2017 Shambhala Fractal Forest Mix – Slynk 

All the way across the world from Brisbane AU, Evan ‘Slynk’ Chandler brings the funk to our beautiful country, now settling in the coastal city of Vancouver. From his huge stylin’ framed glasses, twisted snap back hats, and massive energy filled tunes it’s clear why this guy is to many ‘the funkiest DJ on the planet.’ Does he ever really settle though?! He’s constantly bouncing around spreading his sickness – that is, his turntable scratching, hip-swinging, smile inducing, love facilitating sickness that’s personally got me ill to the core! I need no antidote. Just give me more of that funky stuff!

Slynks roots begin with a drum kit and piano lessons, which quickly spun into turntables (pun intended) and playing sets across Australia. It wasn’t long until big names like Shambhala Music Festival caught wind of this groovy dude.

Shambhala holds a special place in my heart, for a multitude of reasons. I know that for Slynk, that special feeling resides in him too. Shambhala was his first ever music festival, as well as his first trip over seas. I guess the vibes over here in western Canada were just right. Taken on by Danio Management , Slynk will continue to grow and evolve. What a treat that this unreal artist is so close to home.

Below you’ll find his 2017 Fractal Forest mix, and a short interview giving us a more intimate introduction to Evan Chandler, his take on music, and how his career has progressed. This mix is seriously addicting and high energy. He throws down some glitch, drum & bass, breaks, house, and killer drops – all concocted into a nice big majestic funky potion of – get the fuck up and move your body! Take one sip and I promise the only cure you’ll find for the Slynk sickness, is more Slynk.

Buckle up and prepare to get funkified! 

Enjoy this mix as much as I do. Much love!


Hot // Disco // Down To My Feet – Strange Club

“Strange Club is all of us. This isn’t about one or two people standing out, it’s about a community of music, art, and life lovers that are proud of who they are and are not afraid to show it.” – I took this right from their Bio.

Greg Gonzalez and Sabastion Kimmel make up this music creating duo Strange Club. ‘Hot’ is a brand new one just one week old. ‘Disco’, and ‘Down To My Feet’ are two I really think you’re going to want to turn up and drop low to.

Grab a cocktail and hips-shaking partner; enjoy!


Boom – Overused

With everyone talking about turkey dinners, family time, and those damn pumpkin sprinkled coffees – I figured I’d give us all a little nudge into the long weekend with a banger! Puregold Records is gaining speed and recognition quickly. They’re based out of Austria, with over 30 artists under their label. These folks collaborated recently as they really only planted their roots in 2016. I think big things in the future for this clearly driven group of people. From what I can tell – they’re all about the big bass, rockin’, heavy jams. Dirty, grimy, crunchy. Snoop their website for more info – Puregold Records .

‘Boom’ is a fresh new house track from Overused , a DJ duo – Paul Grünberger and Robert Millwitsch. These dudes started out as Overused, and when they hit it big formed Puregold Records. Their vision was to start something bigger than themselves to give upcoming artists a chance. How thanksgiving-ish of them.

Turn this one up loud!


Jaws – AC Slater feat. Acid Mouth

Calling all Night Bass fanatics!!! The captain has some new music to tear up dance floors across the globe! If you have never seen AC Slater I highly suggest you do so. Don’t wear anything heavy because it is guaranteed to get sweaty. One of my all time favorite sets I have seen was AC leading the Night Bass night in the Black and White lounge on Holy Ship! That was a An incredible night of house music with AC really stepping it up!

“Jaws” is featured on his new release Outsiders which has many collabs with some pretty great names. If you had to guess the album is fantastic. Jaws is one of the songs that really caught my attention. It opens with a lot of different sounds moulded so well together none clash. The drop is grimy. Lip curling, booty shaking grimy. Get up for this one you melomaniac! Ya I’m talking to you!

The Great White Caron



Kooky Music EP – Jamie Jones

Attention all House Heads! I’m talking to those who wait through the 2 minute intros, get off on subtle basslines, chase the high hats, and groove to devious layers. House music for your experienced ear.

Ok so we have Hot Creations, a record label from London introduced to me years ago by a one of my favouirte music pals in this world. Co-founded by Jamie Jones and Lee Foss in 2010. House music is their baby. From managing sister labels HOTTRAX and Emerald City to Paradise in Ibiza these guys know Club Culture, they know how to make your dancing soul move.

Kooky Music is cool. Katy B’s vocals are featured on the opening track, Sound of Music. She’s no stranger to sharing her musical expression within the EDM scene. Her voice blends with a low, cruisey drop, and delicate claps. Kooky Chords is dancey. The first build up dropping in with, yep you guessed it, Kooky Chords. Positive Pressure is a strut through an aliens liar. Ending with Parallel Universe this track winds it all down with a tiny menace in the background.

This EP is Hot Creations 100th release. Cheers to the house this label produces.


Ps Wikid album artwork. Very nostalgic feel with the pencil crayon texture.