These Days – Rudimental feat Jess Glynne, Macklemore & Dan Caplen (GRiZ remix)

Alright friends. I have a question for you to ponder. Why do breakup songs have to be sad or angry??? Why cant one be fun and funky? Rudimental must have thought that and made that change with this track. These Days is just a great mindset to have following a break up. The original is amazing in itself but GRiZ just takes this to a whole other level. If you never heard this song before you wouldnt know its about a break up until you pay attention. Your first impulse is to just smile and dance.

Thats what GRiZ does. The master of funky and happy beats never fails. It is great hearing some new tracks from him, even if its a remix. He adds his signature funky bass and sprinkles that delicious sax in just the right places. Were hoping we dont have to wait too much longer for some fresh original tracks from the king of “future funk”.  Until then enjoy this!

The Great White Caron

See you again – Tyler, The Creator (Louis Futon & GRiZ flip)

Well I have always thought that creating music with GRiZ would be an incredible experience. Griz shared this experience while himself and Louis Futon creating this amazing flip to Tyler, The Creator’s track “See you again”. It looked like they were having such a fun time making this and it shows with what they did to this already great song.

It starts off with a nice funky beat and slowly builds as more instruments get layered in like a delicious cake. Then GRiZ hits us with that sexy sax and it’s all good from there! Enjoy this chilly yet groovy and funky track!

The Great White Caron