Last Recorded Performance – Pumpkin

On March 25th, 2016 the world lost a very talented person. Nicholas ‘Pumpkin’ Alvalrado passed away in a car accident while traveling from festival to festival, delivering his timeless melodies and spreading love to those around him. Pumpkin grew up in the music world and for over a decade was behind the turn table serenading the dance floor with his feel good flow – deserving the coined genre, ‘LoveSauce’. His purpose through his sound was to put us back in touch with the spirituality of music, how it connects us, and reminds us that music can be the most powerful medicine. In this short YouTube video below, it’s clear in such a short introduction how awesome this dude was. This kind of music for me is meditative; I listen to his songs or mixes when I crave positive creative thought. It’s easy listening. It makes me smile and ground my mind when it runs too fast in a strange direction. Through his music you can feel what was in his soul; I find it incredibly calming.

On March 21st, just a few short days prior to this tragic accident, Pumpkin performed at Serenity Gathering Festival in southern California. His set was recorded; one last gift to us.

Watch this video, then enjoy this graciously long mix by this amazing artist. If more people lived their lives like this guy did the world would certainly be a happier, less chaotic place.

Grab your loved ones and let this music take that love to a deeper level.


Rum & Honey – Daisy


Whoah, do not even bother listening to this until you can turn it up – and let the bassline take you to the Stratosphere; dance amongst the stars, become one, infinitely move through space and time. Daisy’s sound is like Twofeet and Billie Eilish combined. The sweet LoveSauce nectar of the gods. This beautiful human is the singer, the songwriter, and the producer of her music. Hailing from Los Angeles, this powerhouse is destined for some GREAT things. Catch her on her ascent to stardom. Soundcloud: Daisy

xx- Whit

Okay, Let’s Be Honest — You Want More. Here is her newest EP: d.t.w

(Wine/Poison is ESPECIALLY good)

Say it – Flume (Illenium remix)

Fresh off of winning remix of the year at the EM awards this is my favorite remix of the year hands down. Illenium managed to take this already amazing and very sexual track by Flume and increase the emotion enough to make you feel this song in an even more intense way. This shit is baby making music so grab your loved one, light a candle, grab some lube and put this on repeat. Enjoy 😉

The Great White Caron


I’m Crazy- Creaky Jackals ft. Sarah De Warren

Sarah De Warren- the female voice
Soulful, alt-pop vibe, I had no choice

Living in Weymouth, UK day after day
Writing songs, performing and making her way

Creaky Jackals were key,
to help grow her musical tree

Crazy, their track
Lyrics, love sauce, and luxurious baseline it does not lack

Otodayo, the record label,
throws it all on the table

The sound you hear is fresh Future Bass
Do I rest my case?

Without you – Dexter Love (BLŪM Remix)

“I have to learn how to love with you ~ I have to carry my cross without you”


As mentioned before I am keeping a close eye on this BLŪM character because I can feel some kind of musical explosion coming his way. The vibes of this song run deep through the veins of anyone who has had to rebuild after the loss of a relationship – so.. basically every adult human ever. It’s a tale of resilience and power through life’s bullshit – laced with future bass sounds and some epic mountain artwork. True to my LoveSauce genre, I fell in love with this track in seconds flat. Dexter Love is the other artist on this track and he is from New York. From the looks of his soundcloud his musical venture might be fresh – or simply a fresh alias. Either way give these gentlemen a creep on the Cloud: Dexter LoveBLŪM and our previous content on BLŪM – Glass Elevator. 

Buckle up for this floaty gorgeous tune.

xx- Whit