Home Is Where The Heart Beats- Vibe Street

O hey there Friday, I have been impatiently awaiting your arrival and those Friday feel good vibes you always seem to bring me. As I took a stroll on Soundcloud to find the perfect match to my mood I happened to turn onto Vibe Street and find just that. Sexy, spicy, sultry and the most smooth sound filled my ears and I couldn’t help but fall in love. The fusion of Electro-Glitchy-Hip Hop and Bluesy-Folk put the biggest smile on my face and I couldn’t help but get up and rock out.

Ben “Smiles” Davis is the  genius behind the fresh new flavour he has coined as “Grass-Hop/ Future- Folk”. Whether it’s an intimate show or a late night dance tent, Vibe Street is known to get the crowd feeling just right. Denver, CO is where he calls home, but with a sound so diverse he is gaining fans from across the world and from all different spectrums. Give him a follow and fill your soul with a refreshing dose of originality that you so desperately crave.

P.S. I couldn’t choose just one track, EP or Album so here is one of each!



Planet Fruition- Isaac Chambers

Isaac Chambers, the small dude with big sound. This young music guru has more talents than I thought possible! From rapping and singing, to playing guitar, keyboards, percussion and programming to top it all off.  With a list like that it’s no wonder he has such an impressive variety in genres and sounds. From earthy Hip Hop, Downbeat, Reggae and World music grooves to full power Progressive Trance, Techno and House. His sound is unique, fresh and packed full of feel good vibes.

Hailing from the land of the Kiwis, Isaac has made quite the name for himself. In the last few years he has released two full length albums, five EP’s and over ten singles on local and international record labels. Known for his infectious energy, perfect production, and ability to get the dance floor moving and groovin’ with all the most positive vibes, he is high on my list to see live. Whether you’re chillin at home, jammin on a road trip, or getting stoked for the weekend, Isaac Chambers is your man. Press play, sit back and enjoy!




Rooted- Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless Leg Syndrome is a neurological disorder characterized by an irresistible urge to move one’s body to stop uncomfortable or odd sensations. -Wikipedia

This musical team from Austria may cause a similar urge in the body, but with zero harm and fully voluntary movements. The trio that make up Restless Leg Syndrome include long time DJ and producer, d.b.h. and Austria’s DJ champion title holders for the last decade, producers and turntable wizards, Chrisfader and Testa. Their concept behind the joint venture is to take a specific genre of music, sample and flip it into a danceable beats.  With the amount of talent and experience this wicked trio hold, they have created a sound that is groovy, grungy and one-of-a-kind.

Their new record “Roots” is Restless Leg Syndrome’s own personal version of traditional Tyrolean sounds combined with beats and cuts. These guys had every instrument recorded for this project and it is evident when listening. Every note is crisp, crunchy, and contagious, giving you no choice but to at least head bob, butt sway, shoulder shrug or full on get low and rock out.

After listening to the album over and over, its depth and distinctive sound make me fall in love with it more and more each time. It blows my mind that they only have just over 2000 followers. With talent and top-notch tunes like these guys have, that number needs to change. Spread the word fellow melomaniacs!




Fractal Forest Mix- Shambhala 2017- JFB

It’s that time of year again, summer, festivals and warm sunny days have all come to an end, and although that may seem sad and depressing, it also means that all the festival sets you have been waiting for are ready to be released! The first summer of 2017 mixtape I have for you comes from the king of the decks, the god of scratching, Mr. JFB.

Born and raised in Brighton, United Kingdom, JFB is recognized worldwide with 3 DMC Championship titles and RedBull3style World Finalist. His ability to rock any party, jumping genre to genre like its going out of style, keeps the audience engaged, amazed and fully stoked. If you scour JFB’s catalog you will hear everything from Jazz to Funk and Hip Hop, Dubstep, Glitch Hop, Breakbeat, Drumstep, Drum n’ Bass, Ghetto Funk, and Electro Swing. With a list like that it’s no wonder he has been signed with so many record labels including Skint, Ghetto Funk, Hot Cakes, Jungle Cakes, Hospital, Surface Noise One Eye, Central Station, and Rat Records.

In true JFB fashion, this Shambhala set comes with a super stylish intro, a wide variety in sounds and genres and crazy, wicked scratching that will blow your mind. He takes dope, legendary classics and puts a new groovy and unexpected twist to them. When you can listen to a set front to back more than 3 times in a week, you know its gold, and thats exactly what JFB has done.

If you have never seen JFB live I highly recommend it, there will be no disappointment. For now, I have added a video of him, so if you weren’t already convinced he is a must see, you will be after watching the video.

Happy Monday Melomaniacs!



Trutothegame – BRYX

BRYX is a boss. The guy’s from Nelson but now resides in Victoria, and if you’ve been lucky enough to see him spin you know it really is something special. In the world of electronic music it is rare to see a DJ spinning as flawlessly and raunchily as this guy. He scratches every itch on the wheels of steel and his snippets, samples and overall style are deep rooted in the classic hip hop and instrumental scene. Listening to a BRYX mix whilst working out might just make you pull a muscle, so do yo’ dam stretches folks! Get this guru all up in your ears.

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