Dub5tep 101 – Dirt Monkey

Friends, Dirt Monkey has been BUSY lately. I still have Wubula in my high rotation and he just released his new EP Wobble Like This and he delivers another amazing set of dubstep tracks. The single is Dub5tep 101 and let me tell you he is taking us back to school on how Dub should be sounding. The soundbite he uses nails the current state of alot of dubstep. I have mentioned my views on this in a previous post so I wont dive into that more. But, lets get back to the song shall we?

There is a massive build to this song. The intensity increases more and more creating energy that is sure to have dancefloors exploding into madness! This has taken me a while to write because every time I hear this song I go nuts! I am sure you will know what I am talking about as soon as you hit play. The Dubstep scene better look out because Dirt Monkey is going to take it over with the resurgence of the Wobble!

Enjoy this and get your bassface ready for this one!

The Great White Caron

And to make life easy here is the rest of the EP!