Smokescreens & Somersaults – Cheshire

Instantaneous love ensued after hearing the mini mix previewing this album. Stuck a friendly reminder in my phone to spread this jam upon it’s release date. Meet Cheshire and his album “Smokescreens and Somersaults”. Released on Westwood Recordings (you know, the powerhouse driving much of the West Coast scene) – at this stage if one see’s Westwoods charm on some music, you just hit play. No questions.

Cheshire absolutely slays production on this album. He loops all your most beloved instruments, electric bass/guitar, saxophone, and keys while folding in good mood vocals and ramming it up with that glitchy, neo-soul, head banging but also lightheartded grooving sound that only our main squeeze EDM achieves all at once. This album is a backyard bbq, a road trip, a mountain cruise, a house party, a winter jog, its your get up and go. Really everything you could ask for.

Can I get a round of applause for this dude and his babely sounds?

Enjoy melomaniacs, you deserve good music.



Black Fur / Garden – Elder Island

I’m really excited to share this find. Few artists do this style well, if you like The XX have a listen to Elder Island. I chose 2 tracks to post, both really encompass the emotion and style I primarily keep an ear out for while beat cruising. Katy Sargent’s sensual and calming voice confess lyrics that are enigmatic to mull over. David Harvard and Luke Thorton are the gentlemen completing this powerhouse trio. Their music is a complex blend of organic instrumentals recorded, looped, and stitched together at varying segments along each track. Utilizing guitar, bass, keys, and cello plugged into MPC sampling creates a style that’s difficult to define. While balancing high energy and that intoxicating above the clouds sound that electronica defines, Elder Island is a musical gem exuding funky grooves, enchanting vocals, and sultry synths.

Curious about their name, a quick search revealed Elder Islands is located in the Canadian Artic! A “happy coincidence” says the group from Bristol. But they enjoy the connotation of their music existing as a small remote island.

These 2 tracks exude musical depth that can be tricky to find. At times electronica can sound too layered, too scattered. These 2 are blended so well it’s impossible not to get lost in them. I hope you enjoy these as much as do. Big ups to Elder Island.