Freemixed Nuts Vol 5- Scour Records

First of all I would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to the legendary Scour Records! They have been so kind to release this killer mimimix in celebration of turning 5 and damn is it ever groovy!

Scour Records is a wicked independent label that showcases and releases the creamiest of the crop all day everyday! The boss, the man , and the legend behind the label is Spinforth, which some of you may know as 1/3 of Hong Kong Ping Pong.

This mix is 20 minutes of pure gold, starring a very sick list of artists including WBBL, Mr. Stabalina,  Hong Kong Ping Pong and many more. Its funky, fresh and finger licking good. It will satisfy the taste the buds and the ears buds, leaving you in the best music coma you could imagine.

Hope your hungry!!


Frenzy – Jamie Berry

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 7.23.59 PM


Jamie Berry‘s newest album Frenzy has been released for your listening pleasure. My oh my what a pleasure it is. One of the most notable features of these 9 songs (& an outro) is the sheer diversity between songs. From reggae vibes, to moombahton there is something for every taste palate. True to his original vibes, there is no shortage of vintage samples, and that definitive bassline which easily distinguishes Jamie from others.  Many epic collaborations tie in the female new age spice, all the while still making you want to paint your lips red and lace up your swinging shoes. The wait for this delectable album is over, and it is with so much love that I post it for your listening pleasure today. Buy these tracks on Beatport here: Frenzy

As always, follow Jamie on Soundcloud to ensure your friends until the end. ❤

xx- Whit                                         PS. JAMIE BERRY PLEASE COME TO CANADA!!!!

Bolder – Jamie Berry Feat. Georgia Thursting

This track was released for sale TODAY!! I’ve been waiting patiently – and may have had it written down in my calendar. Jamie Berry needs no introduction. However I am pleased to inform you this track is the first off an upcoming album “Frenzy” which is said to contain the classic electronic vibes mixed with a bit of reggae and the typical electro-swing tones. Looking forward to sipping some sangria in the sun with my babes this summer whilst being serenaded by this king of the swing.

As the days of my life progress, I can attest – I am a little bit bolder- which adds a whole other level of association and appreciation for this tune.

xx- Whit

Fractal Forest Mix- Shambhala 2012 – Stickybuds

I couldn’t think of anything better to represent a musical orgasm than a Stickybuds set. Stickybuds has been a resident of Shambhala’s Fractal Forest for the last 12+ years and is a definite crowd favourite. His stoke level while playing is always contagious, and his flow flying around while he head bangs never gets old. The tracks throughout this mixtape are mostly produced by Stickybuds, and include a unique mixture of funk, reggae, drum n’ bass, broken beats, and exclusive acapella selections.

This set is from Shambhala in 2012, and is my favourite thing to come from the funky fresh production of Stickybuds. It not only brings pleasure to my ears but also makes my brain melt, bringing back the memory of dancing with by best friend Whit, alongside Stickybuds himself on stage while he ROCKED OUT this epic set.

Do yourself a favour, the next time Stickybuds is playing a show in your city or a set at a festival you’re at, make time for this high spirited, funky, west coast Canadian babe and all around genuine human.