Boom F**cking Boom – Fatboy Slim

Oh Fatboy Slim. A legend who has stood the test of time and still knows how to create an amazing party! I will never forget the first time I saw him on Holy Ship Feb 2015. That sail away set made the ship go bonkers. When you hear “I’m on a cruise ship bitch!” the boat went insane! My phone did not stand a chance and was gone right after that! Set the tone for the whole festival! Plus his surprise lobby set will always hands down be the most fun I’ve ever had at a festival. That was some special magic.

One thing Fatboy loves to play is something with a dirty bassline that forces you to move. You can’t help but dance with a massive smile on your face. Boom fucking boom is exactly what you’d be expecting and it’s amazing. Enjoy this booty shaker!

The Great White Caron

Heres that epic Sailaway set from Holy Ship!

Shambhala Mix Series #18- Wood n Soo

Good morning and happy Tuesday humans! Today I have some home grown bass house picked out for you from the one and only Wood n Soo.

This veteran duo from Vancouver joined forces in 2004 and have been killing it ever since, playing festivals and shows around the world. Known for their genre defying mix tapes and 4 turntable performances, these seasoned crate diggers are quite the epic and entertaining sight. You can find them showcasing an array of styles from past to present , laying down anything from hip hop, house and funk to disco and reggae. The future classics and exclusive bangers that Wood n Son throw down are the perfect ingredients to make up the ideal rager recipe.

So, whether your driving to a festival, rocking out at home or putting on a party, this mix will be sure to feed all those who are hungry for some fresh beats.

Peace and Love,



John the Revelator (Son House) – Charlie Beale

Edward James House Jr. (AKA Son House) is a true legend of the delta blues. He started as a preacher and a pastor and transitioned smoothly into slide guitar playing and singing at the age of 25. Recording under the Paramount label during the Great Depression didn’t exactly boost album sales but nonetheless, Eddie became a massive influence for other musicians like Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Alan Wilson, and Jack White. Fun fact: Around 1927 or 1928, he had been playing in a juke joint when a man went on a shooting spree, hitting House in the leg, and he allegedly shot the man dead. House received a 15-year sentence at the Mississippi State Pen, of which he served two years.

Ok, history lesson aside, Son House was and still is an epic and bad ass musician of the last century. Charlie Beale, on the other hand, is a bold mother- for remixing this tune. With a string of releases on the Freshly Squeezed label, Beale’s fiery blend of funk, swing jazz and delta blues jumped up with 21st Century production is gaining him a worthy reputation.While this song clearly has biblical references which aren’t my regular cup of tea, I love the raw emotion that House sang with and the groovy guitar plucks. The change in tempo at 2:30 is also an interesting twist. Be sure to check out Beale’s other tracks as it took me 2 days to decide on which one to post!

• Keto

Sunrise Sermon – Destructo

Shipfam was sadly delivered some devastating news. Our Hardfather Gary Richards aka Destructo has been forced out of Hard and all of their events, including his crown jewel Holy Ship. For those that do not know what Holy Ship is it is one of the best and crazy experiences you will ever have. It’s so amazing that Shipfam do not stop talking about it. The Ship will not be the same without Gary but we will still make 2018s sailing one for the books! It is why Shipfam is the best!!

One thing that made the ship so special was the sunrise Sermon Destructo played. Always starting late in the evening (or early in the morning) he takes you on a 3 hour journey through house music. As the sun rises it is the closest thing to a religious experience you can get while partying in the middle of the ocean. Sadly this is the last Sunrise Sermon that will be held on Holy Ship so I thought it was needed to share. Shipfam or not enjoy this amazing Sermon!

In Gary We Trust




Little Bird – Danny Kolk

Welcome Danny Kolk to DirtyBird Records. This producer’s roots are in Brazil, he’s gained momentum with labels in Sweden, Germany, France, and Mexico and has received praise from some big names such as Claude Von Stroke (California) and Fractall (Brazil). His tunes are certainly covering some ground.

A little slower than a typical 4 on the floor banger from DirtyBird you’ll still find strange synths, a robotic vocal, and couple bird chirps for something cute.