Get A Hold On Me- Simber X Korey Wade (La Musice)

Hello all you beautiful music loving listeners! I have been super stoked to share this track, Get A Hold On Me, with you! From the minute this track hit my ears I have been hooked, listening to it on repeat is not only impulsive but has become a routine of mine. The smooth sound of that sexy saxophone along with the silky sweet vibe of the male vocals is so delicious I just can’t get enough. Every time I listen to it, its like eating my favourite dessert over and over.

Simber is a producer and singer from Palermo, Italy. He started out producing EDM and Hip Hop, but has now started a new experimental genre called “Vintage Bass” that mix Vintage music with Future Bass and chill elements. Korey Wade is a producer from Phoenix that is part of the Brunch Collect label. He produces Experimental, Hip Hop and Beats. Together they have created a beautiful jazzy blues number with an electronic twist that is bound to get your head swayin’ and body movin’.

What cha waitin’ for… hit play yo!


That Old Record ft. Heeni – Dj Ismail

Good morning fellow melomaniacs! Are you ready to get sucked in by the dreamy, delicious voice of Heeni, and taken to the land of beautiful brass and sexy sax?

I’m assuming you all said yes, so welcome to the track, That Old Record.  The song was originally an instrumental piece done by DJ Ismail, but when Heeni heard it she decided to add some lyrics and the perfect match was made!

Heeni aka Flip Giles has been singing since she was a child, growing up in London and following her dreams of being an opera singer, she was accepted to the Royal Academy of Music London when she was 19. She was then placed on the reserve list at Guildhall School of Music. Later Heeni moved to Bristol and started writing her own songs, collecting inspiration from her surroundings, past adventures, romances, family tragedy, and imagination. Since then she has played with a few bands ranging in genres from Ska, Reggae, Funk, Alternative, Indie and Jazz, singing and writing for each one of them. Most recently Heeni has decided to move back to London and has focused all her energy into new electronic collaborative Jazz Hip Hop and D&B projects.

This track gives that old school, sexy vibe that makes your body sway, fingers snap and sassy attitude come alive. It’s a song that can be played on repeat a couple of times and no one complains. So what are you waiting for… Hit play!!!





Late Night People – GoldFish

New music out from the South African duo GoldFish. Back in September one of my co-authors Whit did a fantastic write up of the single from this album – If I Could Find. The album follows suit with more funky, blues, instrumental, bassy goodness. There are even a few tropical house type vibes in here. Great vocals throughout and every track flows nicely into the next. This is a perfect feel good album to transition us back to the real world after a long weekend.

Maybe Whit will be a little choked I snagged this one, maybe she won’t. If she is, then maybe she’ll think twice about posting any new music from my future wife – REZZ. Muahaha.

Happy Thanksgiving!


If I Could Find – GoldFish

Father forgive me, for I have sinned. It has been 9 days since my last submission. I promise to make this one extra delicious to satisfy the ears of all HFKL listeners. Now, not that this is an excuse, but I did just graduate university last week, and my new gypsy chapter begins today – with everything I own neatly rammed into my car so I can take the ferry off this absolutely stunning island I have called home for one year. Enough about me. Lets talk about Goldfish. This is a South African duo which mixes in live instruments and floods the scene with sounds of saxophone, double bass, some swanky basslines and sexy synths. It’s hard to imagine having a bad day once you’ve listened to this track. Can we talk about how fucking cool the duo is outside of simply the tracks they produce? Apparently before all this album creation stuff “Dom and Dave” were just two surfers/music students living in Cape Town. Once they did decide to do the album stuff, they locked themselves in a bedroom and just hashed it out – instruments in hand.

I am happy to say this is only the second single of their new album Late Night People – so we can expect many more tasty  ear treats in the very near future. Whaahooo! Stay tune for those.

That’s all for today kids, give Goldfish a follow & send me positive new chapter vibes if you are feeling it.

One Love – Whit

If There Ever Comes A Day – GRiZ (IHF Remix)

Where to even being with this carefully crafted masterpiece.. The original track “If There Ever Comes A Day”  was released on the record Good Will Prevail in 2016 by the infamous GRiZ himself. GRiZ is an all time favorite of several HKFL’s crew members – so it is safe to say we have a fair few life memories linked to this track. How welcomed this remix was to my ears today; It’s indescribable. IHF (Imagined Herbal Flows) has absolutely knocked this track into the outer solar system.

Have you ever had one of those moments where you hear something at the exact same instant that you feel a rush of emotion and the track seems to speak to you – or for you? Explaining something that you cannot even quite translate to words?

Imagined Herbal Flows has a very distinct sound that resonates through each track he has touched- and this is no exception. He has taken the original and layered in smooth futuristic vibes, served up with some zero gravity sensations, while maintaining the integrity of the original & sultry sounding saxophone. IHF has a significant presence in the electronic scene, and is a personal favorite so I might be biased (but I am not wrong). This track was released on a remix album called Good Will Continue off All Good Records out of Detroit – which is worth a download for sure. Self proclaimed music influences to IHF’s include Flume, Odesza, Bonobo, Tycho, Gramatik and I can imagine many more. This humans unique style and epic track record make him very high on my list of artist I hope to see live one day. If you haven’t treated your eardrums so his sounds before, give him a follow on SoundCloud: Imagined Herbal Flows

Until next time, enjoy this work of art and have a glorious day.

xx- Whit

Did that track leave you wanting more? Don’t worry, I read minds.