Vibe Sessions 002 – Nada Deva

This mix is packed with both classic lyrical excursions and Nu-pop remixes that flow so smoothly together you can’t help but close your eyes and smile. It has those mounting builds and big drops you crave from any mix, and its versatility and effortless transitions make it a lovely listening experience. It’s damn near impossible to keep your neck and shoulders from gyrating to the silky sounds of Edmonton based Nada Deva‘s second instalment of Vibe Sessions (check out #1 here). This dynamic DJ duo of Fransesco and Jen have been making waves in the Western Canadian music scene since 2003 and are a massive part of potentially the most underrated festival of all time – Astral Harvest. They’ve played alongside all the big boys and girls out there and continue to evolve into a provincial treasure. Do check out their wonderful beats on Soundcloud or grab your tickets to either Astral or the Rise & Shine FamJam Fundraiser in Pemberton (party with a purpose :). Don’t hesitate to get up and dance!

Peace and Love >> Keto