Watch (Xie Remix) – Billie Eilish


What an absolutely beautiful remix of Billie Eilish‘s song Watch. I personally am a bit of a tough crowd when it comes to remixes of songs that I’ve already fallen head over heals in love with… BUT Xie delivers a rework of synths and future bass – groove, while holding on to the essence of Billie’s vibe. Something super rad about this babe Xie: she is a trained producer, she sings, and she is a multimedia artist. What a full meal deal! With that set of skills don’t be surprised if you see her release an album to which she designed the cover art, and created every sound contained within.

I suggest looking out for this beautiful human in the near future to blast through into the spotlight’s of festivals such as EDC and Coachella. Follow Xia to stay connected:


One Love – Whit

LoveSauce – Winter ’17


This is the first chapter of a seasonally compiled playlist designed by HKFL own author Whit to flood your ears with LoveSauce tunes from beginning to end. The LoveSauce genre was initially coined by Pumpkin:

“Simply put, this is music to fall in love to.”

There is no shortage of music with this particular vibe, and I find the feel of this playlist will give you a sense of what I mean by my take on the LoveSauce genre. These playlists are designed to be shared, enjoyed, and inspire deeper connection. Whether that connection is deepened between you & your soulmate, your best friend, or even your own inner voice. Love is the answer to most of the questions asked in this world; Love is the master key which opens the gates of happiness. Let my playlist fuel you to feel alive.

Artwork drawn and edited by Me! Shoutout to all the epic artists featured!!

Spread Love – Whit



Triangle – BLUE The Elephant.

This song has something similar to a Creaky Jackals feel. BLUE The Elephant has 54 followers on Soundcloud. That should be a problem quickly resolved by anyone who is the proud owner of a brain & has listened to this track. Add it to your smooth beats playlist and enjoy with a bottle of old Scotch.

xx- Whit

Goodie Bag – Still Woozy

This track sounds so wonderful – like a mix of FrenchKiwiJuice and Chet Faker. I fell in love at first listen. Still Woozy is one rad dude from Oakland California. Not much info is out there in the worldwideweb about him, but taken straight from his facebook page “Hey yall, I’m working to combine electronic and acoustic elements for good. I record, mix, and produce everything, hmu for scores or collabs or whathaveyou”. Give this artist a follow on Soundcloud: Still Woozy

This song makes me want to be in love. It makes me want to sip apple cider and paint pictures in my loft apartment in the mountains in the dead of winter. It makes me want to dance under the cold night stars. Close your eyes and jam this beauty track and let it make you feel alive.

xx- Whit.


This track will bring you to your knees with pleasure. The vocals are incredibly on point, the basslines and smooth electronic vibe make it sensual. Masterfully crafted into a swanky – sexy – soulful 3:02 minutes. Moodlite has basically no bio or information on the world wide web, but I will say they rep a vibe which flows like Marian Hill mixed with Goldbloc. All that has been revealed is that behave was “written by Katie Schwiener and arranged and produced by Evan Fleming, Tor Carlson, EJ Orschel & Jacob Shafi.” As always, give them a follow on Soundcloud: Moodlite &  allow this beauty to guide you into your weekend with grace and style.

xx- Whit