Freemixed Nuts Vol 5- Scour Records

First of all I would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to the legendary Scour Records! They have been so kind to release this killer mimimix in celebration of turning 5 and damn is it ever groovy!

Scour Records is a wicked independent label that showcases and releases the creamiest of the crop all day everyday! The boss, the man , and the legend behind the label is Spinforth, which some of you may know as 1/3 of Hong Kong Ping Pong.

This mix is 20 minutes of pure gold, starring a very sick list of artists including WBBL, Mr. Stabalina,  Hong Kong Ping Pong and many more. Its funky, fresh and finger licking good. It will satisfy the taste the buds and the ears buds, leaving you in the best music coma you could imagine.

Hope your hungry!!


2017 Shambhala Fractal Forest Mix – Slynk 

All the way across the world from Brisbane AU, Evan ‘Slynk’ Chandler brings the funk to our beautiful country, now settling in the coastal city of Vancouver. From his huge stylin’ framed glasses, twisted snap back hats, and massive energy filled tunes it’s clear why this guy is to many ‘the funkiest DJ on the planet.’ Does he ever really settle though?! He’s constantly bouncing around spreading his sickness – that is, his turntable scratching, hip-swinging, smile inducing, love facilitating sickness that’s personally got me ill to the core! I need no antidote. Just give me more of that funky stuff!

Slynks roots begin with a drum kit and piano lessons, which quickly spun into turntables (pun intended) and playing sets across Australia. It wasn’t long until big names like Shambhala Music Festival caught wind of this groovy dude.

Shambhala holds a special place in my heart, for a multitude of reasons. I know that for Slynk, that special feeling resides in him too. Shambhala was his first ever music festival, as well as his first trip over seas. I guess the vibes over here in western Canada were just right. Taken on by Danio Management , Slynk will continue to grow and evolve. What a treat that this unreal artist is so close to home.

Below you’ll find his 2017 Fractal Forest mix, and a short interview giving us a more intimate introduction to Evan Chandler, his take on music, and how his career has progressed. This mix is seriously addicting and high energy. He throws down some glitch, drum & bass, breaks, house, and killer drops – all concocted into a nice big majestic funky potion of – get the fuck up and move your body! Take one sip and I promise the only cure you’ll find for the Slynk sickness, is more Slynk.

Buckle up and prepare to get funkified! 

Enjoy this mix as much as I do. Much love!


Alignment With Change – Adam Deitch

Give the drummer some!

This fella’ needs some recognition. Adam Deitch is best known rocking the drums for ‘Lettuce’ – the funk band consisting (not all at one time) of 10 total members since its birth in 1992. What Adam is not yet best known for is his solo record label ‘Golden Wolf Records’ he’s been working on since 2014. This post is just 30min of content, so sit back and relax. No need to buckle up. This guy has that old mellow hip-hop feel to unknot a hectic day. He blends his groove with jazz, electro soul, funk, rock & roll and blues. It’s some damn easy listening if I do say so myself. I titled this post with the most recently released track, ‘Alignment With Change’ just hitting the world yesterday. ‘Boom N Pound’ hasn’t even had it’s first birthday yet. It’s just the right amount of funky. Adam is the kind of guy that takes all of his most chilled out, most played songs and compiles them into twenty minutes of relaxing waves to give any room a stress free feel. The mixtape ‘Late Night Collections’ is only a couple years new and one of three longer jams Adam brings to the table. Do yourself a favour and throw this artist on your follow-list.

Cheers to a late night of this kinda shit.

– Mat

Good Deeds & Funk the World 38- Everyman

Everyman oh Everyman, what a fucking legend. After seeing two solid sets at two different festivals from him I couldn’t help but fall in love. From his funky daytime set with QDup to his own more bass heavy hip hop set, it was nothing but eargasms for me. As indecisive as I am I couldn’t pick between a set from the Heart of Funk Canadian Tour with Fort Knox Recording artist, QDup and Everyman’s new solo album, Good Deeds… so you’re welcome, here is both!

One year after the tragic and sudden passing of Everyman’s best friend, Nicholas “Pumpkin” Alvarado, Good Deeds was created and dedicated in his honour. Everyman takes an aim at a broken political system and rallies the next generation to rise up, all while still mixing in plenty of the playful nostalgia, biting humour, deep thoughts and the unshakeable optimism that have captivated humans around the globe.

Good Deeds is a very unique and rare album. It fuses the conscious “Golden Era” hip hop Everyman was raised on with the future funk he now mixes up during his deluxe DJ sets, to create a collection of his most personal songs to date that will have you drooling from the tip to the finish to get that full eargasm I was talking about earlier 😉

So whether you’re feeling the funk or hyped on the hip hop, make sure you have a change of clothes, cause these babies will have you wet no matter what!




Bassic Mix #25 – Ed:it

Shogun Audio’s description of Ed:it’s style describes a sound that is soulful and gritty. I think as you listen to this mix, like me, you’ll agree that those 2 adjectives encompass Ed:its style very well. A production of heavy synths, delicate claps, clever vocals, floaty piano, and technical progressions come together for 45 minutes of drum ‘n’ bass for us to move constantly too.

Ed:it himself entered the scene in 2010. His quality is flawlessly reflected in his creds. Working with Shogun Audio, Critical Music, and Hospitality Records his d’n’b resume is concrete. This mix is part of a series presented by The Bassic Agency (a production company out of England representing high quality drum and bass acts). I love this mix