Lattice – Tipper

Dave Tipper stands out from the realm of electronic music in the sole fact that there is nobody else like him – he creates music so distinct and unique and he has arguably crafted his own genre[s]. Little did I know he’s released 12 albums and 14 LPs (of which 18 combined were released under his own label, Tippermusic) over the past 20 years, an impressive portfolio on all accounts.

I’ve listened to this song for a few weeks now and I can’t quite put my finger on how to describe it. It’s weird but organic and yet mildly discombobulated, and all of his music makes me think about outer space. Sometimes the audio stimulation a song provides is simply more than enough, and no explanation is necessary. Have a gander at his tunes on bandcamp and get lost in his musical ambience.

> Keto

Suras/Shakti – LeaveYou Ft. Ankit Sharda

Sounds from a producer that is very close to my heart! With Canadian roots, the artist LeaveYou is a fresh alias with a few incredible new tracks with unique world fusion vibes to share with the planet today. Both tracks have eloquently placed drum lines, smooth instrumentals, and a transformative sound that definitely takes you on a journey to escape the everyday mundane. The vocals on these tracks belong to Ankit Sharda based out of Raipur, India. These world fusion vibes are definitely bringing fresh eats to the musical table – get your napkins ready.

If you have been feeling stuck in the daily grind lately – here is a little spice to get you inspired for the next big journey.

xx- Whit

Slow Down Vol. 005 – CloZee

Music producer from Toulouse, France, CloZee, stands out on her labels Gravitas Recordings and Otodayo Records. Her worldly influenced sounds captivate and take you on an adventure.  She is part of the music/art/design/lifestyle movement Slow Down, which focuses on collaborating and interconnecting creativity. The Human Experience, Android Jones, Random Rab, Autumn Skye, alongside other equally as talented artists are also part of the movement. Check it out!

CloZee really slows things down with this beautiful mix of downtempo worldly bass.

This mix features layers of classical instruments, glitchy synths and funky wooden percussion. Majestic and beautiful throughout. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and escape into the journey of this set.

Now imagine hearing this on some Funktion-Ones… I would melt.

xx B

Ketamine Blues (CloZinger Remix)- D-Motion

In March 2015 the musical universe became a better place. CloZee and Scarfinger, both from Toulouse, France, decided to join forces and produce music as a dynamic duo under the name CloZinger.

CloZee is one bad ass bitch and has been a lady crush of mine since the day I heard of her. She best describes her sound as World Bass and her favourite sources as organic and real. CloZee’s classical guitar roots allow her to have an informed melodic space while creating her magic. Her fusion of instrumental and cinematic flair will force you to get up and move. Scarfinger is known for his captivating act at a live show, making for a night you won’t forget. The two together have made a unique and novel sound and have been playing in venues and at festivals around the globe.

As soon as I hit play on this track I found myself slinkin’ around, gettin low and sweeping those dirty beats from the floor. The twangy melody and funky baseline make for a great couple that will put a smile on any face… and who doesn’t want that in their day?