Mini Mix- Jenny Louca

Jenny Louca…Who are you? Where are you from? Why have I never heard your music before? And how do you only have 20 followers!?

Within the first few seconds of listening to this mix I was hooked. That electronic bluesy harmonica sound is just so sexy and infectious it had me feeling tingly and wanting more. From the classic tracks by Stevie Wonder and Red Hot Chilli Peppers to beats you may not have heard before, these tunes will keep you on your toes, whether your listening for whats next or on the floor dancing. The combination of funk and swing in my ears is like eating my favourite home cooked meal made by my mom. after travelling for months and that is the perfect description for this 14 minutes and 12 seconds you are about to listen to. Get your speakers turned up loud, booty ready to shake and have a time!

Much Love!


Don’t care! – Wokezan

Wokezan, consisting of Dirk Phelps and Connor Wilson share some very similar interests in music taste as me. One thing I love about this blog is the artists that we are stumbling upon! These gents from Michigan create some sick guitar riffs and blend them with some heavy, yet groovy bass to please all of the cochlea in your ear.

Don’t care! beings with a hell of a riff which sets the tone on how in your face this track will be. It’s glitchy, heavy all this to make a bass head like myself happy.  They don’t let down for too long and really keep rhythm high. Give these guys a listen and you’ll be hooked just like I did!

The Great White Caron


Untamed Heart/Morphine Dreamer – Wild Belle


Wild Belle is another sibling duo, only this time they are from Chicago. Give these babes a creep if you have a second – what a sexy & stylish family. Founded in 2010 these rock stars boast psychedelic pop vibes hinted with ska, a touch of reggae and some funky electronic notes. This two song release is currently one hour old and the first release they have put up in over a year. Sit back and enjoy these cruisy vibes which sound like the tail end of summer 2017.

One Love – Whit

Stealing Fire – Bass Physics & Evanoff

Typically, I love to tell those of you reading my posts about the artists, the label, the origin of the sound – but there is simply no way I could explain this song better than it’s creators.

“The concept of “Stealing Fire” alludes to the idea of humanity utilizing certain tools and practices to step outside oneself and see our life from a new perspective. Ever since the birth of consciousness, individuals have constantly searched for ways to escape the confines of society and reconnect to the roots of their consciousness by attempting to see the world in a different light. We resort to anything from meditation, to substances, or to travel to decontextualize our perspective on reality.” – The Artists Themselves.

Shifting perspectives is a huge part of developing a unique & rich version of yourself; let this track guide you on the road to self discovery. Give Bass Physics a follow on Soundcloud – because he is epic. If this track has left you wanting more feel free to check out another epic track we featured Elation – Bass Physics.

One Love – Whit

Left Hand Free- Alt-J (SAFIA cover)

I’m always hungry for a fresh new take on a track I already love and SAFIA hit the spot, serving me this cool, contagious cover. I’m sure lots of you know the English indie rock band, Alt- J that originally did this song, Left Hand Free. If not, I have a few fun facts about them for you. The band members include Joe Newman, Thom Green and Gus Unger-Hamilton and their band symbol is a capital letter delta ∆, which is traditionally used in scientific study to indicate “change” or “difference”. The ∆ symbol can be typed on an Apple Mac with the key sequence Alt + J. I give you all permission to use this fun fact and take full credit for it… the secret is ours!

SAFIA is an Australian electronica indie pop band formed in Canberra. The soothing and sexy voice you hear comes from band member Ben Woolner. On drums and production you have the marvellous Michael Bell and Harry Sayers killing it on guitar, synths and production. Since I’m handing out fun facts for the day, here is another for your pocket. The name SAFIA comes from a song they wrote called “Saphire” but it had no meaning at the time. Since then the band found out that safia in Arabic means serenity.

Well that’s all the fun facts for today. Hope your hungry, cause this cover is the full meal deal!

Much Love