Planet Fruition- Isaac Chambers

Isaac Chambers, the small dude with big sound. This young music guru has more talents than I thought possible! From rapping and singing, to playing guitar, keyboards, percussion and programming to top it all off.  With a list like that it’s no wonder he has such an impressive variety in genres and sounds. From earthy Hip Hop, Downbeat, Reggae and World music grooves to full power Progressive Trance, Techno and House. His sound is unique, fresh and packed full of feel good vibes.

Hailing from the land of the Kiwis, Isaac has made quite the name for himself. In the last few years he has released two full length albums, five EP’s and over ten singles on local and international record labels. Known for his infectious energy, perfect production, and ability to get the dance floor moving and groovin’ with all the most positive vibes, he is high on my list to see live. Whether you’re chillin at home, jammin on a road trip, or getting stoked for the weekend, Isaac Chambers is your man. Press play, sit back and enjoy!




Secret Place- CloZee (Megan Hamilton Remix)

This track is not a new face to the blog, but the producer/vocalist behind this sexy, smooth track is a new addition to the highkicksfacelicks family. Megan Hamilton is one bad ass chick. Although born and raised in Minneapolis, she has found herself bringing a European influence to funk in the USA, scoring herself a debut on Bristol’s Ghetto Funk label.

Megan’s voice brings so much depth and emotion to this track, she had me hooked from the first word. If you haven’t already noticed, I’m all about the female vocals, so when I came across this gem I had no choice but to turn the speakers up loud and rock the fuck out. Her raw, raspy voice along with the inviting instrumental breakdown and beloved head bobbing baseline had me playing this song on repeat.

After several releases this year with Buygore, Ghetto Funk, Audiophile, and more, Hamilton is branching out, exploring new genres and absolutely  killin’ it! If you like variety within an artist, Hamilton is your girl. She serves up a large spread from Ghetto Funk to Future Bass, Trip Hop, Glitch Hop, Electronic Hip Hop and everything in-between. So be my guest, go to her Soundcloud page, check out her menu and eat up!

Peace and Love



Beauty is Dope- Equanimous (feat. Srikala & Heather Christie)

Equanimous- Bringing the Party to Consciousness and Consciousness to the Party. Intrigued yet? Nate Stein, the man behind the decks, djembe and keys is an LA based producer and musician. Equanimous brings something new and unique to the electronic music scene, creating the most joyous dance floors filled full of bliss.

The fusion of elements from future bass, house and tribal dance music combined with live piano and djembe (rope-tuned skin-covered goblet drum played with bare hands, originally from West Africa) creates a sound that calms the soul and warms the heart. With similar flow to Koan Sound and Phutureprimitive, you can only imagine the vibe that  surrounds the speakers at a Equanimous show.  With beautiful melodies, deep bass, and rhythmic beats, he generates a feel good atmosphere that leaves you with good vibes only!

It was really hard for me to choose which track I was going to post from Equanimous’ page so make sure to check out his other tracks, they all have something rare and amazing about them!

Hope you enjoy!


Chasing The Golden Hour – GRiZ

There is a moment that spans for a few minutes where the sunlight travels through a greater depth of atmosphere, perspectively, and begins to stretch. The blue light waves scatter and the illuminated world takes on a more reddish tone, darker with longer shadows and lower temperature of light. These special moments are just after the sun pokes out from the night, and right before it then sets to end our days. I know you know that these few minutes every 24hours are the times filled with the most smiles, tranquility, peace, and happy thoughts. In photography, this is called ‘the golden hour’ ; it makes for excellent fucking views. 

Our home boy GRiZ has released his full track list of his masterpiece dual part album, ‘Chasing The Golden Hour’. High Kicks Face Licks is always on-top of the newest best music – the other half of this album just rolled in a few hours ago. I don’t need to tell you who GRiZ is, his music has blown up world wide over the last few years. Back in 2015 I was obsessed with part one, and soon became impatient with the release of part two.

This art in its entirety takes us through some really mellow songs with great bass, instrumentals, and amazingly soulful flow. It’s interesting for me to think of what the golden hour could mean to someone, beyond the realm of its definition. For me it’s a reminder to keep my eye on the end goal, pursue challenges, and remember to slow down and enjoy those few minutes in life that do seem to stretch. 

This album (both parts) is so damn relaxed. Grab your yoga mat or head out for a walk. Prep your best meal in the kitchen, or go tuck in with a good book. Pour an old fashioned, or spin a joint. Perhaps both? Whatever you may be in the mood for, GRiZ has you covered. Pay some serious attention to these jams with some good sounding speakers and find your golden hour!

Much love 


Let’s Fall In Love- incontroL

If Jamie Berry, Kid Koala and Moontricks had a magical, musical child, you would get incontroL’s newest album, Lets Fall In Love.

This electro- swing, antique beats, swing house and ghetto funk producer and artist comes from New Caledonia and has spent half his life on the European music scene. IncontroL’s music has such a raw, fresh and unique sound due to the fact that he produces his music with samples, recordings of himself, nature, and often invites guests to help him on his compositions. One of his specialties is jumping into a musical time machine, taking influences from blues, jazz, gospel, soul, and New Orleans and putting a new spice on old gems, producing retro future tracks flavoured with tech or urban moods.

If you’re hungry for some refreshing and tasty new beats, check this dudes Soundcloud page, from top to bottom its a delicious and delectable five course meal you won’t want to miss.

Bon Appetite!