Grouch In Dub – Grouch

Soon to be released on Shanti Planti, this album is beyond cool. It’s layers are complex and captivating, basically one doesn’t stumble upon music of this caliber often so please spread it far and wide. This will undoubtedly activate your goosebumps. Keep an eye out for when this drops and show Grouch some mad love in the meantime.


Light of the North – Kalya Scintilla (Staunch RMX)

This…. is… amazing. I am completely floored by this track. Starts off mystical, a faerie’s tiny voice flutters frantically amongst echoed progressions. Building momentum, a violin enters the platform, sad but demanding. Wait for it though…. that fucking drop. Bring back the violin and listen to her intertwine herself into that bassline. Perfectly complimented layers. Slow down for a moment, the song enters open sky, where each element floats around right before the bassline slams them back down to earth… And hit replay.

Kalya Scintilla is without a doubt at the forefront of the psydub/psyglitch movement. Although his style can be described in infinitely different ways at the root of it, it’s psychedelic dub or psychedelic glitch. Explore him and his colleagues for more of this mind bending sound. As for Staunch, this duo’s usual is a contrast from Kalya’s style of glitch. With them you’ll find things are a little more party forward, a lot less sway and a lot more bang.

Explore all of it.




Polarity/Cyanesence – Quanta

I chose these 2 tracks off the EP, they please my auditory sensations best but check the entire album and see where Quanta’s sounds take you.

I love this genre of music and Quanta does it beautifully. Best listened to introspectively, lay back, and float along to the sounds found here. You’ll find creaky doors, water droplets, delicate strings, and faraway vocals. I love stumbling onto this genre at music festivals, late at night, when I feel like swaying. Perhaps mentally elevated to engage a deeper appreciation of the psychedelic sounds, your call. Enjoy my psychonauts.


Alien, Baby – Soulacybin

A message from Soulacybin:

“Alien, Baby” is a response to complacency and stagnation. It’s a mentality that challenges the comfort zones and familiarity we cling to. It’s a way of life that encourages expansion into the unknown and novel. It’s a reminder that our whole lives are repeating patterns of growth in which unfamiliar becomes familiar, new experiences become the norm. It affirms that we are dynamic beings who thrive in the face of change and adversity and who wouldn’t be the perfectly imperfect iterations of ourselves that we are today without each and every uncomfortable or beautiful experience we’ve had. It’s the remembrance that we are forever moving forward on our paths with each breath we take, every moment bringing new challenges and rewards. We have the choice to embrace the unknown, play with the variables, dive into uncertainty, explore the perpetually unfolding mystery of this life, to more fully become “Alien, Baby”.”