Young – Vallis Alps (Omnist Remix)

So, this is a remix by Omnist..who is Canadian, and there is literally NOTHING else written on the world wide web about he/she. I cannot wait to hear more done by this artist, and since there is nothing else written about the song I supposed all there is left to do is discuss how this song makes me feel. Beginning with the original- the words and the beat instill this feeling of time passing, of restless souls, of searching for your roots.

“In my hair were winter flowers – And weeks went by but felt like hours”. Thats my favorite line.

This remix adds that flow, those vibes, and the sensation of emotional flux. When I listen I cannot help but imagine what the sky would look like from the bottom of the ocean, glistening and shifting in all it’s sinusoidal glory. As the days fade to night, and the years bring about the change into who we will be, songs like this light the way. Stay tuned with this new Canadian artist by following them on Soundcloud or Facebook. I can only imagine seeing them around our festival scene will become a reality in the next year or two.

Make changes, take risks, enjoy your life, and do NOT waste your youth with materialist endeavors if you can help it.

One Love – Whit


Shambhala Mix Series #18- Wood n Soo

Good morning and happy Tuesday humans! Today I have some home grown bass house picked out for you from the one and only Wood n Soo.

This veteran duo from Vancouver joined forces in 2004 and have been killing it ever since, playing festivals and shows around the world. Known for their genre defying mix tapes and 4 turntable performances, these seasoned crate diggers are quite the epic and entertaining sight. You can find them showcasing an array of styles from past to present , laying down anything from hip hop, house and funk to disco and reggae. The future classics and exclusive bangers that Wood n Son throw down are the perfect ingredients to make up the ideal rager recipe.

So, whether your driving to a festival, rocking out at home or putting on a party, this mix will be sure to feed all those who are hungry for some fresh beats.

Peace and Love,



Solar Therapy- Moontricks

Are you ready to fly into a galaxy far, far away and land on planet Moontricks for some serious solar therapy? Ladies and gentlemen I present to you a fusion of majestic mountain folklore and elevating electronic bass music.

This West Coast Canadian dynamic and dreamy duo originate from the West Kootenays. NOG, a producer, DJ, harmonica, and keyboard player brings his hip hop background, electrifying energy, contagious smile,  and simple yet essential bass to the group. On guitar , vocals, and banjo you have Sean Rodman. This dude sure knows how to serenade his audience with every soulful strum and captivating choral. Together these two make a perfect melting pot of roots, blues, and electronic music, bursting boundaries in the festival scene. Their smooth, sexy, soulful sound and signature style will captivate audiences of every shape, size, and colour.

So do yourself a favour, give these guys a follow, and let your self drift off to their planet full of feel good music so you feel their sunshine on your mind.

Blasting Off


Where the Wild Things Are – Zeds Dead & Illenium

Brace yourself for this one! The initial build up is incredible and this song explodes! This is a great blend of Zeds Dead signature dub with Illeniums ability to make an emotional song.

Enjoy and turn it up!



Crazy- Subvert feat. Cara May & Nightshade

Subvert is a bass heavy DJ and grandfather in the dubstep world. Although born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, he has played around the globe and earned his spot as a resident of the Village stage at Shambhala Music festival.

When Subvert started DJ’ing 16 years ago, a wise DJ told him something that stuck with him, “You’re not just playing music, you’re taking people on a journey.” Subvert clearly took this to heart and has proven this through his effort to cross boundaries through multiple styles of music to show people genres don’t matter as long as the bass and love are there.

This track, Crazy, was released in 2011 and has since been one of my favourite tracks to come from Subvert. The female vocals, lyrics, and heavy bass line is infectious and makes my inner bass face come out in full force. If you press play and don’t get low, head bang the beat, or feel the bass hit your face…. we can’t be friends.

JK!!..kind of

Much Love