Homegrown Artists Edmonton Sessions: Vol. I Bass Tasty

HKFL skyline

Kicking off Volume I of HKFL’s Edmonton Sessions is our own homegrown, Bass Tasty. What can we say, we love Bass Tasty. Armed with an extensive music collection this guy has a true ear for the dopest tracks within about any genre (except top 40, that shit makes him queezy). From his early days of neon hair to his most recent flare, a purple afro, Bass Tasty has an explosive passion for the scene and adds groovy energy to any dance floor whether he’s on the decks or moving with the crowd. It started with vinyl in ’09, playing great parties for friends. Not surprisingly this purveyor of party music landed gigs like opening for Basement Freaks in 2011 and played Astral Harvest numerous times (of notable mention was his banger Wakah Chan set in 2013).  If party music of the house, breaks, and funk flavor is what you crave, Bass Tasty is your guy.  He’s a dynamic artist who can drive the party into the early hours then offer a sunrise set filled with psychedelic downtempo and liquid drum & bass to wind down with. Try and catch his sets as often as you can, his dancefloors are filled with smiling faces. Without further adieu we are pleased to present, for your listening euphoria, our first homegrown artist: Bass Tasty.

Want more? No problem. Check out Bass Tasty’s Soundcloud and tune into Ravers Delight, his 3 part album featuring house, drum ‘n’ bass, and psy-trance.