Feminine Medicine Vol. I Remixes- ALIA

Hello all you beautiful souls and Happy International Women’s Day to all you bad ass females! In honour of this day I am posting a remix album by a very fierce and feminine DJ , ALIA. ALIA came out with the album ,”Feminine Medicine Volume I”, last year and has recently came out with a remix album of the same tracks. ALIA’s music brings you on a journey into deep bass beats, melodic frequencies, gorgeous female voices and psychedelic textures offering a vast emotional and danceable landscape that opens bodies and hearts, a description from her Soudcloud page that was too good to describe any other way.

ALIA has been described by others as a female who is paving the way for women in the conscious electronic music world, and was named a “Woman Changing the Planet” by ORIGIN magazine. She is a mentor to other women creatives through her program “Creatrix Collective” and her private mentoring program “Feminine Luminary”.

My favourite track on the album is “In Your Skin feat. Heather Christie (DISSØLV Remix)- ALIA.” Give the album a listen and choose your favourite!

Forever a Female, always an ‘Equalist’!







Sunspot EP – Tryptich

Tryptich. An alluring alias to begin with. Just over a year old, all 4 tracks on the Sunspot EP tell their own glitchy tale. With Lost I find myself cruising along to the daydream-esque bassline. Air Lines rolls in with funky and totally quirky progressions. The deep and dynamic basslines in Sunspot play around with melodious bridges. Ooze Cruise ends the EP with a bouncy beat that’s big and chunky. Tryptich gives you something you can throw on and dance to or put on in the car and cruise to. If you dig psychedelic glitch hop, I invite you to press play.