism this album offers.

This song builds slow leading to a climax that leaves you with a big goofy smile on your face. I could keep talking about it but I can only say happy so many times. You have to experience it for yourself and then you will understand, So close your eyes, let go and enjoy this beautiful song.

The Great White Caron


Juggy- Oily (Nick Bike Edit)

Hello all you music loving listeners! Today I am introducing yet another amazing DJ to the already top-notch Western Canadian roster we are so blessed to call ours. Nick Bike is a multi genre DJ from Vancouver, BC and has 2 regional Red Bull 3style championships under his belt. Nick’s major influences include Skratch Bastid, Jazzy Jeff, Eh! Team, A-Trak, and Premier. Along with regularly releasing music under The Beat Junkies record pool, Nick’s edits and 45s have found their way into set lists of other DJs such as Skrillex, Grandtheft, and Jazzy Jeff, as well as radio playlists around the world.

This new track, Juggy, is funky, fun and hot off the press. It’s a get up and groove, lose the Monday blues kind of tune. Get creative and add your own words, spit a sick freestyle or get down and dirty on the dance floor. Whatever you’re feeling this track is sure to put a smile on your face and get you ready to conquer the world.

Happy Listening Melomaniacs!





Holy Ship! 2018 Official Mixtape – Subset

With 40 days to go until Holy Ship! 10.0 it is only fitting to be sharing this amazing mix by none other than Subset aka Mark Martinez. If you have never heard of him before that is ok you are now! This man is a legend to us Shipfam! He is best known for making renegade sets happen all over the place when he is at a festival. My first time experiencing this was on my first sailing of Holy Ship! February 2015. It was the first night and my friend and I were roaming the boat in the wee hours of the early morning. The sun was beginning to rise and we could hear some beats on one end of the ship. We found a small group of partiers dancing around while Subset was doing his magic, making his own sunrise set happen. It is still not only one of my favorite moments on Holy Ship! but just one of my favorite festival moments of all time. It really set the tone for my first Holy Ship. A year later Subset was rewarded with his own set time in the Theatre. If you were there you know how much fun that one was! If you ever see him at a show, festival, or just walking down the street dont be afraid to give him a hug. Subset is one of the most positive people in this industry. He has a saying that Subset gets it. He really does.

This mix is in a series to get us Shipfam all ready to once again create an amazing experience in the middle of the ocean. The sound clips he throws in periodically are so well timed and make so much sense for Holy Ship it gave me happy chills down my spine. Subset is amazing at being able to play many genres, usually in one mix. This one will have you bouncing and moving with a huge smile on your face. Shipfam or not enjoy this amazing collection of house tunes. Be sure to check him out on soundcloud (click that link above!).

The Great White Caron